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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.


Petals at the airport!
Petals at the airport!

Petals is a very young girl, and she is Petunia’s sister.  Shy at first, she warms up quickly.  She is very affectionate, but unsure of herself as she has never lived in a home or with a family before.  She is very nurturing to the puppies, and loves to play with the other dogs.  Because she has spent most of her life starving, she is very concerned when other dogs approach her food… I can’t blame her there!


Petals is going to make a wonderful family dog.  She’s easy and very smart!

You can see her photo album on Facebook.  I’ll be taking more photos of her soon, and she’s seeing the Vet on Monday.

09/23/13 Update:  Petals is gaining self-confidence every day.  She is very fond of my daughter.  She enjoys running through the yard, something she probably hasn’t done in a while.  She is very sensitive, and will need an owner who is both patient and firm, and will continue to work on her self-esteem.

Petals, now Gracie, is adopted!
Petals, now Gracie, is adopted!

10/03/13 Update:  I’m a bit behind on my updates… but Petals was adopted on September 28th by Mary and Bob of Jacksonville!

Mary writes:   Her name is Gracie.

She definitely is a hound. She runs around the backyard, not dashing like Emma used to do, but quickly, with her nose to the ground. She sniffs everything. Her nose is either to the ground or up in the air, to catch whatever’s coming on the breeze.

She also howls and bays. Not for long, but last night she expressed her dislike for being alone (in her crate) in the living room. Midnight concert.


Bob and Gracie
Bob and Gracie

She is a collector. We let her have the run of the living area for a while, since the cats were hiding in the garage. When we looked at her crate, she has one pink flip-flop, a basket-woven hot plate, and her own leash. She cringed, showing shame, but we didn’t intend to shame her. I did want my flip-flop back, though, so Bob lured her out of her crate so I could rescue her “finds”. Somehow the basket thing got back in, and she ripped it to shreds. I think she had fun doing it.

I feel she is getting to know us. I left her in the backyard for a minute to get my cell phone, and when I got back outside she came bounding up to greet me. She does jump up somewhat, but only a little. We can work on that.

She took her first walk (with us, anyway) this afternoon, and did quite well. She is still not sure which side is right and which is left, but for the most part she walked WITH us and didn’t try to lead.

She is so beautiful, and her black and white make such a clear and sharp contrast. Maybe she’ll enter a beauty contest.

Then, we received another update:

Then it is even more amazing how she is trying to join our family – fast to pick up on what is not allowed (yanking plants out of the fish-pond bog, for example) and ready for lovin’. She cuddled with me on the couch last night.

FUNNY: she is more scared of the cats than they are of her. I have two large (about 10 inches long) turtles in an enclosure in the back yard – they freak her out!!

Also doesn’t know what to do with a ball! We’ll work on that.

She is the sweetest little girl, and we are grateful for any part you had in her care till she came to us!

~ Mary

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