Border Collie Boot Camp

Rammstein, Lady Di & China

Many times, when talking to people about their dogs, the describe them as “Protective” when they are really being “Dominant”.  There is also a huge difference between being a Dominant dog, and an Alpha dog.  Many times a dog tries to dominant because he’s insecure.  An Alpha dog is never insecure!  As you can see from this video, Lady Di is very sure of herself!

This video that I made this morning, shows Rammstein’s first meeting with my pack.  It looks like play, but Lady Di is determined to teach Rammstein to submit.  She needs to know she has the ability to correct, and she needs to know that he will submit to her – it’s the only way she maintains law and order in her world.  I watched the entire time, and provided a quick shout to alert the pack I’m watching, even though China is deaf.

What amazed me is how much China follows Lady Di’s lead.  Months after we adopted China, she and Lady Di fought over the Alpha position.  China is awesome, but can’t lead the pack.  After watching this video several times, it’s obvious that China has found her place to be Di’s partner!

Rammstein, just a pup, resists Lady Di’s queue to submit.  But when he finally gets it… there’s peace and harmony in the pack… now they can really play!  Way to go Rammstein!

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  1. Marylou Weber


    WOW Loved the Boot Camp Video!!!! 🙂

  2. CC


    THANK YOU for posting this!! : I thought I might have an alpha, now i’m confident he’s just dominant. he has to test every dog in the park (and often me which is NOT OK) and does not ease up when he’s got one pinned. He jumps right into rough play without even a warmup.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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