KiKi, the Shorgie ~ Adopted!



1/25/15 Update: Exciting news for Kiki, She found her family! Pam and Art of Debary, FL fell for this little girl and decided it was time for her to be part of their family. Congratulations to them all!





1112/22/14 Update: Unfortunately we received word that due to changes in her owners health Kiki needs to find a new home. Kiki would do best in a quiet home, willing to crate her when things get exciting, as visitors can make her a bit anxious. She is not a fan of Kitties, and is unsure of new dogs, but once she has time to adjust she can learn to be friends. Kiki is also a little unsure about younger children, so a home with older, or no children would be ideal. More information to come.

Check out her Photos on Facebook.



KiKi doing the Magpie Look!

05/30/12 Update:  Woah!  KiKi is most definitely a herding dog, and she is good at it!  She has the low stare, the perfect stance, the focus and the desire to control movement.  I’m not at all surprised.  She has been shedding many unwanted pounds, is enjoying her daily walks and has accepted the fact that table scraps are not dog food!  KiKi should be adopted by a quiet couple, with no young children (as she will nip to control) and no cats.  KiKi would do very well on a farm where her talents and skills are needed.  When handled by a professional, her herding and prey drive could easily be redirected with a frisbee, flyball or agility training.

Marjie Wolfe, and Shelter Director Tracey Breen, send me several photos of this cute little thing.  I was hoping I would find a way to make room for her, and I did!  Kiki’s owner had to go into an assisted living facility after her health issues became a serious concern. Kiki is about 4-5 years old. She had lived with a pack of smaller dogs. She is a Sheltie, but a low-rider! She has Corgi legs and my daughter, Sarah says she’s a Shorgi! Unfortunately, Kiki needs to shed some pounds. I’ve been calling her Special K! Looks like her owner took very good care of her, and her dinner might have consisted of biscuits and gravy!

She is an awesome little dog, housebroken, smart, loves to go on walks, does not bark like most Shelties. At first she reminded me of Garcon, and Tiny Tim…. then I saw her spots and said, Shenandoah (Connie), and who could forget the Borgies?  They were one of the most stinking cute litters we ever rescued, but when the sunlight hit her face just right, I looked down at her and saw Magpie!  She is going to the vet this week, we will check for a spay mark, and if she needs to be spayed, we’ll take care of that!  She has had all of her shots, and has been microchipped.  Sarah paraded her around the neighborhood last night, and she was a major hit!

KiKi, the Shorgie!

Her giant photo album can be viewed on Facebook!

Update:  Yesterday was a hoot!  We took KiKi to Val-u-Vet in Deltona to see if she has been spayed and to have her nails cut (they were pretty long).  But before we got down to business, I asked all of the employees, (about 10-12) to guess her breed.  Definitely Corgi legs, but is she a Border Collie or a Sheltie. It was split down the middle… Dr. Oliver guessed Sheltie because of her coat, and I agree.  Others suggested Border Collie because of the spots on her nose and legs, and I agree.  This is one dog that really should be DNA tested!  So I’m no closer to suggesting if she’s a Shorgie or a Borgie!  One thing is for sure, she’s a doll!



Reba McEntire~Adopted

Her Freedom Ride to Rescue

Her Freedom Ride to Rescue

This gorgeous little red girl is probably less than a year old.  She comes to us from Brevard County, thanks to Marjie Wolfe for transporting her to us.  She can jump in mid air from a stand position, and has incredible focus and drive.  I scrambled to think of a name for her, when Reba was suggested by both Nicole and Brittney!  Reba it is!

Her coat tells her story; she has been on her own for quite a long time.  Considering how young she is, I suspect she escaped when she was just a pup.  She is very affectionate and great with my kids.  She is guarded about her food, but that is understandable, she doesn’t know that there is a never-ending supply of food here.  She cried at first when I put her in a crate, yet one firm Tssshhhht and she stopped!  Reba is a listener, she gets it!  She aims to please, yet her contact with humans has been very little.  She was someone’s puppy at one time and craves your love.

I don’t think Reba knows what dog food is.  I gave her homemade dog food last night, and she didn’t know what to do with it.  I’m sorry girl but dirt, grass and rocks are no longer on the menu here!  She didn’t even know to chew on a raw beef marrow bone.  She’s just never had it before.  Amazing as it may sound, she is very content in her fancy air-conditioned and padded crate, and is having many power naps!

everything a performance dog needs to be a star

everything a performance dog needs to be a star

Normally, I would wait to have her professionally groomed by Serena at Newman Veterinary Center, but I think this girl might need a few baths just to give her coat some moisture, it’s extremely brittle from the weather.  Brittney will come over today and together, we will scrub this little girl from head to toe, check her ears, and check for ticks.  Maybe then she will be magnificent in her photos, but for now, she looks really scruffy!  As a side note, I don’t think Winter’s or Mystery’s coat was this scruffy!

If you’re looking for a performance dog for agility or frisbee, this is your girl.  She has drive, focus, speed and is quick to learn.

Her photos can be viewed on Facebook, and we will be taking a lot of new photos of her shortly!

05/26/13 Update:  Okay, this isn’t not my first rodeo, and who ever owned this dog, I can only say that one day, you will face your Maker… but we believe that she was left in a crate way too small for her little body for too long.  Her tendons have been shortened probably from being left in a crate way too small for her for too long.  This will get better with good diet and exercise.  I believe this was early in life, when she was very young.  Therefore, I would like to think she was a breeder’s dog, but she has not yet had puppies, at least there is no evidence she has had a litter.  Regardless, she has not had the freedom to stretch.  That combined with my other suspicions that she escaped, and has been on her own for a while, I still believe is true.  Am I completely right?  Maybe, but I don’t think I’m very far off.

