Graham ~ Adopted!

15628960_10210397541670300_374076528_o12/18/16 Update: Graham has been very patient, and it paid off! Today he found his home with Bill and Pam Kiefer of Port Orange, Florida!

10/14/2016 Update:  Handsome Graham is back with us. Unfortunately, his owner is moving and is unable to take him along. Graham is a very sweet and happy guy who does well with people and other dogs. He does like to chase the little critters, though, so a home without cats that has a fenced yard would be best.



Graham's Boo Boo is all better!

Graham’s Boo Boo is all better!

Meet Golden Graham! He was named for his gorgeous coloring and the fact that he was our first rescue that was initiated on Instagram. I’ve been calling him Graham and it seems to suit him well.
Graham was rescued from Miami-Dade Animal Services where he was picked up as a stray.  A big thanks to Jeanette and Patty Duenas for helping us to rescue this doll. He is about 7 months old. Right now he weighs 35 pounds but we expect him to fill out and grow to probably around 50 pounds or so. He’s a little on the thin side right now but I’m working on fattening him up a bit!

He is super sweet and affectionate. Graham loves to be pet and will beg for more and is also very gentle when taking treats from my hand. He gets along great with my dog and hasn’t bothered with our cats too much. He let me know when he had to go potty last night and hasn’t had any accidents in the house since we’ve had him. He has typical puppy energy and really enjoys running around the yard and playing with our dog.

He was found with a flea color embedded in his skin. The shelter had it removed and he has a sore around his neck that is healing. It doesn’t bother him one bit though! It’s starting to scab up and he’s on antibiotics for a week.

Great in the car!

Great in the car!

Click the link to see more photos of Graham on Facebook.

July 29, 2014

Graham has been with us for a week now and is a real sweet boy.  He loves to run and play with our dog and then will sleep somewhere near wherever his human is.  He seems to be very happy and is always wagging his tail.  He loves playing with all of the dog toys and I’ve even caught him with two in his mouth at once so proud of himself.   He hasn’t had any accidents in the house.  I haven’t had him out for a walk yet so I’m not sure how he does on a leash.  I gave him a bath last week and he wasn’t too thrilled but could tell he felt much better afterwards.  His neck that was scabbed over from an imbedded flea collar is almost completely healed.  Graham will be a wonderful addition to his new family.

Collie, Graham, Gets Much needed spa day with James at Newman Vet Deltona

Collie, Graham, Gets Much needed spa day with James at Newman Vet Deltona

September 1, 2014

Graham was transported to me in Deltona so Michelle could attend a Disney event!  Woo Hoo!  He is amazing.  His boo boo on his neck is healing nicely.  I thought he would enjoy a spa day at Newman’s via James!  Graham is all puppy and loves to play.  He is incredibly affectionate and great with dogs, kids and cats!  What more could you for?

Graham the Collie moves to Barefoot Bay!

Graham the Collie moves to Barefoot Bay!

09/09/14 Update:  Scott  adopted Graham today! Scott lives in Barefoot Bay, FL and his collie mix died several months ago. Scott told me, “I’m ready!” Scott’s Mom came to meet Graham as well, and she gave him her stamp of approval – but not until the sand hill cranes in my front yard put on a show and danced for about 10 minutes! Can’t wait for Graham updates!





Jackson ~ Adopted!



3/10/16 Update:
Jackson was adopted! Mark lives on a large ranch, and is an experienced Border Collie dad. Yay, Jackson!

12571403_10207519049949806_556847701_nPast: Jackson is returning to us due to hard times, (which consists of illness, job loss, job change and a move). He walks well on a leash and is great with guys. He is a little shy of ladies but warms up after about an hour. He just needs to build trust. He is still shy of other dogs and we are determining if he would do best as an only dog. 

If you are interested in being considered for Jackson read Our Adoption Process, answer the questions presented in the article, and email us at

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History (Jackson Formerly Guinness):

Guinness is a stunning red/white border collie from Miami Dade County. He is approximately a year old and was rescued from Miami Dade Animal Services. He was found as a stray and was never claimed. This beautiful boy has a gorgeous coat and stunning eyes. On his kennel card at MDAS it stated “this boy can actually smile” and his intake picture is proof of it. He is active but not high drive. He loves to play but also loves to sit on your lap. He does well with both men and women.

He is fearful of other dogs and mainly tries to avoid them. He would do best in a home where he is the only dog.

He is very smart and knows how to sit and give his paw. He is potty trained, walks great on a leash and sleeps quietly in his bed all night.

He is neutered, heartworm negative, microchipped and up to date on his shots. Guinness is a loving young boy looking for his forever home.

You can see more photos of this gorgeous boy on Facebook.


Foo (Aka Mr. Foo Fighter) ~ Adopted!


Foo is an 8 month old Border Collie mix (we think border collie chihuahua as he is currently less than 20 lbs). Life hasn’t been easy for little Foo. He has scabs from being eaten up by bugs and currently has a cough (he is being treated for both right now).


