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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

To The Max~Adopted

To The Max~Adopted
Pick Me!

Foster Update:  Max Proves Me Wrong!  I spoke with Anita at length about Max the other day.  Frustrated that he hasn’t been adopted yet, but he’s so cool.   The other day he found an empty Gatorade Bottle, he grabbed it with his mouth, and paraded around the yard with pride and joy!  I’ve seen Max play with water bottles, he clearly he prefers the thicker Gatorade Bottles.  It was a hoot to watch him get so excited over something so simple.   Then, he ran and grabbed the soccer ball, and played with that for a while.  Clearly, he has shown me that there’s still some playful puppy left in his heart.

I wonder if  he part lab?  Flat Coated Retriever or Black Lab?  I’ll never know, but he doesn’t have the hyper of the Aussie, and he’s very gentle and calm.  If you ever wanted an Aussie but don’t think you can tolerate their non-stop-go attitude, Max is your dog!


Foster Update:  Since I’ve been fostering Chaz, I have been able to evaluate two totally different dogs, and I think having Chaz has helped me understand Max even more.  Did you ever go to school with one of those kids that got straight As, was always “the good kid” that never got in trouble, the kid that was well liked, but was never allowed to have fun?  That’s Max!  Max is very command-driven, he is trained on a dime, but I don’t think he’s known real joy.  What is real joy to a dog?  A run on the beach, a day by the lake, going hiking with your leader, going for a ride in the car, getting exhausted at a dog park… that brings joy to a dog.  I’m hoping the right person will find Max, and appreciate him not just because he’s trained, but show him how to have fun!


Foster Update:  Max is amazing! The longer I get to know him, the more he impresses me.

He is totally crate-trained.  He can sit, stay, shake, drop and speak in any order!!!

He likes to find empty water bottles, and he crushes them down for me… next I’m going to teach him to put them in the recycling bin! He likes to talk to you when he has something to share, but he’s not a barker. He’s smart as whip, has completed several training courses, and I believe he could easily become CGC material (Canine Good Citizen). He’s great with the pack and young children, crate trained and executes commands on a dime! What an awesome Aussie!


Lynne Flannery, Max’s foster Mom, is on vacation, and asked who could foster Max!  PICK ME!  Max is an awesome dog.  He’s great with the pack, great with children, loves to give kisses and be petted.  He prefers to be next to you, or sometimes under your feet than to explore.  He would do well in a home with another dog or be the only dog.  What matters to him is his people.  He has a lot of energy, and needs exercise both physical and mental!  Max is very much a brainiac!  He doesn’t like to be left alone, and barks for a few minutes, but quiets down quickly.   Max reminds me a lot of Jake, one of my favorite Border Collies!  He is a true Aussie, even though he looks like a Border Collie.



Leslie Wrote: I have a friend who needed a place for a male black bi Aussie for a friend. This guy, Max, had great parents who took him to obedience classes, kept every medical receipt from all vet visits and loved him. The older gentleman had a massive stroke and the older woman could not care for both. The daughters of Max’s owners fought over what to do with Max. Max was not accepted by her dogs, so they called me. Now I have this wonderful Aussie who needs a better foster home than mine. I take in Rottweilers for Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue. I take on dogs that might be hard to handle, sick or never seen the inside of a house. I consider my house a half way house for Rottweilers. This is a great set up for dogs with issues before going to a real foster home or forever home. It is not the best place of a beloved pet, as it is not a step in the right direction for them.

Loves Attention

I would like to get Max into a better foster situation so that he does not loose his wonderful Aussie personality. He does not like cats at all, he seems to like my young female show puppy and her mother. My older girl is a little scary to him I think, can not blame him there. There is no male dog interaction allowed here due to them all being Rottweilers who have yet to be fixed. Max pulls on a leash until told not to. He knows sit, down, heel when told to. He strikes me a little spoiled and maybe allowed to get away with the pulling. He crates up easy and seems to have no major issues. He did try to hump me the first day he was here, but he has never done that since. I do not think he has ever met a Rottweiler woman before as he seems very willing to mind me without much problem.

He loves to play with any kind of a ball with or without a person and could use a good walk. He does not have the over hyper issue of some herding dogs i see in class. Max is actually a very nice Aussie with a normal Aussie personality. Tracy Breen recommended you to me and I hope you can help me with this guy.

Update: Max is being fostered by Lynne Flannery in Orange City (near Blue Springs).
If you are interested in Max, email me at

If you want to see more photos of Max, visit his photo album on facebook!

Max with Andrew & Alicia!

Update:  Max has been adopted by Andrew & Alicia Merlino and is on his way to Orange Park, FL!  Woo Hoo!  He was not on his best behavior, but he has a lot of potential and they really liked him!

Max at his new home!

Adoption Update:

Hi Giselle,
I am sorry I haven’t been in touch, but rest assured that Max (Stubbs) is doing great! We did rename him, in honor of his lack of tail. He has settled in wonderfully. His favorite activity is frisbee in the back yard. He is marvelous at catching it mid-air. Frisbee is now an afternoon ritual at our house. This video he didn’t catch, but he is having fun.
We had a vet check up to check in with the vet, and also a grooming (and a good comb-out). We have made an appointment with Maggie Marshall ( She seems to be well qualified. He does not settle while in the car, but we plan to work on this. He also desires to chase cars while we are out on our walks, and Maggie has some ideas to work on this as well.

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