She is starting to eat, and she pooped today for the first time!  She is a bit fearful, but she was also very interested in the sounds of very young children… she longed for them, so tomorrow we’re going to dig deeper, and test her with toddlers.  She just might shock us and really want to be with iddy biddy kidlettes!  We’ll see!  She is very affectionate with Sarah.

DSC_00025/27/13 Update: Okay, Okay I finally made it to Gisele’s to bathe Reba. Boy! Was that a job! She was a HOT MESS! It wouldn’t hurt her to have 3 more baths. I have to admit when I met Reba for the first time I wasn’t thrilled with what I saw. She jumped on everyone and was uncontrollably running wild all over the porch/yard. Almost to the point of annoying. Okay it was annoying!

Today, However, Gisele and I drew her bath and prepared for what we just knew would be a rodeo. We picked her up and put her in the doggie bath tub, she struggles. I rush to snap the restraint on her so that we can safely get this over with. I take the head, Gisele takes the rear. We lather and lather and lather and rinse. Oh My! There is white under there! Reba wasn’t thrilled and UGH! There was hair everywhere.

We towel dried her, no way I was blowing her dry she is unsure of everything, She is stressed out enough. She cringes at the thought of anything touching her. I don’t want to push her too far the first time it could cause a lifelong fear of a bath. Something I definitely do not want.

Three towels later Gisele carries her out to the back yard and sets her down. She sprints like a bolt of lightning! You can see she feels soooo much better! She comes back to me; I block her and give her a firm verbal correction. Much to my surprise she Freezes and sits patiently at my feet. Gisele and I brush her out the best we could and we sit and watch her run FREE and with joy!

Fluffy... can we play now?

Fluffy… can we play now?

She returns multiple times for some more lovin’ each time waiting patiently next to me to be petted. I was incredibly proud of her. After a moment, I realized she was COMPLETELY focused on what I was telling her to do. So I started to work on sit, a few seconds later she had it! Next she ran to the far side of the yard I whistle, she turns on a dime and recalls directly to me. YAY!!! Luck of the draw? Nope! I asked her to go play and we tried again! Yep you guessed it! She recalled directly to me! WOO-HOO! This girl has an incredible NEED for a job! She would make an amazing agility or Frisbee dog or any other action packed sport! Oh, and she LOVES her tennis ball too, the purple one in particular.

After playing for a few moments I called her back, she sat relaxed at my side while I pet her. When it was time I called her to the door and opened her crate and pointed and she went right in no hesitation!

Reba and Brittney

Reba and Brittney

This girl has a lot of potential, she will need a stern, confident yet loving voice and a firm precise hand to guide her but she shows the want to please (something I didn’t see the first time I met her). I love when a foster gets their first bath; it establishes Trust and Respect, both are essential in the rehab process. Once she gained a level of respect for both me and Gisele, she was a totally different dog! She is a very good girl just doesn’t know what us “Humans” want from her! It will take a special person and she isn’t for just anyone but when that person comes along we will know and so will she! She is going to make a fantastic dog for someone that knows how to properly guide her.

Looking at her more closely today I agree with Gisele’s theory that she was crated for a long time and then escaped and lived on her own for an has been on her own for an even longer time! That didn’t stop her though she wants to learn she just doesn’t know what is expected. It hasn’t taken me any longer than 5 minutes to teach her any one thing so far! She is extremely smart! She doesn’t like to be restrained, and that comes from fending for herself for so long. It will pass and she will overcome it, She is going to shape into a great dog! ~Brittney

Reba McIntire is adopted

Reba McIntire is adopted

06/22/13 Update: Reba has left the building! She was adopted by Mary & Steve of Clermont, Florida… Mary writes on Facebook, “she acts like she’s always lived here!” Woo Hoo Reba!

Boyd – The Adorable Red Border Collie ~ ADOPTED!

The Permanent Smile!

Boyd is a beautiful Red Border Collie with the most bubbly personality. He is active and playful, but doesn’t have the “In your face” drive that is common with most Border Collies. Honestly, it just seems like everything excites him. Going outside, WOOHOO! Coming back inside, WOOHOO! Making Dinner, WOOHOO! Playing with the other dogs, WOOHOO! Given his past, it doesn’t surprise me that he gets so happy about doing things. You see, Boyd has spent his entire life outside chained in the yard. When his owners finally surrendered him to the Brevard County Animal Shelter, he was so covered in ticks and sand spurs that he had to be shaved to ensure the risk of tick paralysis was gone.

Because of this, he has a bit of a “Lion Cub” look to him right now. Having two red border collies of my own, I am thoroughly enjoying watching his hair grow in. I may be biased, but I think a red border collie is one of the most beautiful dogs around.

Seriously, How Cute Is He!?!

Boyd is around 1 year old, and weighs 43lbs. He is light heartworm positive, for which we have already started his slow-kill treatment. Given his “light” positive status, we expect he will be heartworm negative within 12 months (possibly a lot less), with only his regular, once a month Heartgard. Boyd gets along with all of my dogs, and my dogs absolutely love him! He is very playful and has the soul of a puppy. He is just so happy to be in a home where people love him. He is very loving, he calms right down the second you are giving him some loving. He will just sit right beside you (or on your lap) and let you pet him forever. We were also informed that Boyd lived in his previous home with a cat.

