Loki ~ Adopted


Loki is a 7 year old tricolor male who comes to us after his Mother faced a series of very difficult events which now make it necessary to find these precious babies new homes. They are her beloved ones, she wants them to have wonderful lives, and she searched over 6 months to find just the right rescue for them.


If you are interested in being considered to adopt Loki,
please read Our Adoption Process and contact us with the answers.

12360269_10153628591854792_5042110969772016597_nCheck our Loki’s Photos on Facebook!

A huge, HUGE thank you to Becky Harshman and Jeff Bennett for going above and beyond to make it possible for Sirius, Loki, and Syrinx to come to TDL. There are not enough words to describe the lengths they went to to make things happen for these very special 3 collies. Though these two words will never be enough, THANK YOU!



12/13/15 Update: Loki is still with us and waiting for his family to come.  We are hoping to fulfill his Christmas wish and send him home for Christmas.  Please share this sweet boy so we can get him home!




12/19/15 Update: Loki was adopted by the Weldon family of Orlando yesterday. They were searching for a Collie and Loki was a perfect fit. Yay!



Kazoo ~ Adopted!

11057271_10153441156779792_7711251410549550919_nShe’s a lovely little 12 week old Border Collie pup. We’ll know more about her once she’s transported to us.

If you’d like to be considered for Kazoo, please go here to learn all about our adoption process. We don’t use a traditional adoption application, but we do have a few questions we’d like you to answer before setting up a meet!

Check out her Photos on Facebook!

Update: Very loving and calm… but very very skinny. Get some Kibble in that Pup! Thank you Cathy McIlroy for fostering!



Kazoo was adopted in 2015

 3/5/16 Update: Kazoo was returned due to no fault of her own, but don’t worry, she is already out and doing great. Kazoo was adopted by the Bessey family of Winter Garden. They have another BC who needed an energetic friend, and Kazoo fit the bill perfectly!








11889669_10206532104116777_4167151970584202569_nSyrinx is a 9 year old sable female who comes to us after her Mother faced a series of very difficult events which now make it necessary to find these precious babies new homes. They are her beloved ones, she wants them to have wonderful lives, and she searched over 6 months to find just the right rescue for them.






If you are interested in being considered to adopt Syrinx, please read Our Adoption Process and contact us with the answers. Check out Syrinx’s Photos on Facebook!

A huge, HUGE thank you to Becky Harshman and Jeff Bennett for going above an beyond to make it possible for Sirius, Loki, and Syrinx to come to TDL. There are not enough words to describe the lengths they went to to make things happen for these very special 3 collies. Though these two words will never be enough, THANK YOU!


10/8/15 Update: Syri was adopted by Roy Moore of Winterhaven, FL. Congratulations sweetie!



Sirius (AKA Kitty) ~ Adopted!



I love the pool!

Sirius (aka Kitty) is an 8 year old Merle boy who comes to us after his Mother faced a series of very difficult events which now make it necessary to find these precious babies new homes. As you will see from how she writes, they are her beloved ones, she wants them to have wonderful lives, and she searched over 6 months to find just the right rescue for them.


His owner writes: “Kitty is my baby boy and my heart. He loves snuggling, putting his head in your arms, or snoofing your face. He knows how to shake, lay down, sit, stay, and come but is a bit hard headed and an escape artist. He loves loves loves squeaky toys, especially squeaky chicken or duck. He likes nothing more than to hop on the couch and have his ears scratched and his head petted. He loves bacon flavored treats but will honestly eat anything you put in front of him.

He is sensitive to heart worm meds and will get somewhat nauseated. He loves running in the grass and rolling his body in the couch. He will pull on the lead a bit but otherwise is a good walker.

He is the most sensitive of the collies and is devastated by a raised voice but is such a happy go lucky dog you can’t help but to love him. He has a shrill bark and will only bark when he feels threatened but no one comes to the house unannounced.”


If you are interested in being considered to adopt Sirius, please read Our Adoption Process and contact us with the answers. Check out Sirius’s Photos on Facebook!

A huge, HUGE thank you to Becky Harshman and Jeff Bennett for going above an beyond to make it possible for Sirius, Loki, and Syrinx to come to TDL. There are not enough words to describe the lengths they went to to make things happen for these very special 3 collies. Though these two words will never be enough, THANK YOU!





9/15/15 Update: We hope kitty will be accepted into Nancy Rossiter’s pack. Only time will tell! That being said Kitty has left the building!





Sinead:  "May I Help You?"

Sinead: “May I Help You?”

Sinead, now Fly, was adopted and is going to live in Cocoa Beach!

This beautiful girl is an owner-surrender from Alabama.  She has a lot of energy, has been well cared for and not abused, and is very affectionate.  More details coming soon.  You can see more of her photos on Facebook.

Sinead is a young, high drive, purebred border collie.  She is fully crate-trained, and very well behaved!  She is quiet and sleeps through the night.  She is playful and very friendly.  She would do well with kids, but I wouldn’t trust her with the family bunny or cat!  She wants to please, and is easy to train.  She will need a lot of exercise!  Is she the right dog for you?

Sinead:  "I'm a lover!"

Sinead: “I’m a lover!”

Update:  Sinead has incredible recall and is still very good in her crate!  She also sits fairly well!  Someone has worked with her!

Lamb Chop~Adopted

shelter photo

shelter photo

This little girl is about 9 weeks old, and is believed to be a Great Pyrenees, however, her paws beg to differ.  She was found in a ditch by the side of the road, rescued by a good Samaritan, and brought to Hale County Humane Society in Alabama.  She was transported via Pilots N Paws to us on Saturday where Sarah White and our new volunteer transporter Jarrett scooped her up!

Visit Facebook to view tons of photos of her in her own photo album!

with Sarah White

with Sarah White

She appears to be very healthy, eating well, and being de-wormed.  For adoption information, please visit our Adoption Process.

02/19/14 Update: Lamb Chop stops traffic!  I took her to the vet today and everyone held her.  Dr. Oliver checked her heart, all good!  She is about 8-9 weeks of age, and I heard from many regarding her breed.  The list of guesses includes Poodle/Golden Retriever, Aussie/Great Pyrenees, Poodle/Aussie and many others!  Regardless of her breed, one thing is for sure, she is stinking cute!

Not all fluff, this girl has got brains!

Not all fluff, this girl has got brains!

But that’s not all.  She is doing very well in her crate, only crying for a few minutes, and she sleeps through the night without a peep… but by 6:30 AM, she’s ready to rumble!  She is awesome with the pack, and desperately wants to play with the other dogs.  She is also (get this) leash trained!  Yup, you heard me – she is one of the only puppies I’ve ever fostered that is ready to walk on the leash like a good girl!  She is going to make someone very happy!



