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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Zorro, the Border Collie – Adopted

I will let Serena explain Zorro’s temper-ament, but from what I see, he aims to please and can be trained to make breakfast and answer the phone! Another very smart Border Collie.

01/01/10 Update: Zorro may be a Border Collie/Aussie or Husky mix. He’s very well-mannered, a great listener, and very easy to train. He’s also fine with other dogs. I think he’ll make an awesome family pet.

01/02/10 Update: Zorro enjoys playing with our new Aussie girl, Stella. At first, he did not engage in play, but I guess we hadn’t brought home the right playmate for him. He’s having a good time here.

Update from Serena:

Zorro is a rarity in that he captured the hearts of all of the shelter workers where he has been since June. They saw the potential and believe that the perfect home is out there for him. That’s why he has been kept alive for such a long time. Sadly, if they had gotten one more dog, his time was up. In his “neck of the woods” a dog like him is not valued.

So let me explain why they believe in him and that his perfect match is out there somewhere.

Zorro picks up commands quickly. He needs to know what you want him to do and he will execute the task at hand with 150% efficiency. This is not a dog that will assume a lazy status. He must have direction and boundaries. On leash he is quite strong but remember, he’s been in a shelter for 7 months! I believe he is going to be a task master with someone who can train him every day. Teach him to get your morning paper or slippers. Zorro knows sit, down, speak, and paw. He is housebroken, greets other dogs appropriately, and enjoys meeting new people.

On the way to The Dog Liberator’s, he sat stoic in my car. He’s a thick dog with a low center of gravity which means he’s like an excellent paperweight in the car. He doesn’t move. Zorro sits by the window and watches…everything. I cracked the window for him and he enjoyed sampling all of the new smells. Zorro did not move from his spot in the back seat until we neared the DL’s house. Zorro sat in the middle and if he could talk, he would be telling me how to drive and not to follow the car in front too close and that I needed to have my blinker on 3.57 feet sooner in order to make that left-hand turn.

This man-dog Zorro is by the book. Zorro looks into your soul and questions right vs. wrong. Fortunately for us, he’s very forgiving.

Update 01/05/10: Zorro is great with other dogs, even little dogs, he seems to have a very relaxed temperament and will be temperament tested with children soon. In this video, you will see that he has been trained, and is very obedient. I’m sure there are a lot of things that this very bright boy could learn, if someone gave him some time and attention.

01/15/10 Update: Paul Pipitone and I hav confirmed that Zorro is very comfortable with young children that are familiar with and have a history with other dogs, like my daughter, Sarah. Zorro enjoyed her company quite a bit and never got excited.

Update 02/05/10: Zorro has been adopted, and he hit the jackpot! He has a wonderful home, awesome owners, and two great dogs to hang out with!

Adoption Update: Dale joins the Story pack!

On Friday, February 5th, a dog named Dale hit the doggie lottery! He became a Story dog, soon to be spoiled rotten!

As with all dogs adopted by Julie and Eric, Dale has a story! J

After the loss of Falcore in mid-January, there was emptiness in the Story house. Alex and Bella both grieved the loss of their very special companion and were in need of another furry friend to brighten their days.

So, Julie began searching “Pet Finders” for a special someone to join the pack. She printed several pictures of bright eyed canines for Eric to preview. Then she showed him the website. Together they looked at the pictures of so many dogs in need of a good home. When they came to a dog named Zorro, they stopped to take a closer look. He was a white with black spots Border Collie. They watched the video demonstrating his ability to shake, sit and speak. Then they sent an email to see if he was still available for adoption.

Zorro was still looking for a good home, so off they went! Eric, Julie, Alex and Bella all climbed into Julie’s car to take a ride to Deltona, Florida. The hour and a half ride was just perfect in Alex’s book. He stretched out on the back seat for a nap while Bella sat in Julie’s lap for the ride.

When the Story pack arrived at Zorro’s foster home, everyone got out of the car to meet. Everyone seemed to get along, but it was a somewhat benign meeting. Not sure if Zorro was the right dog, Eric put Bella in the front seat of the car and Julie opened the door for Alex to return to the back seat. The plan was for Julie and Eric to spend more time with Zorro to see if he was the right dog. Much to everyone’s surprise, Zorro decided that he wanted to go home with us. He dove into the backseat of the car with Alex. Sat on the floor behind the driver’s seat, and then began to lick Alex’s face! At that point we felt that Zorro had chosen us!

Julie signed the adoption papers and paid the adoption fee for Zorro. When she was signing the papers, the Foster Mom mentioned that Zorro’s name when he was surrendered at the pound was Dale. She said we could keep the name Zorro or give him our own.

Eric drove everyone home! Bella in the front seat (with her back to Eric, not sure that bringing this other dog home was the best idea after all!) and Alex, Julie and Zorro in the back seat! It was a smooth trip home and everyone got along just fine.

After we got home, Zorro explored the house and the yard and demon-strated his enthusiasm with food! Although, as Eric and Julie called him by name, he was unresponsive for the most part. When they called him “Dale” his ears perked and he paid closer attention. So, just as he picked his new family, he also selected the name he like the most. As such, his name is Dale, not Zorro!

A trip to the vet on Saturday confirmed his weight of 53 lbs. His age is somewhere between 3 – 4 years old. He also has a hip problem. He has some mobility issues with his right rear leg. The Vet’s office commented that he had found a good home. The Story’s are great with geriatrics’ and cripples!

And so begins the life and times of Dale Story! He has already made himself at home. He seems comfortable and settled. Bella and Alex both enjoy his company! Bella appreciates his willingness to bark for human assistance with the door!

Dale will look forward to meeting you soon. Expect a gentle greeting of a handshake and kiss.

From the proud parents,

Eric and Julie

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