Foo is scared. He wants to cuddle, wants to be your good boy, but is still learning it is okay to want all that, and that humans are nice and understanding. He is currently receiving lots of love, positive interactions, and some work on self-esteem. We expect to see him blossom quickly.

Check out his Photos on Facebook!

If you are interested in adopting Foo please read Our Adoption Process for the next steps.


“Tell me I am a good boy?”

12/24/15 Update: Oh goodness, Mr. Foo can’t catch a break….  Not only was he diagnosed Heartworm positive, but now he has some upper respiratory “fun” going on too. The good news is he is in the right place. We have fought off  both before and will do it again.  Foo will be on hold until we clear up the respiratory situation and as to the Heartworm, Foo will begin treatment shortly. Here are some articles we recommend if you aren’t familiar with Heartworm:

Adopting a Heartworm Positive Dog and What you Didn’t Know
Treating Your Heartworm Positive Dog
A Diary: Fighting Heartworm Disease, the Treatments, the Options


1/10/16 Update: Foo was adopted by TDL’s very own Michelle Kamber today! Congrats on your awesome new home, Foo!!!

Ringo, the Perfect Border Collie ~ Adopted!


Ringo is a 2 year old Male purebred border collie who comes to us from Miami.

He is very active and fun. He likes long walks, fetching games, as well as running and would make a great addition to a family as active as he is.



He is also affectionate and loves belly rubs! He’s also amazingly intelligent, as such, this makes him very easy to train. Ringo is also very friendly and sweet.




He loves to be around kids, preferably ages 9 and older. Check out his photo album on Facebook!


1/18/15 Update! Ringo was Adopted by Steven & Vivian Logan from Royal Palm Beach, FL. Congratulations Ringo!




Captain Jack Sparrow, the Sheltie Boy~Adopted.

Captain Jack Sparrow, the Sheltie

Captain Jack Sparrow, the Sheltie

Captain Jack came to us from Miami-Dade thanks to Patty Duenas who pulled him and transporter Jennifer that drove him to his foster. He was picked up as a stray and was described as very, very scared in the shelter environment.

This little Sheltie boy was in serious trouble, and we didn’t even know it.

Patty Wrote: He has a few staples on his neck that need to be removed in a week. He had a cut on his neck. Vet said that the “dreads” he had were pulling his skin apart. They weighed a lot. This dog broke my heart. I bathed him on Wednesday. He is so sad. He was not doing well in shelter environment. Can’t wait to see him flourish in a living home.

I’ve never heard of a dog needing grooming so much that it literally split his skin… that’s gross.  Michelle Kamber in Boynton Beach is fostering this little boy, and  he immediately was invited to play with her dog, Trixie!  While he was terrified at the shelter, he’s playing in foster care!

Happy Boy on Transport!

Happy Boy on Transport!

While we see the Sheltie in him, his ears and nose has us a bit confused.  He doesn’t have short little legs, so your guess is as good as mine! Jack is 25 pounds and while the shelter thought he was  5, we disagree and feel like he is  more likely about 3 years old.

9/14/14 Update: Michelle writes: “As soon as he got to our home, his tail started wagging and hasn’t stopped much since. I was prepared to spend a few days helping him get over is fright but that wasn’t necessary.   He was happy to explore the yard and loved meeting our dog. He seems to like other dogs a lot and has been following our pup Trixie around like a shadow. He’s met the cats too but couldn’t care less about them.

Captain Jack is not overly clingy to the humans but will come around for affection every so often and then is happy to go play with the dog. He’s more likely to follow another dog around the house than the human. He has a very sweet personality and has been perfectly behaved so far. He’s potty trained, gentle, quiet, playful with other dogs and loves to have his ears scratched. Jack is not too sure about toys, it’s like he’s never seen them before. We are working on getting him to realize the fun of all the toys in the basket. My baby nephew came over yesterday and he was perfect with him as well.

Captain Jack Sparrow

He is a fan of the couch!

9/28/14 Update: Michelle writes: “We’ve had Captain Jack for a little over two weeks now and boy has he come out of his shell!  He’s one of the most loving, sweet and easy dogs I’ve fostered.  He got his staples out from his neck boo-boo last week and was a star at the vet’s office.  Everyone fell in love with the good nature and cuteness of our Captain.
He has become super affectionate.  He loves to be pet and scratched all over and will melt his body into your legs for more.  Captain Jack is great with dogs, cats, and people of all ages.  He also gets very excited about car rides and when the leash comes out.

We will get more updates soon, but in the meantime, you can visit his photo album on Facebook.

Captain Jack is going home!

Captain Jack is going home!

Update:   Captain Jack was adopted by Rick of Fort Myers.  He’s making himself at home and creating a relationship with Rick’s cats!  Can’t wait for updates!  You can see more adoption photos on his facebook album.





4/7/16 Update: It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of Jack’s passing. 3 weeks ago he was diagnosed with a heart issue which ultimately became too much. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family as they grieve his loss.