02/20/14 Update:  Lamb Chop was adopted by Dean today.  Dean is a former adopter of TDL.  She will have two awesome dogs to play with, and she’ll need them to help her burn some of that puppy energy!  She will return to us after 2 months to be spayed.

Perry Como~Adopted



Don’t know why I named him Perry Como, but I adore his voice, and when I listen to that music from long ago, it reminds me of my childhood.  Perry Como was very laid back, didn’t put on airs like most hollywood-types did.  He wouldn’t even wear a suit and tie on his on TV show, I think sweater vests became popular because of him!

on Transport

on Transport

Regardless, this is what I read about this boy while I was working to get him to our rescue:  “# AC31401017 – White with Brown Collie mix. HORRIBLY EMACIATED boy was left chained to a porch after the owners left/moved/evicted from the house”


Speechless, but unfortunately, this is not he worse case we've had.

Speechless, but unfortunately, this is not he worse case we’ve had.

Perry went through a lot of traveling to get to us.  So far, he appears to be a dream dog!  He has an endless bowl of food, and this morning, I made him his own batch of chicken livers!  You can see more of his photos on Facebook.

Special thanks to Lisa Weathers and Rebecca Hogue Harshman.

the bath reveals the severity of the malnutrition

the bath reveals the severity of the malnutrition

02/07/14 Update:  Perry received a much needed bath yesterday, thanks to volunteer groomer, Serena Drake.  He did great, but boy the water was nasty!  Serena cleaned his dirty ears, and he was very frisky when it was all over.  We did get to see how skinny he really us when his hair was wet – it was not a pretty sight.

Unfortunately, a few hours after his bath, I heard him cough.  It sounds bad, but it’s not a constant cough, but I’m ready!  I’ve started him on Doxy, and if he coughs more than once an hour, he’s going to the vet.

Because he is so severely emaciated, and his immune system is shot, I believe he either contracted kennel cough while at the shelter, or it’s simply reaction to the Bordetella shot, which contains the live virus.  The only thing that concerns me is if he loses his appetite.  So far, so good, he’s gobbling up everything!  I am, however, ready to take him to the vet at a moment’s notice if his cough worsens.

Getting Kisses are NOT optional!

Getting Kisses are NOT optional!

02/12/14 Update: Today is a very eventful day!  I went to the vet to pick him up, he is still coughing but it is getting better, only a few more days of meds left.  On the way out, I asked the folks at Newman Veterinary to cat-test him.  It just so happened there was a big fluffy cat on the counter…. Perry gave it a look, and ignored it at first, then he put his paws and the counter, and politely introduced himself… the cat was not impressed!  So, the got another cat, a cat that has no fear of dogs whatsoever.  They placed the white cat on the floor, and Perry approached it, give the cat a play bow, and wanted to play with her.  He was very gentle and happy to see the cat.  Once the cat didn’t reciprocate, Perry ignored the cat!  What a perfect gentleman!  Now we can proceed with his adoption, but that’s not all.

Very emaciatedThe folks at Newman described him as a playful baby.  They believe he is very young.  As a matter of fact, they don’t know how he did it, but he was constantly found roaming the building – he knows how to unlatch the crate!

When I got home, I was very careful to open my car door, not realizing how thin Perry really is, I was shocked that he slid through from the back seat, and before I knew it, he was trotting through my front yard.  I was about to panic, until I saw him run straight for the front door.  He sat and waited for me as I fumbled for my  keys.

So, he has no prey drive and has no desire to run away and explore – life is good!

Sticks close to his humans!Since with me, I have noticed that Perry is not housebroken.  Who would want to adopt a dog that isn’t housebroken?  Someone that would accept him as the young pup that he is, and not fault him for being untrained.  He doesn’t mean to, he doesn’t know any better.

One other thing I must mention is his feet.  They are terribly stained, and one of his feet sports a fairly large scar.  It is my opinion that he wasn’t just tied to the front porch after his people left, I think he’s been tied to it all of his life – and with nothing to do, nothing to play with, he may have chewed on his feet out of total and excruciating boredom.

a very happy boyBut there’s even more good news.  We have identified a family in the Jacksonville area that is coming to meet Perry Como tomorrow night and if all goes well, they will bring him home, foster him for about 4 weeks until he gains weight and at that time, they will return him to us to be neutered.  How cool is that?  Perry needs to bond with his new family.  Staying here in rescue while he recovers from  his cough, and gets healthier is not in his best interest.

It’s amazing how much humans have wronged him, yet he is so loving, trusting, and wants to please.  We will continue to provide Perry with whatever it is he needs.  Cross your fingers!

She saw his photo and said "I want him!"  Once her Dad saw his name, Perry Como, he couldn't resist!

She saw his photo and said “I want him!” Once her Dad saw his name, Perry Como, he couldn’t resist!

02/13/14:  Perry’s new family came, and they brought him home.  A Foster with the Intent to Adopt Contract was signed.  He will be returned to us in about 30 days or when he reaches 35 pounds, to be neutered.   They will NOT be changing his name, because Perry’s new Dad loves the smooth voice of the real Perry Como!  We are getting daily updates, including photos and videos, and let me tell you, Perry is having a blast!



just a baby

just a baby

Found as a stray, and taken in by a good Samaritan, this gorgeous 4 month-old female German Shepherd will be making her way from Alabama to Central Florida this week.  Details coming soon!

Because she is not vetted, we are asking for a Virtual Foster for her, someone that can donate toward her care.

imagejpeg_0We’ve learned more about this young shep, she was found by a 16 year-old girl who took her  in.  Unfortunately, her Mom said No!  I can remember the dozens of times my Mom said No too!

Heidi and her young rescuer

Heidi and her young rescuer

The young girl named the dog Zydania.  Beautiful name eh?  She is good with cats, good on leash, good with  kids, and has no food aggression.    You can see more photos of her on Facebook.

02/05/14 Update:  Much to our surprise, Sarah White went to pick up our little Heidi, off of transport, and she was not there!  Heidi accidentally was left on a transport headed for Tampa, and didn’t get off at the Wildwood exit!  OOOPS!  I sitting in my living room with Sheila Coffman when Sarah called me with the news – No Heidi.   Needless to say, I had a cow!  No worries though, she has headed back up and is with Sarah White as I write this, and she should be at my house any minute.  Whew!

02/07/14 Update:  Heidi was groomed yesterday by Brittany of Newman Veterinary in Deltona.  Over 100 mats were removed.  Yuck!  Everyone fell in love with Heidi, and I’ve received several requests to find more like her! Heidi is at the vet getting all of her shots, microchip and spay, and she has a meet tomorrow to be adopted!

