It’s May 24, 2010, and I’m copying all of the great stuff that I wrote many years ago and posting on this blog, rather than have two websites… so here’s where it all started, on a website that used to be thedogliberator.com. I just decided to put everything in one place… it just made sense. Although this blog was started on August 8, 2009, I’m adding these blog posts so there’s a time line that makes sense. Thanks!

Here you will find details on a variety of subjects, gassing, BSL, puppy mills, choosing a breeder, the difference between shelters, pounds, and rescues, choosing a reputable rescue, euthanasia rates, etc. It’s enough to make my head spin.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk

No, I’m not just another crazy dog lady! My years spent educating and advocating for the American Dog has not been in vain. On the contrary, because of my service to issues like euthanasia rates, homeless rates, gassing, puppy mills, etc., I have been fortunate to have created a group of like-minded people from all walks of life, throughout the United States—and even though we are getting results, the movement to educate and empower dog-lovers isn’t happening fast enough. We decided that now is time to take our work to the next level—to Rescue.

This website is dedicated to educating and advocating all animal lovers and soliciting change. Change takes place one person at a time, and the effect that it can make on an entire community can leave a footprint on society that can change a nation, like in the case of Carol Bowman-Henderson of Clovis, New Mexico, or Jim Long of Wisconsin and his Puppy Mill Truck. As a matter of fact, when one person stands up for what’s right and says “NO, I have had enough” that statement alone is much more powerful than any lobbyist or animal-rights group with a political agenda. You’ll read about all these folks in future posts.

It’s time we stop depending and relying on big businesses to help our communities that are overrun with feral cats or homeless dogs. People listen to other people. If you consider yourself to be a rebel, have a passion for animals, and want to see things change—welcome.

Throughout this website you will learn about many challenges that face today’s American Dog. I hope, however, you’ll agree that no matter what we do, spay & neuter is paramount to our success. If we can all focus our time and energy on low-cost or no-cost spay & neuter programs for our communities, and forego all of the other issues that we are currently dedicated to, like stopping the gassing, breed-specific legislation, or stopping the puppy mills, we can create change.

People clearly follow by example.

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