UPDATE 12/31/11: Last night, Boyd met my 6 year old nephew, and was an absolute angel with him, even with my nephew hanging from his neck and telling him to “Go catch Chopper and bring him over here” So it’s safe to say that Boyd has officially been kid-tested/foster-approved!

UPDATE 01/07/12: Boyd is doing so well! I know I sound like a broken record, but he is just such a HAPPY dog. This weekend he met our newest TDL dog Heath, after a proper introduction, he was playing outside with him in a matter of minutes! The two of them got along so well, it’s a shame we weren’t able to foster Heath, because they would have been the very best of friends.

"I'm such a good boy"

UPDATE 01/09/12: I’ve had some time to sit down and think about what I would like in an adopter for Boyd. So here goes… Boyd adopter should be a family that is looking for the perfect companion, who will be there whenever you need to cuddle or want to play. Boyd would love a home where he can run and jump around in the yard, and get all kinds of attention from the neighbors, friends and family. He would also do well in an active family, a family that likes to take long walks, jog, go on bike rides, then come home and snuggle on the couch. I’ve had a LOT of dogs that liked the couch, Boyd’s GREATEST joy in life is snuggling up on the couch trying to find that perfect spot. I hope, if you are reading this, you are sitting there right now and thinking, he’s talking to me. I’m all of those things. Well if that’s the case, please get in touch with me because Boyd is the perfect dog for you and your family!


UPDATE 01/28/12: ADOPTED! Boyd was adopted by a wonderful couple from Jacksonville. Barbara, Kevin, and their beautiful Golden mix Sydney are looking forward to showing Boyd a wonderful life! I can’t wait to hear all about how Boyd is doing with them. Jacksonville, Welcome your newest Dog Liberator dog!


I am currently fostering Boyd in my Kissimmee home. For more information about Boyd, or if you would like to set up a meet for Boyd please contact me at

We have many more photos of Boyd on his Facebook Photo Album

Mistletoe, The Petite Border Collie~Adopted

Mistletoe, the petite Border Collie

Foster Update:  Wow!  This little girl is full of joy!  She is so happy to see her people, she does a little dance and wants to please.  She is smart smart smart, and has become quite affectionate.  I played ball with her this morning.  Her joy and playfulness made me laugh!  She’s a real gem!

Mistletoe is a tiny 27 pound Border Collie with a wonderful disposition.  She was owner-surrendered to Brevard County Animal Services.  Marjie Wolfe took one look at her, and labeled her a TDL dog!  She is being fostered by me.  She is crate trained, housebroken, and very quiet.  She feels the need to protect her home.  Her family describe her as an awesome pet.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I see a touch of Kelpie in her!  We have rescued many Australian Kelpies, and know them to be outstanding dogs.   Kelpies, like Border Collies, are known to compete in agility, flyball and frisbee.

Mistletoe reminds me of Blink, Pebbles and Nutella!  All were described as Pocket Border Collies, what we call PBCs!!!

Her photo album can be viewed on Facebook.  More details about her temperament coming soon!

Mowgli, a Best Friend~RIP

Mowgli loves to hug

Mowgli is a one year old Border Collie boy who is described by Paul Pipitone as calm yet playful.  I fostered Mowgli for a few days, and realized that he was very unsure of himself and needed a boost in self-esteem.  I asked trainer and behaviorist, Paul Pipitone if he would foster Mowgli, and when he said yes, I was thrilled!

When I first met Mowgli, he reminded of me of Titan who was adopted by Jesse two years ago.  Today, Titan is one heck of a frisbee dog!  Titan was a registered purebred Border Collie.  Is Mowgli?  I have no clue.  Maybe he is, maybe he’s a BC/Shepherd mix, but one look at Titan and you’ll wonder!!!

Titan, the AKC ABCA Purebred of 2009




Mowgli came from Brevard County Animal Services.  Here’s what Paul has written about him:

“Mowgli, or as we call him   Mo-Mo is a really cool dog. He is housebroken, neutered, good with other dogs and people too. Don’t have any cats to test him with.  He is, for a puppy, very mellow. Not high strung, overexcited like some. Good spirited, for the most part a happy boy.

He does get a bit whiny when first put in his crate, but calms down in 5 minutes or so.  We are working on getting him to go into his crate on his own but right now he still needs a bit of coaxing.  He would make an excellent family dog.  Lays down and goes to sleep right by our chairs at night when we sit down to watch TV. Will take a week or two to earn his trust as we have. He will come give kisses whenever you want.  All in all a really great young boy.”

Mowgli, attentive and focused

Mowgli is good with other dogs and enjoys children and has a wonderful and intelligent focus.  He is being fostered in the Orlando area.  You can view all of his photos in his photo album on Facebook.

More updates coming soon!

Update:  I received this message from Mowgli’s former owner!
Gisele:  I just wanted to let whomever it could help, I was mowgli’s owner. He is 8 months old and is great with cats and children. He likes to heard kids so my 3 year old had moments of frustration sometimes but overall they got along great. I live in an apartment and that was obviously not fair for him. He’s a great dog and I miss him terribly. Thank you so much for giving him a chance. My 3 kids and I were very depressed to give him up but knew he wasn’t happy and needed a big yard, its only fair. It was very relieving to see him happy in those pictures. He is a dumpster diver so make sure trash is away 🙂 he’s awesome and will make someone very happy. Thank you for the response. If you wouldn’t mind letting us know when he’s adopted that would be amazing. He can shake, paw, other paw, lay down, and sit but I’m sure you figured this out by now, Mowgli is a very smart boy.

Thank you so much,

Mowgli and Jared, the Perfect Match!