Love that Smile

Love that Smile

Milhouse has been adopted by Randy and his wife from Volusia County. I believe they live near me in DeLand, so I will see him soon. Randy and his wife recently lost their collie and they came to us with a very heavy heart, not knowing if they were ready… but I told them, they will always miss their Rusty… but Milhouse will keep them occupied so it won’t be so hard. They drove all the way to Boynton Beach to meet him and Michelle, and they are on their way home.


Milhouse is one very happy, healthy and lucky puppy! Here’s a recent video of him playing with his new buddy, Sinatra!

Shelter Photo

Shelter Photo

09/26/13:  Jackie just sent me a text that Milhouse has tested positive for Parvo.  I just posted a plea for your support and prayers.  I just can’t believe this.  We are devastated. What is it with the collie pups… I’m tearing the house apart trying to find my rosary! Do you know how many years it’s been since I’ve used a rosary? Part of me says this can’t possibly be happening.

I don’t wish Parvo on any of my fosters.  I feel so guilty that it’s not me driving him back and forth to the Vet, it’s not me staying up all night long… it’s not me doing the clean up.

I know Jackie can do this… she’s making chicken stew tonight!  The protocol is already taking place, Vitamin B shot, anti-nausea shots, fluids, glucose, etc.   I wish I could be there.

Jackie tried to pull a tiny collie pup from Miami-Dade just two days ago, and was told that the pup had an adoption hold on him.  She waited for the person to show up, and they never did.  Woo Hoo!  I showed his photo to my kids, and asked them what we should name him.  Sarah said he looks like little Bart.  My son, Ryan grabbed my phone and said, “we shall name him Milhouse!  Bart’s best friend.”  And that was that!

Jackie's Great Save!

Jackie’s Great Save!

We don’t know much about little Milhouse, but we will fill you in as soon as we can!  We will upload new photos on his photo album on Facebook.

09/30/13 Update:  Milhouse went home Saturday, and he was thrilled!  We all are!  Maybe this little pup will be a foster failure?  We’ll wait and see!

stinking cute!

stinking cute!

10/29/13 Update:  Milhouse was transported to foster Michelle Kamber in Boynton Beach.  He is having a blast, and is a very good puppy!

Jalo Revisited

Mary, Boo Boo and Gidget

Mary, Boo Boo and Gidget

One year after Jalo now Gidget was adopted, I asked Mary to provide us with an update, hoping she could share with us the joys of adopting a Senior dog!  Mary writes:

And of course, this little Sheltie, Jalo, came home with me… when I first saw Jalo (now Gidget) walk up my driveway, she had no fur, sores covering her little body and little chipmunk teeth….but she definite has attitude! She walked right up to my 18 year old cat and ate her food! She knew she found her forever home! My little Gidget is just a sweetheart!

Gidget never leaves my side and when I leave the house, she waits by the front door for my return. Gidget runs the house….Trek and Hey Boo Boo know that she is in charge and she seems to enjoy it! I swear she has sense of humor!

Gidget, with her full coat

Gidget, with her full coat

Gidget’s age is not known, but her vet and I believe she is well past 10 years old. It did not take me long to realize Gidget is deaf.  At first I thought she was just stubborn, but when she didn’t hear the vacuum, I knew she was deaf…but Gidget does enjoy being vacuumed! Now that she has an amazing new coat, it helps keep the house a little cleaner! Gidget was just a breeding dog that was dumped when she was no longer of use, She never knew love nor how to play. She now knows love, but still just stares at me when I throw a ball. The old “puppies” love unconditionally and are love bugs!

I remember when I first lost Nitro checking Petfinder for another senior Aussie and found a sweet, horribly neglected 11 year old Aussie named Summer. I knew that Gidget would need a lot of TLC, so I thought I would wait until Gidget was settled in and comfy before looking for a companion. In April I checked again on Petfinders and found that Summer still needed a home….I guess it was meant to be that Summer would come home to the Burns house! Another senior that no one wanted would now have a forever home! I know people want the perfect little puppies, but I wish they could understand how precious the old “puppies” are and the joy they bring to your life! Summer is now named Hey Boo Boo….and what a doll baby! She had a horrible life as a breeding dog, but is now living the life of leisure.

Gidget's first Easter in Cocoa Beach

Gidget’s first Easter in Cocoa Beach

She was given a nice doggie bed, but she prefers the white futon! Anytime I walk past Hey Boo Boo she rolls over for her tummy rub! Hey Boo Boo, Trek and Gidget compete for tummy rubs! I need a third hand! But when you lay down with her, she wraps her paws around you like a child. It is so great to watch Trek, Hey Boo Boo and Gidget together….they love their walks, visits to the beach and drives in the car.

I love my precious seniors… I still miss my Little Nitro terribly ….he brought total joy to me which made me commit to only adopting the seniors. The old puppies need to know love, hugs and kisses… for whatever time they have left. I truly have a full and happy home…..Eve (18 year old kitty), Trek (Bob’s 9 year old Shepherd mix), Gidget (12 plus Sheltie) and Hey Boo Boo (12 year old Aussie)!


Jalo: “Shelters Suck!”