02/08/14 Update:  Heidi was adopted by Vicki B and her son Zach of Merritt Island, FL.  Her new name will be Sasha!  She is settling into her new  home and doing well!  She’s going to be a very happy girl!

unnamedCAVRGL5S12/02/14 Update: Sasha recently graduated Pet Therapy Class and is now serving as Vicki’s official service dog for her limited vision. Sasha’s job is to alert Vicki when a person approaches from a direction which Vicki is unable to see. Sasha is also trained to wake Vicki up at 7AM for eye drops. She even knows how to handle tough mornings and will grab the covers and run off if Vicki doesn’t get up in time.

Sasha is now enrolled in Rally and is doing very well. She appears to be a natural in agility courses. Congratulations to Sasha and Vicki on their amazing accomplishments and journey together!


Bennett’s Boots~Adopted

Bennett's Boots

Bennett’s Boots

All eyes were  on this little boy, who was named Shaggy.  Rescued from Baldwin County, Alabama, he was chosen to be Jeff Bennett’s 2,000th dog.  There were a lot of people wanting to pet him, a lot of cameras, and noisy airplanes flying around, but he did very well considering the chaos!  The documentary, “Tales in Flight” covered his rescue from start to finish, and they will continue to follow his progress until he is adopted.

I do not believe he was an owner-surrender, maybe, but he is covered in scabs, which makes me wonder if he was found as a stray.

You can see more photos of him on Facebook.

Bennett’s Boots is resting quietly, he’s been through a lot, and he was neutered last week.  He is very much a velcro dog and is very quiet so far.  Updates coming soon!

11/22/13 Update:  What a difference a day makes!  Boots has been very quiet and almost lethargic.  Sure he’s been through a lot, and neutered just a few days ago, but still.  He walks slow, and doesn’t have much expression.  But this morning, he greeted me with a leap, and kisses.  I can’t remember which dog we rescued a year ago, that every time she walked by me, she’d lick my feet!  Boots does that too!  He give me a wiggle butt (an Aussie trait), a kiss on the face, and he had a spring in his step.  His appetite is good, and is goes right into his crate!  I don’t hear a peep out of him until he needs to wee wee!

I know that his teeth are very white, but I’m wondering how old he really is.  He’s covered with scabs where the ticks were, yet his hair is not terribly matted.  He is incredible stinky, but he’ll be groomed Tuesday.  I really think Boots is a couch potato, but the next few days will tell.

Another major turn around, is that at first, he would growl at my dogs when they came close to his crate.  Today, he saw Claire Bear through the sliding glass window, and wagged his tail.  YES!

Mr. Boots

Mr. Boots

When a dog has been on his own for a while, you can’t push him into your world overnight.  You have to ease him into his new environment, and he has to feel safe before you can expect him to experience new things.  I think we’re going to have a great weekend with Mr. Boots!

11/24/13 Update:  Mr. Boots has found his wiggle!  He’s running around the yard and playing.  He loves Sarah, and loves to give kisses and hugs.  He does have one bad habit, he likes to talk with his mouth… he nibbles you out of love, but we are correcting that.

Boots is the perfect dog.  When it’s time to rest, he is as quiet as a mouse.  When it’s time to play, it’s game on!  He’s going to make an awesome companion dog!

Boots and Shannon

Boots and Shannon

11/26/13 Update:  Boots is now playing with other dogs.  He had a wonderful visit at the vet yesterday, where he entertained everyone, playing gently with Dr. Kim’s tea cup chi pup.  He played ball and frisbee with everyone!  He had a great bath, but did NOT like the blow dryer one bit.  He is heartworm negative, and very  healthy.  We estimate him to be 12-18 months of age.  Boots made a lot of friends, and Shannon, specifically, was madly in love with him!  This is one incredibly dog!  You can see more photos of him on Facebook.

Boots goes home!

Boots goes home!

12/3/13 Update:  I’m just now sitting at my desk for the first time since Friday, and grabbed my camera to see the photos that were taken while I was stuck in bed with a fever.  

Just as I thought, I LOVE the Van Dorns!  They came and adopted Mr. Boots on Saturday.  But wait, if I was out of commission, who did the adoption, and who snapped the photos?  My daughter, Sarah did!  Told you she’s got it!

I heard the knock on the door, and grabbed my daughter, Sarah.  I handed her his file folder, and told her she would have to do this adoption… and she did.  She remembered everything!

Alabama Bossie

shelter photo

I guess at the young age of 11, my Sarah has seen me do hundreds of adoptions.  She talked about our vet, his microchip tag, walked through every step of the contract, and yes… she remembered to take some adoption photos as well.  I was floored!

Mr. Boots is now lovingly known as Buddy Boots Bigfoot from Bama, adopted by the Van Dorn family, living in Orlando!  Welcome home Boots!

Click here to read more about Sarah.

Click here to read about her first solo adoption!

05/13/14 Update:  We receive regular updates about Mr. Boots, and he is doing fine, but his rescue was so impressive, it was published!  So while I’ve been rescuing hundreds of dogs for almost five years, my daughter’s first solo adoption, gets published in the Rescue Me magazine!  Amazing!

Here it is!

The Dog Liberator's Bennett's Boots published in Rescue Me Magazine  The Dog Liberator and Jeff Bennett


The Dog Liberator's Bennett's Boots Published in Rescue Me Magazine


Amelia, a future therapy/colmpanion dog!

Amelia, a future therapy/colmpanion dog!

Amelia was adopted last night, by a family who lives in Deltona. They have a lot of property that Amelia will need to run! Dawn and her husband have been looking for the right pup for their daughter Audra who suffers from Aspergers Syndrome. The moment I put Amelia in Audra’s arms, Amelia melted! I couldn’t separate them if I tried! Amelia will be Audra’s companion for many years to come!

poor baby

poor baby

This little girl landed yesterday at the Orlando Executive Airport, thanks to Jeff Bennett and Pilots n Paws. It was quite a day for this little one, and she was terrified. Once she met Lady Di, she loosened up quite a bit. She is resting quietly, and will be taken to the vet today to be bathed (she has ticks… very big ticks) and will be fully vetted tomorrow.

She comes from the same shelter that Boo Boo came from!  You can see more photos of her on Facebook.
Cutie Patootie!

11/24/13 Update:  Amazing that Amelia does not care for kibble.  She enjoys a raw diet.  She barked in her crate this morning, even though she had puppy chow… I gave her a raw chicken neck, and she’s sleeping like a baby.  I guess she’s made up her mind.

No more scabs and smells!  She's all pretty now!

No more scabs and smells! She’s all pretty now!

She is incredibly affectionate.  She went to the vet, and boy does she smell good, and she is so soft!  She was spayed, had all of her shots, fecal was negative, and micro chipped!  Amelia is ready for her next voyage – HOME!


Billy Ray is now called Bama

Billy Ray~Adopted

Jeff Bennett Flies Billy Ray to TDL!

