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Shannon – The Pet Store Inmate Gets a "Get out of Jail Free Card"

Where do I start this story?

I had just wrapped up the vetting and transport details for Flash when I received an email from Rebecca about a young female pup. The email was from Denise Holye on 07/29/09. It read:

“I have a 6-7 month old BC that is in a terrible situation at a “pet store” , which is using that term very loosely! She needs help right now! I spent 30 minutes with her today and she is in distress. Completely cowers and hides, afraid and submissive. She has been in the cage her whole life, and is said to have come there from a breeder. Abuse could be involved, but she will never get adopted out of there, so I need to get her and get her help. Denise”

The more I discussed this young female, named Roxy, with Denise, the more the story unfolded. Roxy had been sold to the pet store by a puppy mill when she was 4 weeks old… Roxy was now 5 – 6 months old, and had lived in the pet store with no chance of freedom.

Out of the kindness of her heart, Denise purchased the pup from the pet store, and Roxy hitched a ride with Flash to my home. We renamed her Shannon right away.

Shannon is afraid of the wind. It did not appear that she had ever been outside or touched grass. The first two nights with us, Shannon soiled her crate, and just slept in it. After watching my dogs “do their business” outside, she followed suit, and she is now totally housebroken.

Shannon is afraid to go through doorways, and makes contact with humans only when she initiates it. You can’t just walk up to Shannon and pet her.

She is enjoying the company of the other dogs, and she plays hard!

Shannon will need a special home with an inexperienced dog owner that will help her work through her shyness.

Shannon is probably one of the most beautiful Border Collies I have ever seen. She has green eyes. There is no doubt that she is a pure breed. The Pet store did not provide any shot records, and even though they said they had her registration papers, those were not provided either. No matter, she’s in good hands and will have a very bright future!

For now, however, we are in the middle of a family war. My family wants me to keep her. I strongly do not believe that’s in Shannon’s best interest. I believe Shannon will make a family very happy one day, and as much as I love her, I hope to slowly convince my family to do the right thing!

Stay tuned for Shannon’s progress.

11/16/09 Update: Read about Shannon’s Adoption!

Read about the charges filed on Shannon’s Pet Store Owner

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