This is an awesome before and after photo eh?  This little girl just happened to be dropped off at Miami-Dade Animal Services while Jackie was just walking by….  and she called me!  Cute little thing is about five years old and she weighs in at 35 pounds.  There is no background information, no reason why.

Here are her photos on Facebook.

On Facebook, Mickey Hibbard writes:  it always puzzles me,, WHY?? and HOW?? these babies are so sweet, and abandoned to death?? ugh,, shame on the owners,,but blessings are coming to jalo,, and some soft hearted people out there, who have been waiting just for her ♥

My response to Mickey is all we know is her story has just begun my dear.  I hear she has been very neglected.  It will take much work to get this girl healthy again.  Jackie is in charge!!!  She is a sheltie, about five years old, but she is in bad shape with regard to hot spots, matting and her coat.  Jackie reports the only way to treat the skin is to shave her down a bit.  Good news is her teeth are good and she is heartworm negative… that is a miracle!  She will undergo the TDL transformation for sure!

JaLo: “Free at Last, Free at Last!”

We will have more photos and details about this sweet little Sheltie, but for now, she is sleeping in a comfy bed next to Jackie safe and sound!  I didn’t know what it was about her face that reminded me of Little Nitroright away, but now I do… it’s those eyes, and especially her eyebrows!  We have since learned that Little Nitro passed away Wednesday.  We hope that his story, his history and the way in which Nitro touched people’s hearts, will help promote adopting a senior pet.  Even though Jalo is estimated to be about five years old, once again, her vet believes she “looks” much older because she has not been well cared for.  Here’s more details written by Jackie:

Hi Gisele,

Jalo and I had a very busy day. She did great throughout the night. Slept soundly on her bed which is located at the foot of my bed. She didn’t move a muscle. I dont think she has ever slept on an actual bed before. She probably thinks she is getting the luxury treatment. Once we awoke she went right outside and did her business. After getting ready it was off to the vet.

Saying her prayers!

I took her to Briarwood Animal Hospital in Miami, where I used to work for almost two years. Dr. Diaz, my old boss was great. He loves meeting all my rescues and is always ready to help. He confirmed the previous diagnosis of Seborrhea Sicca. After speaking to him about the different treatment methods we both agreed that the best way to attack the skin condition at its core is to treat it with antibiotics (Cephalexin 250 mg twice daily) and to shave her and treat her with medicated baths (Dermazole shampoo) three times a week. We will monitoring her progress for improvement. If her skin does not improve in a few weeks then he will add an anti fungal medication to continue to combat the infection.

Dr. Diaz informed me that this kind of skin condition can be caused by a number of other underlying issues, the main ones being thyroid problems, diabetes, and Cushings disease. While I am still waiting for the results of the thyroid test, diabetes and cushings disease has been ruled out.
Her blood work was normal except for her white blood cell count which was a bit elevated but that is normal given her skin infection. After discussing her treatment I began shaving her coat. You could see the instant relief in her eyes. It took me two hours to carefully shave her, being sure not to irritate her skin further. Shaving her revealed several large patches of dead and scaly skin. As I was shaving her paws down I noticed that her front left paw had not one dew claw, but two! I had never seen that before. After clipping the area further I noticed that both de claws had grown so long that it had pierced her skin and was embedded. One of the de claws fell out after clipping. The embedded portion of one nail had to be pulled out using hemostats. Fortunately there was no infection at the site of the nail and no abscess had formed.

Once shaved I bathed her using the medicated shampoo, being sure to scrape off all the dead skin. Her coat already looks so much better.  She behaved so well and was so cooperative during the whole process. I have never had a dog behave so well during a body shave in my two years at working at the clinic. Everyone marveled at how excellent she behaved. Once I brought her home she immediately perked up. She has been exploring my home and walking up and down the house wagging her tail. She occasionally will come up to me and rub her face on my legs and then roll over on her back for me to pet her belly. She is really starting to open up. I think she is a real treasure. Will be sending you photos later tonight!   ~Jackie
When I saw this photo on my phone, it didn’t show much detail.  But this morning, I see a lot of redness, I see those bad spots Jackie talked about.  Jackie asked me if she could shave Jalo… I said no, but after she described her condition and explained that there would be no way for us to treat her skin condition without a fresh start… without shaving all of that un-cared for hair… I said yes!
Jackie states that Jalo ignored some cats, but we are going to try to cat-test her shortly!

Beautiful inside and out


Adoption Update:  

Jalo now GiGi and Mary

Hi Gisele and Jackie,

My friend stopped by to take a couple of pictures…hope they are okay!  I thought it was cute that GiGi walks with her blanket like Nitro…she is a funny girl!  I also sent a picture of Nitro…they look so much a like….Gisele, you were so right when you mention she reminded you of Little Ntiro….those sad little eyes….but this little GiGi is mischievous…but very funny!
I never know what I am going to find when I come home, but I greeted like I have been gone for days!
Everyday is a new day with little GiGi!  Take care and thank you for all you do for this precious puppies!


