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The Mystery of #0215 – Gilligan

Adoption Update 10/03/12:  Hey Gisele! Hope all is well!

Indi is free and clear of heart worms, he was just tested a few months ago at his annual. He is still coming out of his shell, he has started rolling on his back to get belly rubs and pushes us with his nose for attention. He is very affectionate, but only in certain rooms. I think it is a comfort thing. He loves his sister to pieces, he naps with her constantly and followers her around the house. You can tell by his body he is no longer on edge, doesn’t jump when you touch him, he is finally feeling safe and relaxed. He is such a good boy.
We will not be coming to the reunion. We will be with my parents before they head to spend the holidays with my brothers and family.  Plus Indi is still skittish around new people. That is something we are still working on with him. 🙂

Gilligan is just a young boy. I saw a photo of him sent by Hope Master at Floyd/Rome, GA Animal Control. He was laying down. Hope said he was scared, but they’re all scared.

So, Megan goes to pick him up off of transport last night, passes him off to Melissa, the CSR at Val-u-Vet. He was terrified, more importantly, he had to be picked up off the floor, because he’s too scared to walk.

I gave him some food, water, and yes… a brand new beef marrow bone, put him in a comfy crate with a Kuranda bed, and left him alone. I thought that by this morning, the shell shock of being nailed by animal control, (possibly with a catch pole), thrown into a pound, then transported across the state by various people in various cars would wear off. It usually does by the morning, but not this morning.

Nope. He sat in the corner of his crate, would NOT come out, would not have eye contact, trembled so bad I thought his fur would fall off, and he would not come out. Not even with hot dog bites as a bribe. Nope, this little boy is terrified.

Looking at his little short legs, I don’t know what he’s mixed with, but there’s a lot of Border Collie in this cute little guy. Is he a Borgie? Wouldn’t that be nice, to have another Borgie!!! So, I put a leash on him, and figured, if I start walking, he will too. After all, I am the pack leader right? Wrong again. He slid across the floor and would not get up. Oh boy.

I picked him and put him the car… he flopped. I brought him to Val-u-Vet for his shots and neuter. I called them, told them I was out back, and I needed George! George came out to meet me and Gilligan, wrapped him up in a blanket and carried him to a crate.

On the way home, I remembered the trembling, and I haven’t seen him “walk” so I called Meagan and asked her if she ever saw him walk, her answer was no. I asked her to call the transporter, and he did say he saw him walk out of his crate for a second, then he plopped onto floor. Melissa agreed that he did not walk, however, he did stand up briefly to pee. Is the trembling be because of pain or fear?

I had a flash back of Nutella. When I first got her, there was no doubt in my mind that if I would’ve stuck my hand in her crate to get her out, she would’ve nipped me. I know that look when a dog is thinking about “fight or flight”. He could of nipped at Megan, and Melissa said she had to literally pull him out of his crate, so the opportunity to nip was there. He could’ve nipped me this morning easily, but he didn’t. This tells me he wants to trust, but just can’t. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but he’s so afraid to be hurt. Then I remembered Shy Shannon and Goldie Hawn, neither of them had ever been outdoors. Maybe he’s afraid because he’s never been outside.

So, tomorrow he will be examined from head to toe. I’ve asked the staff at Val-u-Vet to let me know if anyone catches him stand up in his crate. But the question remains, what has happened to this little boy that he is too afraid to walk or stand up? He shakes when you touch him.

Note: The vet did call me with an update that I really didn’t want to hear. He is heartworm positive. Doxy and Prednisone will be started right away, and he will go on Heartgard March 1st.

The dogs that I’ve rescued that were this afraid, I believe, were beaten because they were not house broken. But once you scare a pup to death, every time to go near the animal, he urinates out of fear. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

I don’t know what’s happened to him, but I’m sure we’ll find out… eventually. Gilligan is one of many who have been abused in some way, including Nutella, Bailey, China, Shannon, Tuck Me In, just to name a few.

02/12/11 Update: Two things, I love being wrong, and we named him right. He definitely went on a three hour tour and got lost. This little boy’s problem? He’s been attached to his owner, had an incredible dependent relationship with his owner, and doesn’t know what to do now, he’s lost. We believe he got up every morning, jumped in the truck, and went to work every day with his owner, spent very little time outdoors, except maybe to do a tinkle, and spent the evening watching tv on the couch! He is fine with the other dogs, he doesn’t really acknowledge them. He spent the night sleeping between Megan and my daughter Sarah on the couch, and has no desire to play.

So while I don’t feel he’s scared because he’s been on his own and unsocialized, I think he’s scared because he’s only known one owner, one apartment, one truck, one routine, and he’s not adapting easily.

He is absolutely not going to growl, show teeth, or bite anyone for any reason, he’s really a very gentle boy that loves to be held. He has not wagged his tail yet, therefore, he has no joy, but we all know that’ll happen in time.

I’m going to be introducing him to different people just to see how he reacts. He will tell me who his former owner was. Once we know that, we can move forward to finding him the right home.


02/14/11 Update: Paul Pipitone has offered to foster and rehabilitate this little boy, and we jumped up and down screaming with joy! Updates soon.

02/15/11 Update: After reflecting Gilligan’s time with us in rescue, I’ve realized that at first, he was terrified of being at the pound, then transported by multiple strangers, then taken to the vet, neutered and vetted. But, I think when he saw me, he really shut down. Was it my voice? My long brown hair? I triggered something in him that really freaked him out.

He did well with my dogs, but to be honest, it was too soon for us to expect him to react. Maybe he was still sore from surgery, I just don’t know.

When we put a harness on him, instead of a collar, he did better. When he left my home, and went to Megan’s, he spent a few days just resting. Megan’s house is very quiet.

When Paul came to pick him up, Megan explained that he was just starting to get better with regard to his fear. Paul is providing updates daily, and I’m confident that he has the experience to explain Gil’s behaviors to us. Gil is lucky to have Paul, and so are we!

Day 1 Playlist:
Gilligan is doing really well on a walk! He WAGS HIS TAIL and gives Paul’s neighbor a kiss! Megan and I both believed he was owned by a young man. This is amazing for Day 1!!! Thank you Paul!

Day 2 Playlist:
A lot of improvements. Gilligan seens more relaxed, he eats, and takes a treat from Paul’s hand.

Day 3 Playlist:
Gilligan, now Skipper barks, is attentive, and learns to trust.

Day 5 Playlist:
Gilligan, now Skipper is doing awesome!

Day 6 Playlist:
Skipper has an adoption meet, and plays with Roxy!

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