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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Spartan the Brave – Adopted

Update 02/11/10: Spartan has the true makings of a companion dog or service animal. He has the right temperament, and manners. Combined with loyalty and intelligence, this is the perfect dog.

Christina writes to me, “is this a Border Collie?”

I don’t think there’s anything left to say, is there? Updates regarding his temperament will be coming soon!

Update 02/07/10: Spartan is heartworm positive, nothing that we can’t handle. Treatment heartworms is quite easy these days. However, we have also recognized that Spartan would make the perfect companion animal, or service dog. Really!

Update 01/29/10: Spartan is a lover-boy! He is not a high-drive BC, not yet, and he wants to be in your company the most. He is being fostered by one of our experienced BC owners, Bob, and Bob writes:

Good Morning Gisele,

I just wanted to let you know how Spartan did his first night with us. At first he seemed afraid of his new surroundings. He was scared to walk inside the house. I had to coax him with a treat, then actually hold his lead and walk him in. He shows no sign of aggression with Drifter or the cat. Actually the cat is avoiding him like he was the plague, but that’s another story. The first night was more me observing his behavior than putting him through the paces so to speak. I think you might be right in that he was probably an outside dog in Alabama. He does not appear to have a mean bone in his body. I tested him with a bone and he did not growl when I reached for it. He may be food motivated, but I’m not sure if that’s because he’s underweight and hungry. He woke up a couple times during the night. First I would hear him whine a bit than he would bark loudly. The first time I took him outside with Drifter and let them run around the yard. The second time I took him outside without Drifter but he just wanted my attention and he eventually calmed down and went back to sleep.

Drifter doesn’t seem to mind him too much. I made sure she ate her breakfast before he did. I let them out together and neither did their business more than a little peeing. He followed her track both times they were out together. Later I let him out by himself with me by the door and he found Drifter’s potty area (fence line) and did his business. One other thing, and I’m not sure if it’s because he’s in a new home for the umpteenth time within a week, but I don’t think he’s been walked on lead too much. I tasked Kevin (my son) to walk him today on a 6’ lead and evaluate his progress. Considering this was Spartan’s first night he did exceptionally well. He loves people and will warm up to you quickly. I can’t speculate on his instincts for drive and herding yet. He did seem a little more perky this morning as he explores his new yard. I’ll keep you in the loop on his progress.


Update 02/05/10: Just an update on Lover Boy … I mean Spartan. The eye infection cleared up on its own. No leaky eye or redness. Drifter and Spartan had a few more episodes where he tried to assert dominance over her. They are now getting along much nicer, but we’re still being careful. He’s been putting on weight and I have gradually reduced his meal from 5 – ½ cups per meal (2X per day) to 3 – ½ cup per meal (2X per day). His food is being supplemented with an extra protein source such as tuna or ground beef, whatever is available. He will eventually reduce to 2 ½ cups total per day. He also gets 1 – 1000 mg fish oil capsule for his heart and coat.

He is much more comfortable in the house now but has shown a tendency to counter surf; he was eyeing a steak the other night and Char stopped him in his tracks. When we sit at the table to eat, he will approach, but I tell him to lay down and will usually comply and lay down away from the table. When he has a problem with Drifter it seems to be primarily when we’re showing Drifter some affection.

He tries to butt his way in between us. He still does not show a high drive or the “EYE.” He absolutely shows no aggression towards Thurman the cat. Even when Drifter is trying to herd the cat the most he will do is help her box him into a corner. He has had no accidents in the house or in his crate so I’m confidant we’re good there. He is starting to respond to his name but only complies with the sit command consistently. We’re working on “down”, “stay” and “come.” More to follow in a few days..


Adoption Update:
Gisele: Spartan has already charmed our whole family … rat terrier included … with his quiet sweetness and considerable beauty. What a dear dog he is.

He and Little Dog have had a smooth, easy intro-duction and are getting along fine. Spartan has been sniffing out his new surroundings and eating well. We adore him!

Update 03/29/10:

Hi, Bob (and Gisele):

I’ve been thinking about you! Spartan … now called Chester/Chet … is doing wonderfully. He’s put on about 5 lbs and is probably 58 lbs now … just about right. He’s so good, and so dear. A great companion! We’re sticking with monthly heartworm preventative and a daily aspirin. He takes easy walks with us every day, and occasionally tears around the back yard on his own. I figure he is as active as he wants to be.

We’ve had a few instances of growling over a toy, and once over food, but otherwise, no problems. One funny quirk is he has a real problem with my husband reading in bed! He likes Chris plenty, but a few times, when Chris has been lying down reading a magazine or the paper, Chester has growled and barked. Don’t know why! He calms down when I talk to him, though.

We still crate him at night, so our rat terrier gets to keep his domain in our bed.

We’re just enjoying him so much, and are so thankful to you and Gisele for making it possible for him to be part of our family.

Hope that all is well with you. Here are a few photos, too.


One thought on “Spartan the Brave – Adopted

  1. Spartan, renamed Chester! Great news from Chester's vet today! His heartworms are not terribly advanced — his bloodwork came back with "one liver enzyme slightly elevated, and a white cell count that is only slightly elevated." We are going to treat him with heart worm preventative and daily aspirin (81 mg). We'll test him for heartworms every six months and just keep an eye out for coughing or other respiratory symptoms.

    Chester is doing great. He's getting along well with our rat terrier, and adjusting to his surroundings. He has shown some possessiveness regarding chew toys, but he is an extremely loving dog. Many thanks to Gisele for rescuing him, and for all her counsel re: heartworm treatment!

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