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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Possum & Sierra, tiny Aussie Pups ~ Adopted!

Possum & Sierra, tiny Aussie Pups ~ Adopted!

This is Possum

This is Possum & Little Blue

Holly is fostering these two little ones, they may be 2 months old and will not be ready for vetting for at least another month. Boy, are they cute or what?

They come to us from Becky Harshman, BHAM, AL.

This is Sierra-Adopted!

This is Sierra

We are pre-screening adoption requests for these pups.

Foster Update:
These two puppies are so cute it is ridiculous! Everyone who meets them does a double take. And I can’t blame them ~ with blue eyes, merle coats and petite frames, they are worth a second look!
Sierra is very outgoing. When all the other puppies are napping during the day, she is pouncing on them trying to find someone with whom to play. I have to keep an eye on her or I may step on her ~ she likes to chase my feet! She has bi-colored eyes ~ one is brown and the other is blue. Her right eye and ear are patched in merle, the left side is white. You can see lots of photos of her in her photo album.
Possum is the runt of the litter and about 2/3 the size of his sister, but no one told him. He is always wresting with Little Blue, the stocky Husky puppy. And when I snuck a plate of canned puppy food into the puppy pen, Possum and Little Blue scarfed it down before anyone else could get there! This little guy is very affectionate and full of beans! More photos in his photo album.

Sierra Update:
Sierra has been adopted by Kelly & Mike! Kelly is our Maureen’s daughter, so this means that Collie Girl Gisele will get to spend lots of time with this new pup! We’re so excited. Little Sierra will grow up to be part of an awesome pack! And… this makes Maureen a Grandma!

6/7 Update:
Possum has been adopted! Zack came to meet one of the other puppies but when his eyes fell on Possum, there was no turning back! He won’t pick up the little fellow for a few weeks, however ~ because he was so small when we got him and under the weather, Possum missed out on a lot of puppy socialization. I’ll keep him here until he is neutered, and then he’ll be fully ready to go start his new adventure!

June 22 Sierra Update:

I received this lovely e-mail from Kelly and Mike on how Sierra, now Sadie, is doing. I can tell she doesn’t miss me at all!

“Mike & I wanted to send a little update on Miss Saide. As you will see by the pics Saide is growing very quickly. The day we got her home she was only 4 lbs, now just a few weeks later she is 15 lbs and growing with every nap she takes. Saide has brought so much fun, love & laughter to our home. The dog pack has fully embraced Saide as a pack member of the family. She continues to show us on a daily basis how smart she is. We are almost fully house broken (90%), Saide sits by the door when she has to go out. She also knows how to sit & stay (for a short time). As researched w the Aussie/Catahoula breed we have created many house jobs she helps out with to continue her mind stimulation & satisfy her need to “work”. On a daily routine, Saide walks 2 times a day, works on her commands, plays with all her toys & chew bones, gives a lot of love & kisses (lots to her daddy), takes trash out & brings in trashcans and recycle bins, checks the mail & gets the morning paper, we water plants & move things around in the backyard, she swims in the pool, takes car rides & has weekly play dates w other dogs. Holly, she is still the yard explorer…it’s funny. Saide has many friends around the neighborhood & we were amazed when we saw how good she is with children. We couldn’t ask for a better well rounded dog, life long companion & member of the family. Mike and I have to thank you both for your amazing work in finding these death row/homeless dogs a forever home. Saide was the perfect fit and addition to our family. Please keep us updated of any dog reunions. Its so great to see the blogs of Saide’s puppy mates all getting great homes . I saw the second round of pup’s that look like Saide. So strange because Saide does the emptying of the water bowl several times a day…she dog paddles the water out & attempts to sit in the empty water bowl. Many times she just places her whole face in the water bowl as well. I have several more photos to follow & will continue to send updates on Saide.”

September 23 Update on Saide (formerly Sierra): 

We just wanted to say hi & send a few updated pictures. Miss Saide Harris is becoming such a beautiful BIG girl (42 lbs now). We got her spayed & micro-chipped last month & all went very well. Saide is fully recovered & back to herself.

Holly, Saide is still the yard explorer & continually manages to get herself filthy on a weekly basis. Her favorite game is get a bath then hours later roll in the mud to re-do the whole process again. She seems to not mind getting lots of baths. Mike & Saide’s bond grows stronger every day. They are truly soul mates and the happiness Saide has brought to us is a blessing.


October 11th Update on Saide (formerly Sierra):

Saide is happy about Saturday party!

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