Dream Catcher~Adopted

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

This young female has been transported out of MDAS and is being fostered in Tampa.  She is unsure right now, where she is and what she is supposed to do.  She needs a few days to decompress.

She is very affectionate, and wants attention, but for now, we’ll just let her relax and get used to her surroundings.

2013-09-02 22.53.02Update:  Angel reports that this little girl learns fast!  She is doing great on leash, and although she was a bit confused at first, she is doing very well with Angel’s dog.  She is starving for affection and willing to please!

She would do very well with a young couple who are active, so that she can be exposed to new things.

She is fully vetted, spayed and micro chipped.  She is housebroken and ready for her new home!

I love toys!

I love toys!

You can see more photos of her on Facebook!


Be Nice to the Kitty!

Be Nice to the Kitty!

Dream Catcher was adopted last night by GiGi of Orlando!


Tobuscus and Armando!

Tobuscus and Armando!

08/25/13 Update: Tobuscus was adopted last night by Armando of Port Orange, FL!







Rode with his paw on Michelle's shoulder!

Rode with his paw on Michelle’s shoulder!

Tobuscus, All dressed up!

Tobuscus, All dressed up!

New photos of Toby are available on Facebook!  Did we tell you he’s great with cats?  We have a picture to prove it!

This gorgeous boy is being fostered by Michelle Kamber in Boynton Beach, who is also fostering Sophia!  Two two of them have become BFFs very quickly!  Amazing, considering they were rescued from the same shelter, by Jackie.  Tobuscus is estimated to be 12 months of age, and fairly large!  He’s weight in at 52 pounds, and has stocky legs!

He is very affectionate, “a sweetheart”, says Michelle, and Jackie was in love with him the moment she met him at the shelter.  Tobuscus is learning quickly from Sophia that cats are nice, and he has not chased any of Michelle’s cats.  What a plus!

Tobuscus and Sophia

Tobuscus and Sophia

We named him Tobuscus at my son’s request to name him after comedian, Toby Turner.

You can see more photos of him on Facebook.

Tobuscus and Sophia:

Mr. Snuffaluffagus~Adopted

Old English Sheepdog's Shelter Photo

Old English Sheepdog’s Shelter Photo


Rescued by Jackie in Miami, and transported by Jackie, Michelle and Jen. His photos can be seen on Facebook.  More about his temperament in a few!

Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo!

06/22/13:  Snuffy is a kind dog. If he hears your voice, he wags his tail. Now is not the time to judge his temperament, because he’s very calm, but he’s also very sick. Snuffy was adopted last week, but he was returned a week later, because he stopped eating. At first, it was thought that he was throwing up, but the moment I saw him last night, I knew it’s kennel cough. I took him to the vet, and they confirmed that he is not dehydrated, so I took him home with me.

Snuffy, the Old English Sheepdog has Upper Respiratory Infection

Snuffy, the Old English Sheepdog has Upper Respiratory Infection

Snuffy has only eaten the equivalent of one can of food all week, and he stopped drinking water completely. He was already emaciated when we rescued him last week, and he has lost even more weight – his weight loss is now critical.

I’m giving him doxycycline and I’ve started him on high doses of vitamin C. I gave him some canned food last night, but he refused, I also gave him water and chicken bullion, he refused that as well.

06/23/13:  This morning, I sat on the front porch with him, and after he was comfortable with me, I offered him turkey thighs and beef liver. He devoured it, and I was thrilled. He then helped himself to a large amount of water. I tried to give him a second helping of food, but his coughing prevented him from eating any more.

Snuffy Stew

Snuffy Stew

He is resting now, there is plenty of food and water in his giant crate, in case he decides to help himself. I ran out to the store and prepared him his next batch of stew, which includes Chicken Breast, Beef Liver, Silver Cordova Salmon, zucchini, carrots, celery, sweet potatoes, rosemary and garlic.  I also added a bit of pancake syrup to his first bowl to be sure he has enough sugar.

His cough sounds worse, but I’m wondering if the sticky infection is loosening and if he’s just able to expel it more easily.

Kennel cough is a common virus that attacks shelter dogs. It’s much like a cold, however, in Snuffy’s case, his loss of appetite and emaciated state converts this common and easy-to-treat virus into a potentially deadly condition – pneumonia. Pneumonia kills, so I’m treating this very seriously. I will provides updates of his condition daily.

Here’s is my first morning with him, and since then he has eaten several bowls of Snuffy Stew, he has had plenty of water, and he has pooped!

06/24/13:  For those of you who are new to TDL, I should explain why we cook for our sick dogs.  Every bite that an emaciated dog eats is important.  You have to make the best of it.  If the dog has shut down and stopped eating, you have to make the dish irresistible.  Medicine alone will not cure what ails him.  When a dog shuts down, they simply don’t care if they live of die.  If a dog can look forward to something, affection, a walk, food, whatever it is, then the dog will turn around and his attitude will help him fight to survive.  When I rescued Frances, he wouldn’t eat anything I gave him.  Not even canned salmon.  He wouldn’t lift his head when I entered the room.  He practically lay in his crate, wanting to die.  Frances had been poisoned by Ticks.  I had to take him to the vet, get him re-hydrated, use glucose, a shot of antibiotics, and a vitamin B shot to jump start him into caring again.  Once he ate, I took him back home.  Eating is critical to puppies.  If a puppy doesn’t eat, you have every reason to be concerned, and you should cook stew for him.  If he still doesn’t eat, you need to rush your pup to the vet.  Anti-nausea medication works wonders to get a dog to eat.  I believe that a combination of anti-nausea medication, and chicken stew has saved our parvo puppies.

