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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Star, the BC from Miami~Adopted

Star, the BC from Miami~Adopted

Star comes to us from Miami Dade Animal Services. While there, she was featured on their TV commercial promoting adoptions, but unlike most dogs, when Star’s time was up, they extended her stay, refusing not to give up on her. I can see why.  When Star was rescued, we also rescued Joey.  Joey is now working full time as a bug dog, and I received updates about him yesterday, and he’s doing great!

Playful and Smart!

Star is being described as energetic, friendly, playful, and adores Andrea’s other dogs. I think she’s just happy to be who she is. She has an even temperament, and will need an active and playful family.

While Star was adopted last year, her family has experienced an enormous losses, including a medical crisis.  While they don’t want to give Star up, they know that they can not give her the time and attention that she deserves.

Her adopter, Susan wrote:  She is  so active and full of life, she hops instead of runs.  I do not crate her so  she is used to roaming….she is curious but does not destroy my things   (although I say this knowing that I have baby-proofed my home…she is just  like a toddler).  She is really the most loving dog I have been around.  In  quiet times, she loves to lay her head on you and look at you with those little brown eyes.  She is very intuitive.  She loves to sit for a treat.
She loves ice and comes running if she hears it coming from the fridge or even moving around in your glass.  She loves to find small places to get in and hunker down….and she loves it if you leave a glass of milk alone just  for a moment – she waits for you to leave (and you will forget that she is waiting) so that she can get up there and drink it all without spilling a  drop.  I absolutely hate the thought of not having her in my home or as part  of my family but, with what I have ahead, it is not feasible or reasonable  for any of us.

did someone say ice cream?

My main job in life right now is to take care of my Mother and I understand  that, that means I will need help from others.  In this instance, all of  you.  I know that you are the best people to handle helping me with Allie (Star).

She deserves to have a loving home (as she has here) and a home in which there are people that can enhance her life and make it fun.  I would also say that she does need a home with another dog….she loves, loves Gator.

She watches over him, mothers him, and drives him crazy 🙂  I also think that she would be a very good candidate for agility training, as she prefers to run over furniture as if she is a mountain goat 🙂  In the end, she really just needs LOVE….she LOVES to be LOVED and talked to and touched.

I feel terrible and guilty as if I failed her.  If I had known what would  be coming at me like a freight train, I would not have promised her a  forever-home.

One lesson I have learned here is to not judge others…I never used to understand when I saw that people were turning in dogs to shelters or have them listed in the paper and citing health reasons.  I could not comprehend it!  Sadly, now not only do I know what they meant but  feel the pain they must have felt in having to do so.  I do feel lucky in one way, I have a place to turn for help and I am not left with dropping her at a shelter or giving her away to someone and not know how they will treat  her.

those eyes again!

Believe me, I have struggled with this over the last 10 days or so, discussed it with my Mother and Sister to try to come up with an  alternative….but I (we) think that in the end, this will be what is BEST for Allie (Star).


Star will be fostered in the Tampa area by Emily.  There is no doubt that she will be adopted to a wonderful and loving home.  There’s no doubt that when Susan and her family is ready to adopt again, we will be standing ready to assist them in finding that perfect dog once again.

Make sure you stop by Facebook to admire Star’s extensive photo album!

Star with Kudos

Here’s Star and Kudos having fun!


09/20/11 Foster Update:

Introducing Allie/Star to her new housemate ended up being easier than I thought. They seemed to click although Kurri isn’t sure yet of what to make of this interloper in her house. But she likes the toys she came with. She is very energetic and extremely curious. Walking her on the leash is like walking an unguided missle but that is because she was taking in all of the new sights and smells of her new home. She has already found a cool patch of tile on which to lay and is digging her treats. She even sits on command for them.

My initial assesment is that this is truly a lovable and sweet dog. She has a very happy golucky demeanor about her. She will definitely need a lot of exercise to help calm her down a bit but that is typical for a dog her age. She will make a great running partner, especially if I can get her to run in a straight line! We will see how she does through the night and in the meantime will start crating her if nothing else just to give her a space of her own.

I think this is going to be a fun foster, I only hope I don’t get attached.


09/21/11 Update:  Star is nowhere near the hyperspaz I was anticipating. She has not once jumped on the furniture or been jumpy (other than first getting out of kennel when I got home from work) I took her for a run this morning (only about 20 minutes) and then again when I got home (30 minutes) She is just as calm as can be. The secret with her is definitely long walks/jogs. She does beautifully on the leash and doesn’t pull me on runs. Nor does she try to Alpha the other dog in anyway. She is social with the neighbors but does not jump on them. She is practically perfect in everyway.



10/12/11 Update:  Star is being fostered by me in the Deltona area.  She is very easy, quiet, crate trained, and like Emily said not hyper.  Star did not do well living in an apartment setting.  She became protective and spent a lot of time barking at strangers (residents) as they were coming and going from their apartments.  I believe Star felt that she had to be on alert at all times because of the people traffic at the apartment complex.

Since Star has been with me, I have been working with her not to be protective over my home or people, and she has quickly learned that I’m in charge! She is very relaxed here and doesn’t feel the need to guard.  Star would be an awesome dog for someone who is active and loves to run.  She is also much smaller than I thought, maybe 35 pounds or less.  She’s a big dog in a little dog’s body!


Star with Preston & Mary

10/16/11 Update:  Star has been adopted by Preston & Mary and is going to Jacksonville!









Star’s very first Video!


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  1. I got to meet Star today and man is she a cutie. I can see why everyone loves her. She was full of energy and ready to play with EVERYONE, human and dog alike. I enjoyed watching her pick up other dogs leashes and trying to walk them around. She seemed very spunky to me and alert. Such a beautiful girl.

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