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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Our Teddy Bear Puppies ~ Adopted

Our Teddy Bear Puppies ~ Adopted


Imagine walking through a flea market and seeing someone selling puppies, then finding out that he’d started the morning with eight, ended with four, and those he is dropping at a kill shelter on his way home. That’s what happened last weekend in Georgia. This woman was a person of action. She paid the man for the puppies and brought them to Connie at Bark N Ride. Connie got in touch with Hope, who volunteers tirelessly to find rescues that will take Georgia dogs. Hope got in touch with Gisele on Monday, who said we’d take them. Tuesday Hope scrambled to put together a transport. Wednesday Adrianne drove all day to get them to us, and Meg met them in Oviedo at 9pm to bring the puppies the last leg to me. Thursday I brought them to Aloma Jancy Animal Hospital who made room for them to be spayed and neutered. And now they are ready for their forever home. Whew! Welcome to the fast paced world of rescue. You can’t imagine the hours, cost and emotional energy that went into the rescue, and yet this rather routine for us and the absolute norm for Hope! Hope spent over $1000 on this rescue just getting them to us. She is one of the unsung heroes of rescue. When we find a home for a dog, the family tells us how wonderful we are, etc, but people like Hope, Connie, Adrianne and Meg don’t get that moment to help carry them forward. Without them we truly couldn’t do this, so I pray they know how appreciated they are! I’ll take this moment to invite you to read a previous blog that I posted on adoption fees.


Bear ~ Adopted

What can I tell you about these pups, beside they are about the cutest things I ever did see. Take into consideration that my personal dogs are Basset mixes ~ I guess I have a thing for stubby legs. You see, when we were contacted about them, we thought they were Border Collies. But then when they stumbled out of their crates and into my living room, we started to giggle. Three of the four have very short legs. And somehow it works for them! Surely the mother was a Border Collie. In Button’s case, I wouldn’t be surprised if the father was one too. But the other three? Well, I suspect that the father was a Corgi (you did know that litters can have multiple fathers, didn’t you?). That would make them Borgis. Yeah, I know, but it really is a designer breed. lol They all have fluffy fur and very sweet demeanor. But what do you expect in 12 week old puppies? Whoever adopts these puppies has to promise to send me photos of them when they grow up! In the meanwhile, we can all enjoy what I have posted on their photo album.

If you are interested in these or any of our dogs, please read about our adoption process.

Button ~ Adopted!


02 August Update:

The Borgis are really coming into their own. When they first arrived they were happy but a bit tentative. I kept them separated from the other puppies because I didn’t want to have them get overwhelmed, but now they are all in! I laugh as I watch them wrestle with Catahoulas Chip and Dale, or sneak up and pounce on Dixie the Shepherd. My Ralph and Gus are wonderful with them (of course!). Ralph likes to mother them, whereas Gus likes to play hard. All of my friends who have met the Borgis have had the same first initial reaction ~ they laugh! You just can’t help it as you see them trudging along on their squat little legs. My daughter says that they remind her of the dwarves in Snow White. Maybe, but they’re a lot cuter!



Adopting Families

Bear was adopted on August 1st by Joleen and Dwight. Their little 8 year old Jack Russell died suddenly last month, probably as a reaction to her annual shots. You can imagine how hard that was for them? They thought they’d wait at least a year before getting another dog but quickly found out how quiet their home was without one (lots of us have been there!). When they saw Bear’s photo they thought that maybe this would be the one. And when they met, yup, the one!


September 28 Update on Bear:

We just wanted to give you an update on our guy. He has been such a joy to have around and alot of fun. He has started going to the doggie park and absoultely loves his new friends. They play so hard that they all go home and sleep for hours. Bear is enjoying his morning and evening walks; the whole neighborhood has to come see him or stop there cars to say hello. He is hurt when they do not. He is definitely a very well demeanored and extremely friendly guy, we couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

He is getting bigger, 2 weeks ago he weighed 16.7 lbs at the vet. He is also realizing he has a voice, he will let you know when he wants something and he is definitely not shy about telling you. He is also very smart, potty training him was extremely easy. He sleeps in our room on his own pillow. He has learned a few tricks already. I could go on and on about Bear, he truly has brought back some happiness and joy that we lost when our other girl passed away.

Thanks so much and we will send some future pictures of Bear as he grows up or I should say grows longer. I don’t think he will get much taller.

Baloo was adopted August 13th. In May, Sloane and Harran’s 16-year-old cocker spaniel died. It was a hard loss because she had been their first baby, but she never really accepted the children when they came along. When Sloane first contacted me, she said her number one priority in a dog was that it like her kids. No problem ~ Baloo adores them! This busy family is going to throughly enjoy their busy little puppy.

Update 9/15/10

Hi Holly,

Baloo is now “Cubby”. He’s doing great! The kids love him and he and the baby are best buddies. They love to wrestle. We have very few accidents–you did a great job with him!! I saw the picture of his brother on Facebook, so I thought I’d give you the update.


Boo was adopted August 18th by Vanessa. She had done her research and knew the personality she was looking for. When she met Boo, it was an instant connection! Boo will be the center of attention in Satellite Beach! So happy!

November 5th Update:

Great article about Boo (aka Sadie) that appeared in The Beachside Resident …

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