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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Sherman, the Nanny Dog~Adopted

Sherman, the Nanny Dog~Adopted
Sherman and his Pup

Last Friday Marjie Wolfe called me in the morning, explaining that two male Shelties had been left in an overnight drop box at a shelter in Titusville.  I asked her to send me a photo.  Instantly, she sent two photos to my Blackberry, and I was in love.

The little Sheltie, couldn’t be older than 8 weeks, and very emaciated.  The adult Sheltie was estimated at between 4-5 years old.  The owners indicated that they simply had too many dogs.  But were these dogs siblings, or was father/son?  We’ll never know.

When Marjie arrived, the first thing she told me was that the two dogs were very close… one never leaving the other’s side.  It was true!

You can read details about the Sheltie pup named Timmy are on his own page.

As I watched the two Shelties interact, it was obvious that poor Sherman had no life.  He interacted with the pup as if he was the Mommy.  Every move he made, the pup was literally under him.  Sherman was protective over his pup, growling at dogs who walked by.  When I took them to Val-U-Vet to meet Dr. Oliver, they put the pups in the same crate together, and employees there enjoyed watching the two of them loving on each other.  While the relationship between them was wonderful to see, it was not good for Sherman.  There was no joy in his eyes, and no bounce in his step.  Sherman had accepted the fact that he was saddled by this pup.

what a beautiful dog

Saturday, Cyndy Doty arrived to take Timmy home with her.  Cyndy Doty, is fostering Timmy and will adopt him once he is well enough to be neutered.

That evening was Sherman’s first opportunity to be himself.  I introduced him to the pack, but there was no initiation made by any of the dogs to play.  Sarah, however, got Sherman interested in toys; first the soccer ball, the frisbee, and the ball.  I was happy to see him run around with joy, and barking with excitement.  He’s probably one of the easiest dogs I’ve ever fostered, and he minds me a lot of Logan, a sheltie that I fostered last year.

Even though Sherman is fully trained on leash, goes into his crate without being asked, housebroken, quiet and a real joy to foster, I’m giving him a chance every day to play.


Sherman, the Nanny Dog

You can see more photos of Sherman in his photo album on Facebook.  If you would like to adopt Sherman, please review “How to Adopt from Us” and email your information to


Update 09/11/11:  Sherman is doing great here!  He loves routine and he’s starting to relax since little Timmy isn’t hanging onto him like an earring!  He actually talked to me!  He barked a bit, jumped up on my lap, and had a very long conversation with me, telling me all about it.  A few little groans, a bark, and other various noises… just to make sure I understood what he was saying.  It was cute!  Oh, and when he wants to go out, he paws at the door, that’s a plus… wonder if he can teach Ozzie to do that before he leaves!

Update:  09/12/11:  My My My… what a difference a day makes, and the joke is on me!  This little guy has spent a day in the house with the pack, and much to my surprise, he has incredible ball drive.  We started with a soccer ball, and that got him all excited, then… the tennis ball.  The boy leaps in the air for it, and I think he would play for hours.  He has incredible focus, and this is what Andrea Rigler calls “drivey!”  So, this sheds new light doesn’t it?  A dog with focus and ball drive can be taught to be just about anything.  Oh, and one more thing… someone has been giving him people food!  He is very food motivated, and that’s just a real bonus.  With just a motion of my hand and soft verbal suggestion, he does whatever I ask… on a dime.  Someone really trained this boy, he’s a real gem!

09/14/11 Update: Guess who decided to play this morning? Sherman couldn’t resist China’s bounce, and they played around the house. Then, Lady Di and Ozzie joined in and he was a puppy again!

09/16/11 Update:  Sherman is a joy to foster.  I caught him again playing with Lady Di and China, but how can he resist two gorgeous females doing the play bow and teasing him to chase!!!  He lays at my feet all day while I work on the computer, and follows me from room to room.  What’s important to Sherman is his kibble!  He lets me know when he’s hungry, and food is his priority.   Having a food-motivated dog is a plus!  I think Sherman could be taught a ton of tricks.  He’s smart, willing to please, food-motivated and focused!  What more could you want in a dog?  Again, Sherman is completely housebroken, barks only when necessary, and he’s falling in love with my daughter Sarah!


Sherman, "I'm a good boy!"

09/17/11 Update: Sherman has been adopted by the Powers Family!  For updates, please visit his photo album on Facebook











2 thoughts on “Sherman, the Nanny Dog~Adopted

  1. Gisele, after I retired in 2000 from the Space Center, I started working with Mid-Florida Sheltie Rescue. First as a foster and now since 2002 as Sheltie Rescue of Brevard. I had never heard of your rescue and site until I was forwarded an e-mail this morning. Now, I hope we can network and coordinate our important work for the dogs. The County Shelters in Brevard, North and South, have not cooperated in releasing shelties or collies as they get adopted out quickly. I have worked several times with our Titusville SPCA and the Central Shelter in Cocoa, usually with a sheltie that is sick or HW. I have rescued 72 shelties and adopted out 70 in 10 years here in Brevard, and currently have my old girl (Sheba, 13) and a foster (Rocky, 14). MFSSC currently has 40 shelties listed on Petfinder, and I post flyers at our Petco and several Titusville vet offices. Your videos are totally awesome, and I”m seeing some now being produced at our SPCA by a young volunteer. Being 72, I”m not up to date on all that digital stuff, but I enjoy the YouTube material and appreciate the incredible work you are doing.

    As an aside, I am looking to rescue a miniature adult or senior poodle. My wife of 52 years and I have had poodles for 50 of those years, until our last girl transitioned last April at age 11. I saw some poodles in your videos, and guess that you see one in rescue now and then. Please keep me in mind.

    Titusville, FL

  2. Hey Gisselle:

    Just a quick update. We are happy to have “Sherman”. Now our Cherokee Indian Chief, a.k.a. Indy.

    Our little chubby Sheltie is fitting in nicely. We initially had a break in period of aggression between he and our Border Collie ” Cowboy”.

    They are learning to get along a little better now. Indy loves attention, I mean LOVES attention. Can you say attention HOG!. He is not a playful dog, we have found that he has what appears to be either bad hind legs or back, he really struggles with getting up and down or walking for any distance. He acts like a forty year old man waddling about!

    He is perfectly content lying around getting sun or some MORE of that attention. It is sad to say but he has exhibited some behaviors that make us wonder if he has possibly been abused at some point. He will cower to the floor if quick movements are made in his direction and he becomes quite fearful of the water hose.

    We continue to love him through it and work on all these with him.

    He loves and prefers Cowboy’s bed over his own and we have even caught him lying in the bed with him.

    Last week I heard a rustling in the pantry. Upon further exploration I found Indy walking out of the pantry carrying a bag of dog treats with him. Cowboy in tow of course, but when Cowboy got closer to inspect the find, a quick “growl” from Indy occured.

    Had Indy played nicer the two scoundrels could have quietly made off with all the loot without being caught. Too funny! Now that’s food motivated!

    Oh, and dont even bring an apple near that guy, someone has fed him apples and evidently apples are his ALL TIME favorite food.

    We try not to give him people food due to his weight, but can’t resist giving him the occasional bite of apple. He very respectfully takes his one bite of apple and chews it as if he is savoring every last bite.

    Indy continually is gaining weight even though we watch his portions closely. He is a chunky monkey, let me tell you. We jokingly have called him fatty, fatty 2×4 so many times, he now looks up and comes to the name.

    He is truly a lovely dog, low key though. Would have been an excellent choice for a little elderly couple, but since we FEEL old most of the time it is a great fit. LOL.

    Thanks again,

    Ann and Joey Powers and family.

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