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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Niles Crane, the Border Collie-Adopted!

Niles, shown left. Zondra drove from Jacksonville to South Carolina to pull these two boys before their final hour. She fostered them for several days, made sure they were vetted, and our Serena picked them up and brought them to us. I don’t really have to describe their temperament, the video says it all. They are fully vetted and neutered, and are joy to foster.

Niles (middle) and Frasier (right) with their foster pack.

Update: The Crane Brothers were adopted, but unfortunately their owner plans to move, and taking his 3 dogs will be impossible. Niles & Frasier Crane have been returned to us. Click here to see Niles’ brother, Frasier’s blog page.

These two brothers are available for adoption.

Foster Update:
Niles is a handsome boy. He loves, loves, loves people. Although he will jump up when he greets you, he will respond to correction. He is a vocal guy – a good intruder alarm. Not a watchdog..more of an announcer! He does not make noises at night – he needs his beauty rest. He loves to be near his people and he loves to play hard with his dog buddy, Frasier. He enjoys curling up next to you for a nice scratch or rub of the belly. Cats, squirrels, and birds beware! Niles is always on the lookout and will run them off just for fun. He walks well on a leash – not perfect; however, you will enjoy your walk with him. He does not have to mark every leaf or corner. Like so many other boys with The Dog Liberator he will squat to pee. I think there is a secret meeting with the pack when they arrive and squatting to pee is rule number one. He is eager to please and listens well. He has the basics – sit, down, stay, come. You would have a grand time perfecting those skills and teaching him many more. House broken, crate trained, sleeps quietly through the night — Niles is a wonderful dog. ~Nancy Holond, Foster Mom.

Adoption Update 06/20/10:
At the shelter they were Monty and Moose. Rescued by Zondra, and transported by Serena, they were renamed Niles & Frasier Crane. Adopted, they were renamed Indy and Echo. Returned to me again, they were adopted with the help of Nancy, their foster, and now… well… they are Mick and Keith! Here’s why:

Hi Gisele,
Just wanted to give you an update on the boys formerly known as the crane brothers. Frasier is now Mick and Niles is now Keith.
Yes that Mick and Keith! The way they wrestle and tumble around here they’re just like a couple of Rolling Stones! They are adapting very well to their new surroundings and for the most part very well behaved ( we won’t talk about Pet Smart right now!).
I’ve enclosed a few pics.
Again thank you for doing what you do! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Niles Crane, the Border Collie-Adopted!

  1. The boys came out of a gas kill shelter. The "D" was on 1-6, I spoke with BJ @ animal control (SC) on 1-4. She said she would do her best to hold them until I could get there on 1-7. I did get there on 1-7 and BJ was wonderful, she was so hoping to get these boys pulled. They were owner surrendered, owner could no longer afford to take care of them.
    This is a very high gas kill shelter, they have 20 kennels, when I got there all the kennels were full. The director and BJ walked us out to the car, he was so happy that at least two dogs were pulled. BJ gave me a huge hug and a thank you for driving so far to get them. BJ asked if she could call me if anymore BCs came in. I told her please do! She gave each pup a dose of meds, to settle their tummy for the long ride home. As we pulled out of shelter (a long dirt road) the boys were in their crate in back on my SUV looking out the back glass. Once I got on pavement road I looked back to check on them, both had turned around looking at me, waging their tails. That was my Thank You! She had named one boy Monty, so I have let him keep that name. They are brothers. We stopped at a few rest areas to let pups out to potty, neither had been on a leash before. They both though the dang leash was just going to get them!! Once I spoke with them and treat! They did a lot better. Monty was I ask after 3 or 4 times and showed him, he did sit and Moose took a few extra times but did. They walk a lot better now. Both want to please. They have learned "crate" and will go in on most times. Neither has went potty in crate, even over night. Very happy hyper BC boys! When I first let them run and play in my back yard. They kinda stood there, went potty and I ran in yard and called them and only then did they start to play. They have been given a couple of toys, they didn't have a clue what to do. They have gotten along great with my dogs, no problems at all. My guys have shown them a tennis ball! Neither have food issues, anybody or any dog can walk over to them while they eat, no problem. I have been feeding them apart, Monty will go eat Mooses food! (Pig) Mooses doesn't complain just let's him do it! Funny cause Moose is the bigger of the two. Monty is boss and let's Moose know that from time to time. I have had to correct him on that. Shelter said they were both 7 months old. Hope this all helps you.

    Update: Zondra was happy when we changed their names!

  2. written by Zondras:

    Something that I will add( not about the boys) just as a reminder to myself lol!

    I took two of my kids with me, my son Matt 12 and daughter Amber 18, we left the house at 345am, no problem for these guys! I was trying to get to SC shelter when they opened in hopes that the boys would be safe (not killed). The kids were great the way there. They just thought the cold temps and the frozen water everywhere was the coolest thing!

    At the shelter was a different story! The kids just knew every dog in that shelter would fit in my SUV!! There was a 13 year old GS that was owner surrendered because he had gotten old! ???!!! Broke my daughters heart!

    Then the Boxer Mix with litter of pups! They was owner surrendered because she kept having pups????

    Our kids are our next generation on pet owners, the people that will help change laws and hopefully help end puppy mills and kill shelters! Among other things! So it is a good lesson and an eye opener for kids to see just how shelters look and work. It was a long ride home, answering questions, giving them my views of things with pet ownership. It wasn't something they haven't heard from me and it won't be the last. But as they get older and really understand more, I am hoping it makes a difference. I have fostered and pulled before, but never pulled from a gas shelter and explaining that to children/ young adults was something. Also the ride back, finding out we missed the litter of pups in GA was another lesson for them. (Zondra was an hour away from picking up a litter of Aussie pups that were euthanized. I had to email her to tell her not to stop.)

    I know your kids are involved with all you do, I think its the best lesson and set of values we can teach our children, the love of animals! Thank god, my husband supports me in all my at times craziness! I do get a head shake sometimes, and "Are you crazy"! And "Where are we going to get the money for them"? Somehow is all seems to work out! And yes he will even eat hamberhelper from time to time so I can feed more dogs or have gas to go pull a few more! Lol! So long story short (he he) thanks for what you do and for letting my family be apart of it all. :)))

  3. Niles has a handsome face and sleek body. He is ready to run and play with you. He is a gentleman in the house. Niles enjoys being loved on. He will play tug with his buddy, Frasier; however, he hasn't really learned how to play ball yet. This guy has the heart of a puppy without all the teething and potty accidents! Spend a little time with him and he will be your friend forever.

  4. If you are considering adding two dogs to your family, Niles and Frasier are the perfect pair. Fostering these two boys is like taking care of ONE dog. I can walk them both together. I have them both on the same schedule. They seem to think their name is "Boys" as that is how I call them. One call will get you two! You would not have to worry about introducing new dogs to each other if you want two dogs. These young dogs would love to share their lives with you.

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