Jeff Bennett Flies Billy Ray to TDL!

A desperate email was sent to Becky, and she forwarded it to me, asking for our help.  It read:

Hi Becky,

I was wondering if you might be able to help me, I wondered if Gisele might have room for these babies, which I was told look very border collie…… the male that we think got the mama pregnant looks like a full blooded border collie and is black and white.

They are part of a mama and four puppy stray family I have been trying to catch in a very bad neighborhood in my town; the local kids were shooting at them with BB guns and the adults were throwing things at them to try to chase them off. One of the puppies was run over before we could get them and there is still one puppy and the poor mama at large, I have been going every day for about 4 hours after work trying to trap the mama and the other pup but I am losing hope.



I did manage to catch two of the pups on separate days last week and I need somewhere for them to go as soon as possible. They are very scared of people but have come a long way, they still hide under my bathroom sink alcove when we go into the bathroom but they let us pet them and will tolerate us holding them short periods too. They are obviously depressed and even more scared without their mom and I feel horrible at having to had to separate them from her, but they were sure to die out there in that neighborhood.

I would be willing to drive them to Gisele if she will take them but I need to be sure they are going somewhere where the rescuer will understand their past and work with them, they are not like most puppies that are bubbly and silly and all, they have had a rough life and will need someone who understands and will give them that patience. I have only ever heard great things about Gisele and wondered if she might have room.

Enjoying human contact

Enjoying human contact

I am still going out there daily to try to catch the mama and other puppy until I think there is no chance, but in the last three weeks we have had no luck for them.

I would be so grateful if you could talk with Gisele or anyone else you think might be able to take them in and bring them on out of their shells, they are having to live in my bathroom 24 hours a day and I know they are bored and unhappy there, just want what is best for them.

Thanks for any help you can give them.  ~ Melissa in Ozark


So this little boy comes to us from Melissa from Ozark, Alabama.  He appears to be VERY healthy, but he is shy.  Much like Brittney’s Mystery, once you hold him, he feels safe and secure.  So is she really shy, or just unsure?  He is really enjoying the little Aussie pup that joined him on transport.  I want to thank our Sarah Buxbaum for bringing him to us from the airport yesterday, and Jeff Bennett for his life-saving flight!

I need a hug!

I need a hug!

At first we thought he was like Shy Sharon, a fear biter, but that’s not the case at all.    Once I put a leash on him, and he saw the puppy, he wagged his tail, and felt comfortable to come out.  I picked him up without any issues.  He did hide a lot in the back yard, under furniture, and then he wandered off to the shed where he sat and watched us.  My son Ryan, picked him up, and he immediately relaxed.  He didn’t try to wiggle out of his arms, he was very content to be there.

This little boy is going to find his self-confidence really fast!  He’s going to be an awesome little Border Collie.  For now, he does have an achy breaky heart, so after tossing around some name ideas we decided to name him Billy Ray!  For while he’s sad today, it won’t last… he’ll be TDL star soon!

Check out his photos on Facebook.

Lisa and Billy

Lisa and Billy

10/21/13 Update:  I received an email from Lisa who was interested in knowing more about Billy Ray.  She shared with me photos of her former Border Collie, Baja Boy.  Baja Boy was adopted from a Border Collie rescue while they lived in Arizona.  They moved here, and embarked on adventures on the beach, teaching Baja Boy to paddle board!  When on one day at the beach, Lisa shared with me over the phone what happened.  A man was walking back and forth on the beach, Lisa would waive at him, being friendly and trying to say hi.  The man didn’t waive back.  Baja Boy was minding his own business enjoying the beach when it happened.  She wrote in one of her emails:

He was poisoned while we were on vacation. He never got more than 25 feet from us and was in our sights the whole time, and we saw it happen (didn’t know it at the time), but it was too fast acting. He died in our arms as we rushed to the vet. Our vet did an autopsy and found a hole the size of a golf ball and said whatever it was, it was very toxic and nothing we could have done different.
Lisa's Baja Boy

Lisa’s Baja Boy

He was the only one we brought that trip because we wanted him to have special time, and he paddle boarded with whale sharks, slept in between us, and played with his Frisbee until he was exhausted. He had a wonderful last weekend, we just regret going to the beach that last day..

Billy Ray is now called Bama

Billy Ray is now called Bama

When I read her words and called her to talk, I was horrified with what she shared.  A few days later, she came to meet Billy Ray, and it was truly love at first sight.  So while Billy is still fearful and unsure, he has big paws to fill!

Pablo Picasso~Adopted

I meet Pablo, and fall in love!

I meet Pablo, and fall in love!

Pablo is great with older children, he gets excited and might knock over little ones!  He would do very well with an owner who is active.  Pablo would love to load up and go on adventures.  He has a lot of energy and loves to run.  Pablo doesn’t know he’s almost full grown, he still thinks he’s a three month old puppy!  He would love to have a running partner, someone who can really wear him out!  Pablo seems to gravitate toward men, he is starving for leadership and wants to please.

Named after the artist, Pablo was called Jackson from Huntsville, AL. This is one awesome boy! From the shoulders down, he is a Collie Collie! I have no idea where he got his white head and spirit eyes from!

He’s Shep all over again! He is very young, he still squats when he pees! He’s been neutered and vetted, he is not shy, he has not been abused. He is full of joy! He loves his people, and plays well with other dogs! He doesn’t realize how big he is! He would prefer to be in your lap! He reminds me of my Ozzie, very goofy! I just love him!

original shelter photo

original shelter photo

I’ve spent quite a bit of time with this boy, he is full of joy and loves to play!  I looked on his tail for that famous black spot that all collies have, and I found it! I don’t know why I was so compelled to have him in our rescue, especially since he was not in a kill shelter, but last night, after playing with him, it dawned on me that he looks like our Kudos, and Kudos was one awesome dog!

History: His name was Jackson. The shelter in Huntsville is not a kill shelter, and usually we only rescue that dogs whose lives are threatened, but I saw this boy, and just asked if we could have him… He just looks TDL-ish! I think is going to hop on board and be here Thursday night! He’s ready to be adopted, had all of his shots, neutered… the works!09/26/13 Update:  Pablo is doing very well here.  He is getting better about going into his crate, but once in, he’s quiet and calm.  Pablo needs a lot of exercise.  He is very young – maybe 8 months.  He plays fetch, and loves to run.  He is learning basic manners here, and I just love him!

I'm a Ham!

I’m a Ham!

10/01/13 Update:  Every one who comes over just loves Pablo.  It’s amazing that he has joy in every step he takes.  He has not been abused, he has no social issues.

He’s just a good and very lively boy!  He is very much the Walmart Greeter!   You can see his photo album on Facebook.  Today, Pablo is awesome in his crate, and has learned so much in a very short period of time!