Adoption Update:   Big Day for Mo-Mo. Hi, this is Paul with Dog’s Best Friend of Cerntral Florida. I’ve been fostering Mo for a couple of weeks now. Today he met Jared and his huge chocolate lab Leroy for the first time. I was completely taken by surprise the moment Jared walked through the gate of my new training center an Mo walked straight over to him and began licking his hand. Followed that up in just seconds with a jump up hug and tail wagging wildly. I didn’t expect that from Mo with a total stranger. Needless to say, Jared fell in love with him instantly. Next we brought Leroy in. In less than a minute, they checked each other out with the usual hinny sniff and began playing right away. Right then I knew this was going to be a good match. We sat and talked for an hour and I gave Jared several pointers on how to keep Mo’s behavior modification training going. Jared already had many leadership qualities about him so I knew he would be a good home for Mo. I was able to give him a few things he hadn’t thought of to implement with both Mo and Leroy. Mo is on his way back to Tampa to begin his new life. He’s a very happy boy.


Like many trainers and behaviorists, Paul is known for helping his clients and the rescue community.  He is currently fostering one dog and has asked TDL to help spread the word.


Thumper is just an awesome little Pit mix. We saved him at 2 months old as he suffered from Parvo and nearly died. He is now 8 months old and full of life. Very playful and friendly to everyone and everything. Loves to ride in the car, walks well on leash.

He’s about 35 pounds, has all his shots, is housebroken and neutered, crate trained and simply a blast to be around. High energy. Will need plenty of exercise. Loves people and to play with other dogs. A great family dog.


10/12/12 Update:  Gisele, I adopted duke (mowgli at the time) from your rescue about 10 months ago. He has a degenerative disease which has caused him to rupture his cranial cruciate ligament. After I had surgery on the first one, within 3 weeks the lateral ligament ruptured.   Just thought I’d let you know.  ~Jared

Jared and I discussed Mowgli’s situation in great detail.  I also discussed it with our Vet.  The disease itself has no warning, shows no signs, and is not breed-specific.  You don’t know your dog has it, until it happens.  Mowgli was in a lot of pain, and recovery was slow.  He faced a life of difficulties, and could never be an active dog.  I fostered Mowgli, as did Paul Pipitone.  Mowgli was a very large and strong dog with a ton of energy.  He was all puppy.  Jared and I agreed that it was unfair to ask Mowgli to endure a life of pain.

It matters now how, why or when we have to say goodbye to our dogs… the sorrow is the same.  In Duke’s (Mowgli’s) case, Jared made a decision for Duke’s best interest, not his own.  Duke will be missed.

Lady Melbourne, the BC Girl~Adopted

at the shelter

11/15/11 Update:  Lady Melbourne was brought to me yesterday.  She is very quiet, crate-trained and curious.  Lynne Flannery is fostering her, and we will be getting updates shortly.  I believe that Lady Melbourne may have been on her own for quite some time.  She is eager to please, but unsure of what you want her to do.  Lady Melbourne will make a great companion for a quiet home.  She will thrive on routine and consistency.  She has a very watchful eye, and is very focused on her humans.



Lady Melbourne was rescued by Marjie Wolfe.  For weeks, Marjie worked to get her and her sister, Lady London out of the shelter, and the folks from Brevard County Animal Services lengthened their stay there until we worked out the details!   Lady Melbourne is a small female Border Collie, she looks a lot like my first BC, Troubles.  That’s going way back in time to 1982!  At first glance, she reminds me of Billy Joel (now Amy’s Chas) but Chas is a big boy.

Her eyes will talk to you

Lady Melbourne is full-grown, maybe 30 pounds, and is estimated to be about 12 – 18 months.  She is alert, curious, and highly intelligent.  Lady Melbourne is heartworm positive, but that doesn’t scare me one bit.  To date, we have rescued dozens of positive dogs, all treated with the slow kill method, and Lady Melbourne has all of her medications to start her treatments!

The good people at Val-U-Vet just love her!  Lady Melbourne is being fostered by Ruth in Melbourne.  We’ll be getting updates shortly.

You can visit her photo album on Facebook.  If you are interested in Adopting Lady Melbourne, please visit “how to adopt from us” and email me at

09/29/11 Update:  Lady Melbourne is doing very well at her new foster home.  She is warming up to kids, getting used to her surroundings, is treat motivated, and doesn’t miss a thing!

10/20/11 Foster Update:

It’s hard work being a good collie! Lady Melbourne is adjusting well in her foster home, and has started her heeartworm treatment, she’s doing great, gets along with other dogs, and is enjoying the company of children. She has her favorite toy (a fish), and likes watching TV! -g


Melbourne with Jeff & Cynthia

12/3/11:  Lady Melbourne has been adopted by Jeff & Cynthia!  Can’t wait for updates!


Delilah, the Aussie Girl~Adopted


Delilah’s craig’s list posting was sent to me by Marjie Wolfe.  Delilah was originally rescued from Brevard County Animal Services, where Marjie volunteers. Ironically, Sandy Link and her family were planning to meet Falcor at the Wilson Ranch, they live in Melbourne.  I had a major ah ha moment!  I asked Sandy if she could let Delilah hitch a ride, and the answer was yes.  What are the odds that a family from Melbourne would drive to Daytona to meet a dog being fostered by the Wilsons, and drop a new one off!!!  Delilah was an instant hit with Sandy’s family, even allowing her young daughter to play dress up!

Dress up Time!