Snuffy is improving.  His first night was horrible, because he couldn’t rest, he never stopped coughing.  His second night, however, he really slept, only waking up every two hours to cough.  He continues to eat and this morning he showed me a little bounce of energy, running around the yard.

He does have a family in South Florida that wants to adopt him, but I have to wait until he is better, to temperament test him with other dogs.  While at the Wilson house, he did well with Nitro and Fiona.  Here, he growls in his crate at other dogs that come near him.  Is he simply food aggressive?  I wouldn’t blame him one bit, but that has to be resolved before he can leave and be part of a pack.



06/25/13 Update:  I was so proud yesterday that Snuffy’s cough was getting better, then as dinner time rolled around it was bad.  He was coughing constantly.  I started him on Clavamox and am continuing the Doxy.  Kids always get worse at night!  This morning, there is much improvement, but antibiotics don’t work that fast.  I have a grooming appointment for him on Thursday, I hope he’s well enough to endure a bath and having his feet groomed.

He did give me another happy bounce and a quick run around the yard this morning, so clearly he has more energy.  He likes to go under the bushes and scratch his back on the branches, it’s hilarious.  For the most part, he is very quiet in is crate.

I don’t have to scruff his pills down his throat any longer, I hide them in chicken hot dogs…. much less messy for me!  He’s eating some kibble, but I’m still serving up the Snuffy Stew!

I hope these meds start to take affect.  I’m still watching for signs of pneumonia, but as long as he’s running around, and having bursts of activity, we should be fine.  I’m sure you can tell I’m getting very frustrated, but I’m the most impatient person I know!   His first Doxy was on the evening of the 22nd.  His first Clavamox was tonight.  It’s only been three days on Doxy.

06/26/13 Update:  About 50 years ago, someone working for a major pharmaceutical company invented Doxycycline.  Not long afterward, another brilliant person invented Clavamox.  When used together, they knock out Kennel Cough.  I’m very proud to re-introduce to you Mr. Snuffaluffagus!

Tomorrow he goes to Newman Veterinary in Deltona and meets Serena where he will have another bath, and get a manni  petti!  Based on his energy level and his desire to play with toys, I really believe this guy is younger than we first estimated!

Snuffy is excited to see Kierstin!

Snuffy is excited to see Kierstin!

06/27/13 Update:  This has been two weeks of pure hell for this poor boy.  Last night was so much fun!  Jen and her daughter came over, and they got to see Snuffy again, remember, they fostered him after his Miami transport.  He remembered them!  I mean, he really remembered them!  This is one smart boy!  But I had no idea what was going to be in store for me this morning.

I really wanted to get Snuffy’s fuzzy slippers removed, he was shaved down at Miami-Dade, but they left his feet untouched.  He chews on them a lot, so I thought let’s get him to look even!  He had an appointment at Newman Veterinary Center/Deltona today with groomer, Serena.  While I was there, I figured let me ask Dr. Oliver to examine him, and ask him to fill three prescriptions, for Doxy, Clavamox and his cough tabs.  Seems like a no-brainer right?  WRONG!

Ray was my Vet Tech today, he reviewed Snuffy’s paperwork, looked down and asked me if he was here for his neuter as well. Neuter?  No, he’s been neutered!  He was neutered by Miami-Dade on the 14th, just two weeks ago.  Ray looked at me and smiled, and looked at Snuffy again.  “I don’t think so Gisele!  He has not been neutered.”  Ray examined him again.  One testical was neutered and one was not.  Ray checked to see if it was swelling, but it wasn’t.  The dog has one testical.  I wanted to cry.

Dr. Oliver came in, and confirmed that Snuffy has one testical that has not been neutered, it is not swelling, and it is still attached.  How could that happen?  I reviewed the paperwork from Miami-Dade, and I wanted to cry.  I texted Jackie and asked her if he was neutered.  She replied, and said he was.  But he wasn’t, but he hasn’t been, but how could this happen, what went wrong, and why?

Dr. Oliver said he had never seen anything like it in his 30 years.  How could a doctor be operating and forget one… they are side by side, how could a doctor get so distracted to not operate on both testicals?  However, there is a chance that it is a hemmotoma, a sack of blood.

Dr. Oliver brought another doctor in just to get a second opinion, she examined Snuffy, and confirmed that it did appear that he does have one testical.  She also doubted it was a hemmotoma.  I left Snuffy for yet another surgery.  I’m furious, this dog shouldn’t have to endure this.  I felt so bad for him, and when Ray came back with the paperwork, I shared with him how yes, it is funny, but I want to cry.