Going Home, Step on it Dad!

Going Home, Step on it Dad!




Pablo was adopted today by Robert and Janelle Walkley of Tampa. Robert, and Bridget are 2007 World Champions (Hyperflite/Skyhoundz World Championships).  Their updates indicate that they are in love with him, and calling him Jackson!

It's hard work being a good boy!

It’s hard work being a good boy!

Robert, and Bridget are 2007 World Champions

Robert, and Bridget are 2007 World Champions


Pup needs a Sponsor“This little girl was found alone on the side of the road. She was flea infested and starting to get thin so I’m thinking she was dumped. She’s doing great so far. We have gotten her 1st set of shots and de-wormed her. We are quarantining her for 2 weeks and getting her 2nd set of shots before we transfer her.”

We are still waiting for a Virtual Foster to sponsor this pup’s medical care, but she was transported to TDL yesterday, thanks to Jeff Bennett, Becky Harshman and our Sarah White!

NiNi with Jeff Bennett

NiNi with Jeff Bennett

Is she an Aussie?  She sure looks like one, but I noticed her legs are short and stocky, her feet a big too!  She has the most awesome temperament, considering she was abandoned at such a young age.  She is fearless, friendly, happy, social, is great with other dogs, and loves to play!

Today is Anita Barber’s birthday, and when asking her for name ideas, Anita asked us to  name this little girl NiNi!  I asked why, and she said that’s what her nieces call her, Nini!  I think it’s adorable!

NiNi is a hit!

NiNi is a hit!

So, is Nini a Basset-Aussie?  A Jack Russell-Aussie?  I’m not sure, and I won’t know until she grows a bit more, but she is precious!  My kids just love her!  She’s doing great in her crate, she cries for a little bit and settles down.  I will be providing daily updates!

Nini was adopted by Loryn

Nini was adopted by Loryn

You can see more photos of her on Facebook.

Update:  Nini was adopted by Loryn of Kissimmee Tuesday.  It was love at first site.  Loryn has been following TDL for quite a while, but the time was never right… until now!  Woo hoo!


Petals at the airport!

Petals at the airport!

Petals is a very young girl, and she is Petunia’s sister.  Shy at first, she warms up quickly.  She is very affectionate, but unsure of herself as she has never lived in a home or with a family before.  She is very nurturing to the puppies, and loves to play with the other dogs.  Because she has spent most of her life starving, she is very concerned when other dogs approach her food… I can’t blame her there!



Petals is going to make a wonderful family dog.  She’s easy and very smart!

You can see her photo album on Facebook.  I’ll be taking more photos of her soon, and she’s seeing the Vet on Monday.

09/23/13 Update:  Petals is gaining self-confidence every day.  She is very fond of my daughter.  She enjoys running through the yard, something she probably hasn’t done in a while.  She is very sensitive, and will need an owner who is both patient and firm, and will continue to work on her self-esteem.

Petals, now Gracie, is adopted!

Petals, now Gracie, is adopted!

10/03/13 Update:  I’m a bit behind on my updates… but Petals was adopted on September 28th by Mary and Bob of Jacksonville!

Mary writes:   Her name is Gracie.

She definitely is a hound. She runs around the backyard, not dashing like Emma used to do, but quickly, with her nose to the ground. She sniffs everything. Her nose is either to the ground or up in the air, to catch whatever’s coming on the breeze.

She also howls and bays. Not for long, but last night she expressed her dislike for being alone (in her crate) in the living room. Midnight concert.


Bob and Gracie

Bob and Gracie

She is a collector. We let her have the run of the living area for a while, since the cats were hiding in the garage. When we looked at her crate, she has one pink flip-flop, a basket-woven hot plate, and her own leash. She cringed, showing shame, but we didn’t intend to shame her. I did want my flip-flop back, though, so Bob lured her out of her crate so I could rescue her “finds”. Somehow the basket thing got back in, and she ripped it to shreds. I think she had fun doing it.

I feel she is getting to know us. I left her in the backyard for a minute to get my cell phone, and when I got back outside she came bounding up to greet me. She does jump up somewhat, but only a little. We can work on that.

She took her first walk (with us, anyway) this afternoon, and did quite well. She is still not sure which side is right and which is left, but for the most part she walked WITH us and didn’t try to lead.

She is so beautiful, and her black and white make such a clear and sharp contrast. Maybe she’ll enter a beauty contest.

Then, we received another update:

Then it is even more amazing how she is trying to join our family – fast to pick up on what is not allowed (yanking plants out of the fish-pond bog, for example) and ready for lovin’. She cuddled with me on the couch last night.

FUNNY: she is more scared of the cats than they are of her. I have two large (about 10 inches long) turtles in an enclosure in the back yard – they freak her out!!

Also doesn’t know what to do with a ball! We’ll work on that.

She is the sweetest little girl, and we are grateful for any part you had in her care till she came to us!

~ Mary

Angel’s Sampson~Adopted



This little guy is the pack leader for sure!  He is being adopted today by the family who adopted Courage several years ago.  He’s going to be a very happy boy!

You can see Sampson’s photo album on Facebook.

You can see the Litter’s photo album on Facebook.

History:  Gisele,

I want to share with you the sweet momma (I named her Angel) and her three puppies that I am committed to finding safe, loving homes so that the rest of their lives can be much better than their beginning. I think that Denise Hoyle has already mentioned them to you. She had six, but three have been adopted.

This summer I met a young homeless woman, who had been living in the woods for over a year. She wanted a better life but would not abandon these creatures. My husband, a friend, and I arranged to pick them up on August 1st and drove them to my veterinarian’s clinic where they continue to receive exceptional care and love.

I am fortunate to be able to go each day and walk Angel and also spend time in the run with the babies getting lots of puppy love. Three puppies have recently been adopted by dear friends and I am continuing to reach out through emails, Facebook, and local rescues in the hopes that the others will find safe, loving, forever homes as well. In addition, I am desperately looking for a foster for Angel so that she can begin treatment for heart worms as soon as possible. Gisele, my vet believes that these babies are a border collie/shep mix. If you think you can help me, or offer any assistance finding a foster for Angel, please email me. Thank you for all that you do. ~ Joan Stough

I assured Joan, that after Angel receives her heartworm treatment, if she needs TDL to take her, we will!

If you can help us rescue these puppies, please be their Virtual Foster by visiting this page, http://thedogliberator.com/virtual-foster/

Happy Ending!

Happy Ending!

Update:  This little boy was adopted by a former TDL adopter!

Angel’s Ruby~Adopted

Little Ruby

Little Ruby

Little Ruby is the runt of the litter.  She has an awesome personality, the entire litter is very healthy, and she happens to be my daughter’s favorite of the litter!  Going on 9 weeks, Ruby is packed with energy and is very intelligent!  You can see her photo album on Facebook.