The Link family met Falcor, fell in love with him, adopted him, and drove off into the sunset!  So while Falcor was adopted, Delilah settled in with the Wilson pack.  You may not remember this, but when the Wilson’s fostered Irwin and Dundee, it was Bill Wilson’s father who adopted Dundee (now Chance).  Bill’s brother has adopted Delilah.

Lady London, the BC/Aussie Girl~Adopted

a Velcro Dog!

Lady London is one of those dogs that doesn’t photograph well, but after taking dozens of photos, I think we can show you her inner beauty.  She is being fostered in Lake Mary by Teresa, and Teresa describes her as a Velcro dog!  She immediately took to Teresa’s teen-aged son and she’s adjusting very well to her foster home.

Lady London and Lady Melbourne were both rescued from Brevard County Animal Services by Marjie Wolfe.  Both were found together, both are heartworm positive.  Like Lady Melbourne, Lady London is starting on her heartworm treatment immediately.  She is in good health, approximately 3-4 years old and we suspect she is an Aussie Border Collie mix.

Teresa will be providing us with updates shortly.  Visit her photo album on Facebook.  For more information about Lady London, email me

the shelter photo that tugged at our hearts

Update by Teresa:  Lady London is a great name for the little nameless girl that came to live with me from Brevard County Animal Control. She is a Merle Aussie, smoky in color with one blue eye on her wolf like face. She is well proportioned with a thick healthy coat and a bounce in her gate. She possesses a mysterious wolf-like appearance, but there is no mystery in the spirit of this dog. I agreed to foster her after I saw her pictures from the shelter. I heard that after weeks in her little kennel she was loosing heart. I don’t like to hear that about any dog but I could see it in her pics – she looked as if she had given up….resigning herself to what she “knew” was a hopeless end. Or did I just imagine that?

She was caught in a catch 22 situation after all: she had been discovered to be Heartworm positive, but the medicine to treat the condition was unavailable. The shelters would not adopt out heartworm positive dogs, so there was only one thing left to do…UNLESS someone was willing to take them the way they were…accepting full responsibility for the care and treatment of the animal. I am grateful to Marjie Wolf (shelter volunteer) and Gisele (TDL) for the hard work and large heart that made it possible for dogs like Lady London to have a second chance at life – at the 11th hour.

Lady London rode from Melbourne to Lake Mary in the back seat of my car peacefully. She immediately showed favor to my teenage son Jordan and sat quietly by his side on the back porch in her first evening at our home as if she had adopted him as “her boy”. But she is very loving to all the humans in her life and it’s evident by the way she soulfully stares into your eyes as if to graft herself into the heart that she see’s – forever. She is very sensitive and takes the word “no” very personally and feels badly – but smiles in bliss when she is approved and loved. (While I’m on this note, I also want to mention that I noticed right away her tendency to cower and flutter her eyes when a stern voice is being used. She doesn’t seem to have any other classic symptoms of being beaten, but at the very least she is sensitive and at the most she is familiar with being treated unkindly.)

This dog has a very large spirit – I hadn’t imagined it after all. She is smart (catches very quickly what it is that you are asking of her), loves to go for walks and does well on a leash (not to be mistaken for “dull” lol – she is a herding breed) and loves to look upward for squirrels in the tree’s! She will chase after a ball and carry it around as well as show a puppy-like interest in carrying other dog toys around in her mouth. She likes to investigate her outdoor surroundings taking serious mental note of every nook and cranny, favoring hedges and scouring bushes. She is a real outdoorsy kind of girl. All of this is a week!!


Tomorrow is bath day…oh boy! (I will write more) Lady London is a fabulous soulful girl who is going to make someone a wonderful companion. She was a diamond in the ruff of a shelter – one must wonder of the treasures yet to be discovered in dogs like her. Good girl.

Update:  well she got her first bath today and she was amazing! She was typically rowdy afterwards and dove into a pile of towels (before I could get to them) and skid around. Funny.  She knows what towels are for… :)She also offers her paw the true people lover that she is.  She is an awesome dog.

All done!


Lady London

10/17/11 Update: Lady London was adopted by Carol Cullen and home in Cape Coral!

Marjie Wolfe, Volunteer Spotlight

Marjie with Timmy and Sherman


I have known Marjie Wolfe for at least ten years now.  Our paths would cross as rescue volunteers. Marjie has been volunteering for her local shelter, taking photos of dogs in danger, and writing about them in an effort to give them exposure.  Marjie’s efforts have paid off, we recently rescued Sherman, Timmy, Justine Time, Dr. Pepper, and Ramonefrom Brevard County shelters.

Born in Miami Florida and always interested in nature and animals, Marjie has volunteered for many helping groups over the years. She has a passion to help people, animals and the environment. Helping the environment, nature, wild and domestic animals seems to be inherited from a great Aunt Adele who was ahead of her time as an animal advocate in the1920s. Marjie’s Grandfather’s stories about his sister and the things she did to help animals are lasting memories to this day.

Within the community Marjie helps with Church projects, The Love Alliance, School projects, animal help groups, SACC, and the Nature Conservancy lagoon restoration Oyster mat project.

DJ and Skye

Marjie’s first experience with animal rescue groups was in the late 70’s when a co-worker had a pup he kept tied in his kitchen all the work hours long. It was a little boy Lhasa mix, 2 1/2 months old.  She was so annoyed about the pups living situation she asked for the dog. The co-worker gave the pup to her, and she had the local area rescue group re-home the puppy. Marjie volunteered at a local open intake shelter while attending community collage. Years later, when looking for a new pet, Marjie discovered Breed Rescues on line. She adopted a border collie and soon began to volunteer for her local shelter.