Snuffy has gained three pounds since he’s been with me for less than a week, but he is still terribly thin.  He is such a love, he wants to be petted, and is starving for attention and affection.  I really want to cry.  Regardless if it’s a botched neuter or a hemmotoma, it needs to be fixed immediately.

TDL is getting two adorable puppies from Alabama this afternoon, and I can’t foster them.  Kennel cough is highly contagious to puppies who have not been vaccinated.  I thank God Laura Burke offered to foster them for me, but… I just want to cry.

Surgery Update:  Dr. Oliver confirmed that it was a hemmotoma, and again, he said he has never seen anything like it before.  It has been removed, and Snuffy will be coming home shortly.

Snuffy is adopted

Snuffy is adopted

07/02/13 Update:  Snuffy was adopted last Sunday by Jim and Barbara of St. Petersburg.  Jim and Barbara adopted Tinker Belle from TDL several years ago.  I talked to Barbara last night, and Snuffy is doing great with his new pack!


her transport to rescue!

her transport to rescue!

This young girl was rescued from Miami Dade by Jackie, and is being fostered by Michelle Kamber.  She has a wonderful temperament with Michelle’s daughter, and her other dog, and she is ignoring her cats!  What a plus!  Sophia has had all of her shots, spayed and micro-chipped.  She is in the Boynton Beach, Fl area.  You can see more photos of her on Facebook.


A gentle girl

A gentle girl


Sophia Adopted!

Sophia Adopted!

Sophia was adopted! She will be one spoiled little girl!

Avril Lavigne~Adopted

05/03/13 Update:  Little Avril was adopted by Pat and her husband from Titusville.  She will be one spoiled little pup!

Avril Lavigne’s Big Debut in Dog Rescue!

There’s a lot of Poodle/Papillion in this little girl!

tiny little thing!

This tiny little thing was just pulled from Miami-Dade yesterday.  Extra thanks to everyone who helped!  She is very thin, and fearful at first, but once she finds your lap, she parks it and licks you to death!

I will update her status shortly, but you can view many photos of her and her brother, Adam, on Facebook.

Both dogs are fully crate trained, and so far I haven’t heard a peep from them.  They do not have separation anxiety that I can see.  Avril is just now starting to explore and run around.  She has met my Ozzie and enjoyed being with a big dog.

one very happy puppy!

So far, she really gravitates toward my daughter, Sarah…. I think she knows that Sarah will pick her up and she can park it!

The papers indicate she is 18 pounds but I think she is smaller.  She is very emaciated, so I suspect 20 will be her ideal weight eventually.

I’m not sure if her ears scream Papillion, if her little nose suggests Doxie, Sheltie?  I don’t see Aussie, and she sure looks like Polly Pocket!  We have explored her breed possibilities, including Poodle, Whippet, but nothing really sticks!  Regardless, she is adorable and can easily fit in your carry-on bag!

04/04/13:  Avril has settled in and found her joy!  She enjoys running and playing, and she has shown interest in the ball.  She has not had one accident since I got her, and I’m very impressed with her crate and leash training.  She is one smart little dog!

Little Avril loves kids!

04/29/13 Update:  Little Avril is doing great, especially since her brother, Adam was adopted.  She is great with my big dogs, and is a gracious host to our foster dogs.  She and Jeter played very well together.  Avril is housebroken, and is still shy/fearful around new people, but that is getting better every day.  She is delightful with small children, and enjoys spending most of her time in your lap.  But she is one quick little dog!  While playing with Jeter, there was no way he could keep up with her!  Avril is a joy to foster.


Written by Foster Mom, Johanna:

Have Land? Will Travel!

We picked Rexie up in Miami on April 6th. A nice couple there pulled him from a kill shelter, but they were unable to keep him (they lived in a condo). Once we got him to Orlando, he was neutered and updated on all his shots. He developed some minor complications from the neuter (swelling and a little leakage from the incision), but after a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation, he’s all healed up.

Rexie is a sweet dog. He’s been very affectionate with my husband and me. He’s also extremely bright and full of energy. He loves to fetch a ball and to play Frisbee. Rex is VERY focused, with a strong herding and prey drive. I think he would make a great agility or fly ball dog. Because of his strong instincts, I wouldn’t recommend a house with small children or cats.

The Dog Liberator Rescue

Wanna Play?

Rexie currently weighs 52 pounds, but I think his ideal weight is between 42-45 lbs. He’s being fed Solid Gold “Sun Dancer”, and he’s doing very well on it. No digestive issues at all!  He is just a little over 12 months of age, and was originally purchased by a breeder, and is a purebred Border Collie.

If you have a large yard, or a farm, and have the time for a motivated, intelligent, high drive Border Collie, Rexie is the dog for you. He has a ton of potential!

You can see many more photos of Rexie on Facebook.

More about Rexie:

Rexie is housebroken, and  is not at all destructive. He plays hard with his toys, but he does not chew on shoes, furniture, or rugs. He’s also housebroken, and since he’s been neutered, has stopped “marking” in the yard.
He does not bark excessively. However, he will alert you if anyone approaches your house.