This little pup is fearless!  When we put her in a top crate and open the door, she literally flies out of it.  I guess she trusts that we’ll catch her!  She has endless energy to play, she plays hard with toys, she is great with kids, and doing well with our pack.  She has such drive, and because I don’t think she’ll be a very big dog, she would be a perfect  performance/sports dog.  I would love to see her do flyball or agility.  I really do not think she is just another average family pet.  She is ready to play, and ready to learn!

Collies make great couches ~ Ruby

Collies make great couches ~ Ruby

10/01/13 Update:  I’m so happy that Ruby’s two siblings were adopted with adult dogs in the home.  These little pups really need an adult dog to help them along, and Ruby is learning quickly!  She has decided to bond with my Lady Di, and she is trying so hard to be part of the pack.  Everybody loves Ruby!

Making nice with Lady Di!

Ruby, the playing fool!

History:  Gisele, I want to share with you the sweet momma (I named her Angel) and her three puppies that I am committed to finding safe, loving homes so that the rest of their lives can be much better than their beginning. I think that Denise Hoyle has already mentioned them to you. She had six, but three have been adopted. This summer I met a young homeless woman, who had been living in the woods for over a year. She wanted a better life but would not abandon these creatures. My husband, a friend, and I arranged to pick them up on August 1st and drove them to my veterinarian’s clinic where they continue to receive exceptional care and love. I am fortunate to be able to go each day and walk Angel and also spend time in the run with the babies getting lots of puppy love. Three puppies have recently been adopted by dear friends and I am continuing to reach out through emails, Facebook, and local rescues in the hopes that the others will find safe, loving, forever homes as well. In addition, I am desperately looking for a foster for Angel so that she can begin treatment for heart worms as soon as possible. Gisele, my vet believes that these babies are a border collie/shep mix. If you think you can help me, or offer any assistance finding a foster for Angel, please email me. Thank you for all that you do. ~ Joan Stough I assured Joan, that after Angel receives her heartworm treatment, if she needs TDL to take her, we will! If you can help us rescue these puppies, please be their Virtual Foster by visiting this page, http://thedogliberator.com/virtual-foster/ You can see the litter’s photo album on Facebook.

Luis and Ruby, it was love at first sight.

Luis and Ruby, it was love at first sight.

Update:  Little Ruby was adopted on 10/07/13 by Luis of St. Cloud!  She is doing great, and will be returned to TDL in two months to be spayed.

Lady Di Revisted

Goldie Hawn at the Shelter

Goldie Hawn at the Shelter

Four years ago today, Lady Di and Goldie Hawn were flown to TDL via Pilots-n-Paws.  I had only been in rescue for a few months, and what I learned from these two gorgeous collies I have carried with me.  I never realized that a dog that I rescued could die.  It just wasn’t something that I was prepared for.

Goldie Hawn

I didn’t have a specific vet at the time, and not knowing what to do, Goldie Hawn visited vets almost every other day.  One vet was closed on Wednesdays, one vet was closed on Mondays, and every vet had their opinion on how to treat.

Goldie would stay at a vet for a few days, and then come back home to me… only to get worse and repeat the journey.

Professional shelter folks from the outside knew that Goldie wasn’t going to make it, but I didn’t.  They watched as I tried everything to keep her alive, knowing I was not going to win.  It wouldn’t have mattered if I knew that I was up against the impossible, I would’ve still fought for her.

Lady Di 2010

Lady Di 2010

While I remained in a state of panic, trying desperately to get Goldie back on her feet, Lady Di took a back seat.  She too was just a pup.  At the time of her rescue, we assumed Lady Di and Goldie were mother and daughter.  But now that I look back, and realize how small Di was at the time, she must have only been six months old which means it was impossible for Goldie to be her pup.

I wonder sometimes if I had Goldie today, if she would’ve made it.  Knowing what I know about how to treat kennel cough, and pneumonia, would things have been different.  Obviously, our success rate, Bartholomew and Meredith, are two examples that would indicate that Goldie might have had a better chance if I were to rescue her today.  But maybe Goldie’s declining health was due to a genetic problem that couldn’t be seen, therefore couldn’t be diagnosed, and couldn’t be fixed.

Today I realize that you can only put so much responsibility on the shoulders of your veterinarian.  When your dog is sick, you have to be the Mom, and do what Mom’s do.  Medicine doesn’t cure everything.  Homemade stew, de-worming, and using the right medicine at the right time is paramount to bringing a dog back.

Princess Lady Di

I had promised a TDL volunteer that he could adopt Lady Di, but he never did.  After Goldie Hawn died, I decided to keep Di.  I only had Ozzie at the time, and I had always owned two dogs.  Even though I decided she would be part of my new pack, I never really bonded with Di.  I guess I was overwhelmed with not only grief, but utter failure.  Lady Di was a constant reminder that I had failed Goldie.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved Di, but there was a part of me that wouldn’t allow her into my heart.

Lady Di 2011

Lady Di 2011

Two years went by, and a friend who was visiting noticed how often Di would come to me wanting affection and attention, and he mentioned that it appeared that I wasn’t accepting her as my dog.

Di Di was always coming to me as if she was saying, “Pick me!  I’m your dog, pay attention to me, I want to be yours, give me your heart!”

That was a major ah ha moment for me, and I realized that I had to forgive myself and move on.  I looked at Di differently after that day, and she felt it!

I know now how people feel when they say to me that they are not ready to adopt.  Their heart is broken and they haven’t let go, and won’t give themselves permission to love again.  I’m confident that if someone feels that way, eventually, their new adopted dog will slowly work their way into their hearts and help them overcome their grief.

Lady Di 2012

Lady Di 2012

But you can’t lie to a dog.  They know.  They know the exact moment that you fall in love with them.

I see this a lot when a wife wants to adopt a dog, but the husband doesn’t have a say in the decisions, or a husband adopts a dog without the wife’s input.  It sometimes ends in disaster, unless of course, the dog wins over the disinterested person like Lady Di won me over.

Today, Di Di truly is my dog and she is amazing.  She is the alpha of the pack, she corrects the new foster dogs, she tells me if a dog is not balanced, she teaches new dogs to submit before allowing them into the pack.  Much like me, puppies annoy Lady Di, but eventually, she warms up to them.

Lady Di and China 2013

Lady Di and China 2013

For a while, two years ago, Di Di and China battled over Alpha position.  Being smart, China gave it up, and instead she follows Lady Di’s lead.  They are truly partners!

Today, Di Di is loved by many, and much like my Reckless who passed away in 2009, Di loves all people.  She is a horrible watch dog, and would invite anyone inside to sit and chat with her!