Marjie volunteers 1-2 times a week with hands on help at SACC in Brevard County FL.  She also helps transport animals to nearby rescue groups when needed. One of her goals is to make things the best they can be for the shelter animals as they wait for homes. Another goal is to help educate the public about the many responsibilities pet caregivers need to consider before and after adopting a pet of any type. Most important is responsible care for the life span of the pet.  She lives with her devoted husband Don, and has four grown daughters. The youngest, Donna Jean, has special needs, lives at home, and loves being in the company of the family dog, Skye, who is a family member first! Skye is also a service dog who takes her job of helping Donna Jean very seriously.

Lady Melbourne, and Lady London

Earlier this month, Marjie began to advocate for two dogs at her Shelter in Brevard County, one a female Aussie and the other, a female Border Collie.  As their story unfolded, she learned that they were both heartworm positive.  Shelter protocol dictates that positive dogs can not be adopted without heartworm treatment, but there is no immiticide to be found in the country, due to a nationwide shortage.  Now what?

I posted the dogs on my Facebook page, asking for fosters and although we did get a response, we needed to be sure that we had long-term commitments. Luckily, Teresa Lenz and Ruth Peterson raised their hand and the dogs were given their freedom (with no time to spare).  The folks at Brevard County Animal Services gave these two girls countless reprieves, giving Marjie the extra time she needed.

Lady Melbourne, leaving the shelter

Lady Melbourne and Lady London are safe in foster care, preparing for their slow kill heartworm treatments, and there’s no doubt that their updates will show that although it took almost a month to save them, they’re worth it!


Lady London, "Step on it!"



Timmy, the Sheltie Pup!

Shelter Photo

I know you don’t know who Timmy is, because he was posted for two seconds, and adopted!

Last Friday Marjie Wolfe called me in the morning, explaining that two male Shelties had been left in an overnight drop box at a shelter in Titusville.  Seriously?  I asked her to send me a photo.  Instantly, she sent two photos to my Blackberry, and I was in love.

The little Sheltie, couldn’t be older than 8 weeks, and very emaciated.  The other Sheltie was estimated at between 4-5 years old.  The owners indicated that they simply had too many dogs.  But were these dogs siblings, or was father/son?  We’ll never know.

Sarah: "Can We Keep Him?"

When Marjie arrived, the first thing she told me was that the two dogs were very close… one never leaving the other’s side.  It was true!

You can read details about the Sheltie  named Sherman are on his own page.

As I watched the two Shelties interact, it was obvious that poor Sherman had no life.  He interacted with the pup as if he was the Mommy.  Every move he made, the pup was literally under him.  Sherman was protective over his pup, growling at dogs who walked by.


Ryan: "Mom is going to say No!"

I was very concerned about Timmy, so emaciated and he was having runny stool.  Normally, that’s no big deal, but in a puppy so small, it’s dangerous.  I called Holly, she suspected Coccicdia.



My Dad, the Big Dog Liberator, Holding Timmy on the way to the Vet!

While at Val-U-Vet waiting to be examined by Dr. Oliver, Timmy and Sherman shared the same crate, and employees there enjoyed watching the two of them loving on each other.


Timmy and Ed Doty

Dr. Oliver gave them both a clean bill of health, but agreed that Timmy was too young for rabies and neuter.


Once home, I watched the two of them interact, and while the relationship between them was wonderful to see, it was not good for Sherman.  There was no joy in his eyes, and no bounce in his step.  Sherman had accepted the fact that he was saddled by this pup.


Saturday, Cyndy Doty arrived to take Timmy home with her.  Cyndy and her Collie, Lady Arabela will  foster Timmy and will adopt him once he is well enough to be neutered.

This is really perfect for Lady Arabela.  She can teach Timmy everything, and have a playmate.  Cyndy reports that Arabela is very happy to have her own pup!


Here’s a video showing Timmy and Arabela!


Here’s Sarah’s very first self-made video!

Sherman, the Nanny Dog~Adopted

Sherman and his Pup

Last Friday Marjie Wolfe called me in the morning, explaining that two male Shelties had been left in an overnight drop box at a shelter in Titusville.  I asked her to send me a photo.  Instantly, she sent two photos to my Blackberry, and I was in love.

The little Sheltie, couldn’t be older than 8 weeks, and very emaciated.  The adult Sheltie was estimated at between 4-5 years old.  The owners indicated that they simply had too many dogs.  But were these dogs siblings, or was father/son?  We’ll never know.

When Marjie arrived, the first thing she told me was that the two dogs were very close… one never leaving the other’s side.  It was true!

You can read details about the Sheltie pup named Timmy are on his own page.

As I watched the two Shelties interact, it was obvious that poor Sherman had no life.  He interacted with the pup as if he was the Mommy.  Every move he made, the pup was literally under him.  Sherman was protective over his pup, growling at dogs who walked by.  When I took them to Val-U-Vet to meet Dr. Oliver, they put the pups in the same crate together, and employees there enjoyed watching the two of them loving on each other.  While the relationship between them was wonderful to see, it was not good for Sherman.  There was no joy in his eyes, and no bounce in his step.  Sherman had accepted the fact that he was saddled by this pup.

what a beautiful dog

Saturday, Cyndy Doty arrived to take Timmy home with her.  Cyndy Doty, is fostering Timmy and will adopt him once he is well enough to be neutered.

That evening was Sherman’s first opportunity to be himself.  I introduced him to the pack, but there was no initiation made by any of the dogs to play.  Sarah, however, got Sherman interested in toys; first the soccer ball, the frisbee, and the ball.  I was happy to see him run around with joy, and barking with excitement.  He’s probably one of the easiest dogs I’ve ever fostered, and he minds me a lot of Logan, a sheltie that I fostered last year.

