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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.


Clearly does not belong in a high kill shelter!

I have been thinking about a name for this gorgeous girl for over a week now… and I when I said she’ll be adopted in a Snap… I decided we’d name her Snapple!  This girl comes to use from Miami-Dade and was pulled from Jessica.  Her original name was Muneca.

Yes, we are “Rescue B”, the rescue that adopted her from Miami-Dade and we were not informed that there was a rescue hold on her.  Jackie and Jessica were simply visiting the shelter and they spotted her, knowing she would make me melt, they got her out before I could even see her photo!  Great Save, eh?

Her foster reports:  “She is a very well behaved and calm dog. I am sure once she realizes that she is out of the slammer for good she will start to enjoy herself more. She is about 30 pounds and a year or so old.I am going to get some great photos to send your way because her impound picture does not do her justice. Her color is absolutely beautiful! It is like a red/chocolate color. I know you will love her.”

What I see in her photo is she doesn’t have a tail!  Could she be an Aussie, a Border Collie or maybe even a Bossie?  I have no clue, and it matters not!

After her Jail Break!

Snapple’s photos can be seen on Facebook.  Thanks to the Donation of Susan Gross, and her successful garage sale, this dog is sponsored!

Here’s another Foster Update:  Love it!!!! You can put that she’s great with others dogs,cats. and children. No prey drive! Almost finished with the meds and soon to be on her way to the doggie park. (CANT WAIT) She very submissive and she needs a bit more of a confidence booster. The dog park will help her that! Likes to cuddle on your lap and get hugs/kisses. Already crate trained. I’ll soon leave her at home to roam freely to see if she will wait til I get home to go potty. Fingers and paws crossed!!!


If you are interested in meeting her, please email and share such information as:

where you live,

your household composition,

your yard/fence/exercise plan,

pets you have and/or had,

your normal work schedule,

I can’t resist this face!

how much time the dog will be alone,

what you are looking for in a dog,

do you have a pool

what contingency plans do you have in place should you no longer be able to care for your dog,

if you rent, do you have landlord approval,

and are you prepared to bring your new dog home if you are approved during your meet?

have you or anyone in your family ever been bitten or traumatized by a dog in the past?

also, provide us with your phone number, home address, including county and zip code

and then we’ll go from there! The more you share the better!

Snapple now Scarlett

10/14/12:  Snapple was adopted yesterday!  Thank you Jessica!

Here are a few photos for the family album! She is adorable Gisele. Been out walking and even doing some little agility jumps in our back garden today. She sits beautifully, walks to heel and is so eager to please. We are totally in love! Will send more photos when we have downloaded them. Again thanks for our baby and for all you and the team do:)
Anne and Paul Boland. Scarlett, Dylan Gracie and Mia
Now THAT’s a very proud family indeed!

One thought on “Snapple~Adopted

  1. Here I am again looking at your site.
    This precious little baby is a gem!
    I have lots of questions.
    Where in Florida is she being fostered?
    What type of behavior makes her submissive?
    Will she play ball or frisbe with people?
    Do you think she would respond well to formal training?
    Is she treat driven?
    How is she around men?
    Does she hang back and watch or does she get in the mix of things and wants to be involved?
    Thank you,

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