I don’t know how to thank this gorgeous girl for doing what she does for my family, for our pack, and for all of the foster dogs that she comes in contact with.  She is truly an amazing gift! She’s my Alabama girl!


Flash Back to 2009

Blake Sheltie~Adopted

a little needy and affectionate... just like Blake!

a little needy and affectionate… just like Blake!

This little man also comes from Alabama. He has a home here in Florida waiting for him. He arrived last night. Appears he was purchased for the kids, but the kids didn’t play with him. Unfortunately, he has a mark on his neck… I guess he was tied to something outside and ignored. Laura says he’s very matted, but I’m sure our Serena Drake will take care of him! The mark on his neck has scabbed over, Laura says it doesn’t hurt him. He’ll be wearing a harness for a while! He’ll be seeing the vet next week for a complete physical, including a heartworm check and neuter. He’s described as a Velcro dog… geez, I wonder why!

His photos can be viewed on Facebook.

Blake and Laura

Blake and Laura

09/01/13 Update:  Blake is awesome!  His coat is severely matted, and discolored from exposure.  He’s not sure about coming into the house… probably because he was never allowed to!  He’s very quiet in his crate, he has great manners, and everyone just loves him!

09/06/13 Update: Blake was adopted yesterday by Beatrice of Port St. Lucie. Beatrice emailed me back in February about adopting a dog. The dogs she was interested in had already been adopted, or they were dogs with issues. After talking to Beatrice for hours, and learning more about her, I realized that she was great at taking broken dogs, and rehabilitating them. As a matter of fact, the more I talked to her, and we shared our experiences, Beatrice reminded me of myself!

Blake, now Prince

Blake, now Prince

One day, I asked her bluntly, “Isn’t it time you adopt a great dog… a perfect dog? Isn’t it time you enjoy your dog and get a dog that you don’t have to fix?”

I don’t think she expected my candidness! Impatient, she searched other rescues, and actually adopted a dog. I believe that night, the dog bit her! She was heartbroken, but had to return the dog. She described in detail the condition of the rescue, it was appalling. I asked her again to be patient. Yet every time I posted a new dog, she’d email or call, asking if she could adopt.

You’d think I’d just say yes, right? Well, I did but then Beatrice injured herself and the time just wasn’t right. Two months later, Becky sent me a photo of little Blake Sheltie, and he was perfect!

Can we go now?

Can we go now?

From the moment Blake became a TDL dog, I was asking questions about his temperament… he was a fit!

Needless to say, I’ve been sending Beatrice daily updates on Blake, and when she arrived yesterday, she was already in love with him. “All of my friends are anxious to meet him!”

Ready to go home now?

Ready to go home now?

Blake’s new name is Prince (fitting). And I even though I know Beatrice isn’t going to really spoil him rotten… he will be spoiled!

I’m hoping this little Prince goes through Canine Good Citizenship Training and Certification. He’s that perfect!

Beatrice has been sending me updates, it’s all good!  Prince has convinced the cat that they are truly allowed on the bed!

Being a TDL dog ROCKS!

Being a TDL dog ROCKS!

Boo Boo~Adopted

08/09/13 Update:  I changed Boo Boo’s status from On Hold to Available this afternoon.  Her progress has been amazing!  She’s seeing the vet very soon and will be ready for adoption!  She is going to make someone very very happy.

She is going in and out of her crate, without a leash.  She sticks close to me outside.  She doesn’t cower as much anymore, because I’m ignoring it.  She found a stuffy toy last night, and played with it… that’s HUGE!  She has found her joy!

08/19/13 Update:  A few days at the vet for a much needed bath, all of her shots, and spay proved to be stressful on Boo Boo.  I can’t blame her.  The folks at Newman Veterinary Centers insisted that she meet new people, be petted, and get used to getting attention!  Boo Boo did very well.  She proved to everyone how fearful she really is, but she did it… she pulled through, and overall she had a good experience there.  It took a few days for her to recover from her surgery, and feel at home again, but now she is her normal affectionate self.  She adores my daughter, Sarah, and comes to me easily for kisses.

Boo Boo has a long road to recovery, she needs routine, a quiet home where she can slowly explore and gain her confidence.  If pushed, she will regress.  Whoever adopts Boo Boo will find themselves owning a velcro dog!

Showing her love and affection, Boo Boo learns to trust a stranger

Showing her love and affection, Boo Boo learns to trust a stranger

08/22/13 Update:  The stars all lined up properly for Boo Boo Monday night.  I was told there was a blue moon on Monday, it was gorgeous.  So if the expression is true, “once in a blue moon” that’s how Boo Boo’s adoption can be described!

It was so perfect, it’s hard for me to explain!  When Leslie and I talked about possibly adopting Boo Boo I said to her, “don’t expect Boo Boo to come to you, to have eye contact, to take a treat from your hand.  She will be very scared.”


Serena Drake had come over an hour before Leslie arrived.  She spent time with Boo Boo de-sensitizing her.  You see, Serena had bathed Boo Boo just a few days ago, so Boo Boo was a bit familiar with her, so Serena was not a total stranger.  Serena walked with her on leash, got Boo Boo to sit close to her and let her be touched, and practiced taking the leash on and off, on and off.



It didn’t take long before Boo Boo actually fell asleep with her head on Serena’s leg!  It was a great exercise for Boo Boo to learn to trust someone she didn’t really know.

Then, the time came for Boo Boo’s new family to appear in Act Two!  I asked Leslie to sit in “my chair”, her husband Jack sat next to her, Serena had Boo Boo on leash (Serena was on the floor) and I vanished!  I didn’t want Boo Boo to use me as a shield.

When I returned a few moments later, I sat far away from everyone and Boo Boo was on her own to make her own decisions.  I gave Leslie and Jack treats, and much to my surprise, Boo Boo approached Leslie, sniffed her hand, and licked it!


"Are you here for me?"  ~ Boo Boo

“Are you here for me?” ~ Boo Boo

Then, Boo Boo and Leslie made eye contact and they stared at each other.  “She is so beautiful,” Leslie said.  And something happened.  The connection was made.  Boo Boo took the treat, then Jack presented a treat as well…. wait for it…. and Boo Boo took the treat from Jack’s hand.

I nearly fell over.

The meet went perfectly.  Boo Boo was not afraid, she was curious, she was calm, she was… perfect.  We completed the adoption… now to get Boo Boo through the yard and into Leslie’s car.  That again, was uneventful.  Boo Boo was afraid to get in at first, and I picked her up.  Did you hear that?  I said I picked her up!  She did not snap at the air warning me not to, she let me pick her up.

"Step on it Dad"  ~ Boo Boo

“Step on it Dad” ~ Boo Boo

On the way home, while in the back seat with Leslie, Boo Boo gave Jack, the driver, a kiss. Once they arrived, she and Leslie went for a walk, and as of late yesterday… it’s a match made in heaven!