Even though Sherman is fully trained on leash, goes into his crate without being asked, housebroken, quiet and a real joy to foster, I’m giving him a chance every day to play.


Sherman, the Nanny Dog

You can see more photos of Sherman in his photo album on Facebook.  If you would like to adopt Sherman, please review “How to Adopt from Us” and email your information to


Update 09/11/11:  Sherman is doing great here!  He loves routine and he’s starting to relax since little Timmy isn’t hanging onto him like an earring!  He actually talked to me!  He barked a bit, jumped up on my lap, and had a very long conversation with me, telling me all about it.  A few little groans, a bark, and other various noises… just to make sure I understood what he was saying.  It was cute!  Oh, and when he wants to go out, he paws at the door, that’s a plus… wonder if he can teach Ozzie to do that before he leaves!

Update:  09/12/11:  My My My… what a difference a day makes, and the joke is on me!  This little guy has spent a day in the house with the pack, and much to my surprise, he has incredible ball drive.  We started with a soccer ball, and that got him all excited, then… the tennis ball.  The boy leaps in the air for it, and I think he would play for hours.  He has incredible focus, and this is what Andrea Rigler calls “drivey!”  So, this sheds new light doesn’t it?  A dog with focus and ball drive can be taught to be just about anything.  Oh, and one more thing… someone has been giving him people food!  He is very food motivated, and that’s just a real bonus.  With just a motion of my hand and soft verbal suggestion, he does whatever I ask… on a dime.  Someone really trained this boy, he’s a real gem!

09/14/11 Update: Guess who decided to play this morning? Sherman couldn’t resist China’s bounce, and they played around the house. Then, Lady Di and Ozzie joined in and he was a puppy again!

09/16/11 Update:  Sherman is a joy to foster.  I caught him again playing with Lady Di and China, but how can he resist two gorgeous females doing the play bow and teasing him to chase!!!  He lays at my feet all day while I work on the computer, and follows me from room to room.  What’s important to Sherman is his kibble!  He lets me know when he’s hungry, and food is his priority.   Having a food-motivated dog is a plus!  I think Sherman could be taught a ton of tricks.  He’s smart, willing to please, food-motivated and focused!  What more could you want in a dog?  Again, Sherman is completely housebroken, barks only when necessary, and he’s falling in love with my daughter Sarah!


Sherman, "I'm a good boy!"

09/17/11 Update: Sherman has been adopted by the Powers Family!  For updates, please visit his photo album on Facebook











Ramone, 48 pounds of Love~Adopted

Can I give you a kiss?

Marjie Wolfe sent me a photo of this pup, and at first glance, I said… “that’s a puppy!”  The shelter said he’s 2 years old.  I was dumbfounded.  The wonderful Olivia Frost, a fantastic photographer, volunteered to pick him up and bring him to me.  When she opened the door to her car, there sat 48 pounds of gorgeous.  At first, I thought of Noah, but once I got to know him, I thought of Titan.  It matters not, because I was right, this big boy is about 12 months old.  He’s ready to rock, he’s everything a real Border Collie is supposed to be.

So we take him to the vet, and what I loved the most is hearing everyone that works at Val-U-Vet say, “Oh, look at the puppy!”  One quick look at his teeth, and it was confirmed, this big guy is just a baby.  I was busy at the counter doing paperwork when Sarah asked if she could take a doggie cookie from the community bowl.  I then heard my Sarah say, “Sit!”  And he did.  Then Sarah said, “Shake!”  And he did.  Then, Sarah said “Drop!”  and he got confused.  Well, I hate to brag, but…. she lowered the cookie to the floor, lowered her body, and he sank down to the floor like a pro!  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Why would someone give up a trained dog?  I suppose I’ll never be able to answer that question.

I'm so Happy!

Here’s the deal, this guy is ready to learn, easy to train, smart as a whip, and full of energy.  He will NOT be a couch potato!  If you want, he can probably get your newspaper for you, and if you give him time, he might be able to read it for you too.  I can see him do just about anything you want him to with the right training, motivation, affection, and yes he IS food motivated.  I bet he could swim if you want him to, chase down a frisbee, or compete in agility.  He would be happy as a lark living on a farm, or loading up in your jeep for an adventure!  Did I mention he’s great in the car, and loads up in his crate on a dime?  Okay, that’s enough bragging for the day… Updates coming soon!  And Thanks Marjie and Olivia!!!

1 Happy Family!

09/11/11 Update: Ramone has been adopted by Chris & Mark Blackwell. It wasn’t long ago that they lost their heart dog of old age, and they have been watching TDL dogs for several months now. For various reasons, the timing wasn’t right. But this time, Mark saw Ramone, and asked Chris to call us! Like Holly always says, be patient, and the right dog will be there waiting for you. Ramone is going to have a few acres to run and play, his own pond, and an Aussie next door to keep him busy! Loxahatchee, Florida… make room for Ramone!  To see updated photos of Ramone, please visit his photo album on Facebook!

Dr. Pepper – Smart, Sweet, and Fun ~ Adopted

Dr. Pepper was rescued from the same shelter in Melbourne as Justine Time.  Wonderful people.  Adriana saw him and just had to get him out of there!

Smart dogs seek shade!

He’s estimated to be about 3-4 years old, and heartworm negative.