Boo Boo still has to learn to get along with Leslie’s cat.  She is doing very well with her new Dad, Jack, and I just love getting regular updates!  Woo Hoo Boo Boo!  Oh, and her new name is Bella!

What an awesome save!

Boo Boo’s History:

She looks like an Aussie, but I’m not convinced. She does have a tail, and that happens, but there’s something about her face… I see Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever… is that rare? Yes, but I still see it! And what about those blue eyes?

Note:  I will retract the Duck Tolling comment below!

This young girl has totally shut down emotionally. She would avoid eye-contact, freaked out on leash, and freaked out when she entered my home. She was happy to go into her crate, and she is resting.

Eye-Contact, is a great thing!

Eye-Contact, is a great thing!

She did make progress and took hot dog bites from my hand.  After a while, she did take the bone I offered her, and ate some kibble, but she had to feel safe first. This morning when I made eye-contact with her, she wagged her tail! That’s huge! I’ll give her a few more days so I can earn her trust and let her come out of her shell… on her own time. Emotionally, she reminds me of Les Paul. I’m sure she’ll come around.  You can see more photos of her on Facebook.

She will see our Vet on Monday, and all of these dogs are currently being fostered in Deltona.

Special thanks to Pilot, Ed Golly and his team of volunteers, to Becky Harshman who coordinated the rescue, and to all of our wonderful supporters who donated to our Veterinary Care Fund. This is why we need and depend on your help!

08/03/13 Update:  Becky provided me with a little bit more information about this pretty red girl.  She wrote:

Seriously?  I don't want to come out!

Seriously? I don’t want to come out!

“Second Chance Rescue is a boarding facility that doesn’t adopt dogs, just holds them until a rescue can be found.  They are part of the Butler Co. Humane Society.  Red girl was found in the woods with her sister by a member of the organization and the dog was boarded in a kennel until real rescue was found.”

She hits in the ground in fear

She hits in the ground in fear

This piece of information makes total sense.  This little red girl is our Brittney’s Mystery.  So, I called Brittney and begged her to come over last night.  She did!  You can see some of the photos on Facebook.  Boo Boo refused to come out of her crate, and I had just fed them a large meal with their capstar and de-worming medicine… it was time she goes outside.  The last thing we want to do is set a dog up to fail.


Without any history, we have to be careful.  Boo Boo does not do well on leash so I wanted a harness on her.  Brittney slowly got Boo Boo out of her crate, we muzzled her so that we would all remain calm (a Mystery move!) and we placed a gorgeous leather harness on her.  Realize that this is not something I would do while home alone with my two children!  I needed Brittney!

"You're going to be just fine!  What a pretty harness you have!"

“You’re going to be just fine! What a pretty harness you have!”

While Brittney is very confident about her approach, we are much the same… we are both stubborn!  I would use the no touch, no talk, no eye-contact, while Brittney does the opposite.  Regardless, we both agree that we remain patient, yet firm.  Calm yet assertive.  It’s a dance, it’s a form of communication.  We have to let the dog know, “you’re okay, but we have to do things to help you.”

It worked!  Out in the back yard late last night, while it was dark, the pup licked Brittney’s hand, I got to hold her for a bit and give her a massage on her back, and yes… the pup rolled over on her back, exposed her belly, thus inviting Brittney to rub her!  It was awesome.

This morning, again, she wagged her tail when she saw me.  The harness was there for me to leash her up, and we went outside.  No Problems!

"Now, we are going outside, and we are going to love on you!"

“Now, we are going outside, and we are going to love on you!”

One thing I forgot to mention is that this pup is in heat.  Which puts her at 8 months of age.  If she continues to make progress, we’re going to the Vet on Monday!

Do I think that sharing her story, and telling the truth about her will reduce her chance to be adopted?  Maybe!  But it’s the way we do things at TDL.  We are honest about our dogs, their issues, and we know the type of homes they need to be successful.

Boo Boo really likes it when Petunia comes close, she wagged her tail, licked Petunia in the face, and rolled over to show her belly.  Being with other dogs will be good for Boo Boo.

What I can tell you is that I never saw the dog have the desire to bite.  She is just scared.  She is Les Paul scared, she is Shy Sharon scared, she is Brittney’s Mystery scared.  She doesn’t know if we are nice people, or if we want to eat her!  So, let’s move on, give this girl a chance, and hope for the best!

08/04/13 Update:  I didn’t use the muzzle this morning.  When I walked out to greet the pack, she stood up and was very happy to see me!  She went outside on leash with little resistance but isn’t walking around and investigating.  I hope today she will get a bath.  That’ll be a scary experience for her… but she has to have one.

ACD/Aussie puppy is getting fixed!

ACD/Aussie puppy is getting fixed!

08/05/13 Update:  Last night was amazing.  Brittney came over, and lured Boo Boo out of her crate.  She wanted Boo Boo to do it on her own.  This woman has patience!  I was very impressed with Boo Boo’s progress.  She has joy in her eyes now, and her trust factor has improved at least 50%.  I video taped a lot of the session and took a lot photos that can be seen on Facebook.  But one mystery is solved.  Brittney sees Red Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) and Aussie in this girl, and she is spot on.  I retract the Duck Tolling Retriever comment!

08/06/13 Update: Boo Boo continues to make a lot of progress. She will let Sarah put a leash on her, she will go out of her crate, into the yard and come back into her crate for my daughter, Sarah! Woo Hoo!

08/08/13 Update:  Well, isn’t this a kick in the pants?  My daughter, Sarah, has been letting Boo Boo out every day.  She can get her out of the crate, put a leash on her, let her out, and bring her back in!  Boo Boo is walking with much more pride, and doing her business outside like a good girl.  Her heat cycle is almost over.  She due for a much needed bath, and she will be ready VERY soon to go to the vet.  She’s doing great!

Miss Priss~Adopted

Are You My Mommy?

Are You My Mommy?

Next is the cutest little love bug… she really reminds me of Polly PocketBlink, and our Pebbles!

sitting with Sarah on the way home!

sitting with Sarah on the way home!

This little one might be two years old, and is a whopping 25 pounds. She adores kids, has a lot of “little dog energy”. She is quiet in her crate, not destructive, food-motivated… I bet you could train this girl to do anything. She’s the type of dog that should be on her own tv show! She is not shy at all like the other dogs. We LOVE her, and she’ll be adopted quickly. She’s ready to go, except for her microchip!  She is being fostered in Deltona as well!  There are more photos of her on Facebook.

Pick Me!

Pick Me!

08/11/13 Update:  Miss Priss was adopted by the Leonard family from Maitland.  She turned on the charm and did everything a good dog should do… walk on leash, initiate play, and played with a toy she has never touched since she’s been here!  Amazing!


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