He’s very intelligent, thus the Title of his name!  Although he’s playful with the ball and Frisbee, he’s not an in your face Border Collie, he’s quite calm.  He’s doing well with Adriana’s dog Gidget (Magpie) and he’s really enjoying the pool!When he went to the beach, everyone just fell in love with him.  I mean, gosh, who wouldn’t?  With those beautiful blue eyes, perfect border collie markings and joyful spirit, he just makes you want to smile!

You can visit his photo gallery on Facebook!

If you think you might be interested in adopting Dr. Pepper, please read our Dog Tips, then review our Adoption Process and e-mail

May 29th Foster Update:

Playing Frisbee with Gidget

Dr. Pepper is pretty intense, very focused. Took him to the beach and all he cared about was fetching the Frisbee, which was really nice because he’s so focused I not need to worry about him wandering off. He has been very tolerant with Gidget however when he’s had enough he lets her know. He can catch a Frisbee and anything you throw at him, he’s just not fast so he can’t catch up to it when you throw it far. He needs a home that WILL EXERCISE HIM. He’s very obedient and knows sit, stay, lay down, shake or paw.  He’s pretty quiet but loud noises such as a vacuums or blenders make him go into a frenzy.. not a bad one; he just either attacks the vacuum or he grabs a toy and starts going nuts with it until the loud noise is gone.  It’s actually pretty funny. He’s a lover but I need to stress that this boy needs an active home. I feel like he could totally do agility.   He’s so handsome. 🙂

May 30th:

Okay, like Dr. Pepper wasn’t already wonderful enough, Adriana just told me that he swims underwater!  You’ve got to be kidding me!  He is clearly not a couch potato and will need an active home, but boy, is he ever going to be one awesome addition to the family.  Here’s a neat little thing too ~ he likes being outside so when he is wet, he’s content staying out there until he dries off.  If you had just finished steam cleaning your floors like I did, you’d think that was the best news ever!  lol

June 5th:

I can’t believe this dog hasn’t been adopted yet!  He is so beautiful, has so much personality!  Adriana told me that there is no doubt that he lives to please his people.  He’ll go to the ends of the earth with you.  Especially if you have a vacuum!  When I saw this video, I couldn’t stop laughing.  I know you’ll love it too!

06/20/11 Update:

Dr. Pepper was adopted last week but returned today.  It turns out that he is afraid of both thunder and fireworks.  Given that his adopting family lives right by SeaWorld with their nightly firework display, they decided this was more than they could handle.  We have already gotten Dr. Pepper a Thundershirt which is working wonders, and have him in a foster home that is working diligently to help him confront and overcome his fears.  The good news is that this last week told us something we suspected but did not know ~ Dr. Pepper loves kids!  The family has a 10-year-old boy and all week he and Dr. Pepper were inseparable, spending the days together, mostly in the pool.  We knew this was a great family dog and now we have proof!

06/25/11 Update: Dr. Pepper was adopted today, photos and details coming soon.

Justine Time, the Mini Aussie – Adopted

"Emma" at the shelter

“Emma is a 4 year old spayed female, heart worm negative, returned to the shelter because she herds, Emma is very sweet and shy.  Needs rescue help.”  So read the e-mail forward to us by Adriana from Tracey, the shelter Rescue Coordinator.  Attached was a hazy photo of a dog in a gray cement kennel, an untouched bowl of food at her feet, her eyes reflecting the camera light and the fear she felt inside.  It was a photo much like many we get every day.  We were full.  We had no where to put her.  But then I clicked on the attached video.  And my eyes filled with tears as my heart broke.  That video, only 3 seconds long, represented to me all the shelter dogs waiting for the new family that would never come.  In those three seconds I caught a glimpse of her despair and heard the hopelessness in her voice.    I couldn’t really tell what she looked like, I couldn’t really tell anything about her at all, I just knew we couldn’t let her die there….

Marjie went to the shelter the very next morning and got this little one out.  How close of a call did she have?  She was supposed to be euthanized the day before but the shelter missed her.  They had realized their mistake and were going to kill her that afternoon!  And that is how we arrived at her new name,  Justine Time.  Just In Time.

Amazingly enough, this wasn’t her first close call.  She had been at the shelter before with heartworms.  If left untreated, they would have killed her.  Instead, she was treated and adopted.  And then returned.  Returned for herding behaviors.  Really?  Apparently she nipped at the heels of the children.  Who adopts an Aussie and doesn’t expect this???  Surprisingly enough, she hasn’t demonstrated a lot of herding behaviors with us, but perhaps that is because we have all of our ducks in a row.  No, probably not.  Maybe we just don’t have unruly kids!  lol

One of the things that really caught us off guard is her size.  We expected Justine to be around 40, maybe 45 pounds (she looked a bit pudgy in her photos).  Weren’t we shocked to have a little 20 pound girl arrive on our doorstep, a real, honest to goodness mini-Aussie!  She doesn’t even come to the knee!  She has a beautiful brindle coat and a full feathery tail like my Tenakee did. (Aussies don’t always have nubbed tails).    Again, this is a dog that was supposed to be euthanized for being nothing more than what she is, an Australian Shepherd.  Not even a particularly high drive one, at that either!  Don’t worry, little one, your bad days are behind you.  Nothing but blue skies do I see!!!

Justine Time is being fostered in Deltona, Fl.  If you think you might be interested in giving her a forever home, please review our adoption process and then e-mail me at


05/12/11 Foster Update: Lynne Flannery says Justine is very much a people pleaser.  She follows Lynne around, and is playing nicely with Lynne’s dog, Gabe.  She is even eating side by side with Gabe (no food aggression).  She is being crate-trained, and is “no problem at all.”


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