What’s Next Boss?

He likes being brushed, and he doesn’t shed excessively.

He does need a bit more practice walking on a leash. He’s afraid of cars (which sure beats trying to chase them). He also needs to work on getting in and out of cars.
Rexie comes with a dog bed, some toys, and a stainless steel food and water dish. I will also throw in a small bag of Solid Gold “Sun Dancer”.
For more information about Rexie, email

Amanda and Rexie

04/29/13 Update: Rexie was adopted by Amanada. He will join her pack and become a frisbee dog! What a dream come true!

Adam Levine~Adopted

04/23/13 Adoption Update:  Several years ago Al & Ans adopted Little Flash from TDL.  I received an email from Al late yesterday, expressing an interest in Adam.  Unfortunately, he also shared the news that one of his dogs had passed way due to old age.  Al has always had a wonderful pack of various breeds, they adore their dogs.  I was so excited that Adam might become part of their pack, I couldn’t think straight!

Al and his wife came over, and even though Adam wasn’t being “polite” they saw through his fear, and they know he really wants to connect.  They are going to give him a chance!  I just know that this environment will be what Adam needs.

Last night, Al wrote:

Amazing Flash connected immediately (like expected) and after meeting all the dogs and neighbors Mico has NOT barked yet. Already been inside and shared a bowl of food……(so far no aggression or territory issues from any dog but will monitor closely) Wish people could get along like this!

On way from Deltona to Casselberry Mico was on my wife’s lap several times and licked my hand a couple of times.

So far so good will keep you posted. Thanks for the shirts and book.

What amazing creatures these dogs!!

Thank god for people like you and TDL:-)


History:  Adam Levine’s Big Debut in Dog Rescue!

a pocket border collie!

This small young boy was pulled from Miami-Dade.  Extra thanks to all who helped transport.  His sister, Avril was also rescued.  Adam is very active, and wants to play.  You can see more photos of him, and his sister, on Facebook.  For now, they are resting from their surgery, and I will update their status shortly.

Both dogs are fully crate trained, and so far I haven’t heard a peep from them.  They do not have separation anxiety that I can see.  Both dogs met my Ozzie and enjoyed being with a big dog.  Avril does not know how to walk from place to place, he runs… I should’ve named him Forrest Gump!  Everything is a joyful game of play for him, and he loves to explore.  This makes it very hard for me to photograph him.  So far, the dozens of photos I’ve taken of him are a blur!

one very happy boy!

Papers indicate he is a 20 pound dog, I want to verify that!  I think he’s at an ideal weight right now, so I do not suspect he will get much bigger.

I’m uploading new photos every day, so please visit his album  on Facebook.

04/04/13 Update:  Adam continues to amaze me.  He will play with any toy, and is packed full of energy, yet when he’s in the crate, he is quiet and calm – the perfect dog!  He would excellent at Flyball or Agility.  He has drive, focus, speed and he’s intelligent – what more could you ask for?  Adam is not a couch potato!  He loves to be active.

Adam Levine, Packed Full of Energy!

He has not had one accident since he came here, and he is crate and leash trained.


Gorgeous, Small and Packed Full of Energy!


The smiling dog!

Guinness is a stunning red/white border collie from Miami Dade County. He is approximately a year old and was rescued from Miami Dade Animal Services. He was found as a stray and was never claimed. This beautiful boy has a gorgeous coat and stunning eyes. On his kennel card at MDAS it stated “this boy can actually smile” and his intake picture is proof of it. He is active but not high drive. He loves to play but also loves to sit on your lap. He does well with both men and women.

He is fearful of other dogs and mainly tries to avoid them. He would do best in a home where he is the only dog.

He is very smart and knows how to sit and give his paw. He is potty trained, walks great on a leash and sleeps quietly in his bed all night.

He is neutered, heartworm negative, microchipped and up to date on his shots. Guinness is a loving young boy looking for his forever home.

You can see more photos of this gorgeous boy on Facebook.


MVP, Lebron

Meet Lebron James, the MVP Canaan/BC puppy. Lebron will be bringing his talents to the Dog Liberator. Kimg James is located in Miami and is looking for his forever home! He is a Slam Dunk for any family! Lebron has an interesting story and his breed goes back to Biblical times! A good samaritan found his mother abandoned on the streets of Miami. She took her in and a short while later realized she was pregnant. Unable to take care of the puppies she took them to a local high school that has a Pre-Vet program. The program has kennel facilities where the dogs are cared for. Unfortunately, people began “dumping” dogs at the school and their numbers began to grow. This past week the school asked the community for help in getting the dogs adopted. Jackie was contacted and she went to see if any pups could join The Liberator family. Little Lebron had the Liberator look, intelligence and special spark! DNA testing was done on this puppy and it was discovered that he is part Canaan dog. The Canaan dog, the natural breed of Israel, dates back to Biblical times, originating in the Land of Canaan. The Canaan dog was the guard and herd dog of the ancient Israelites, guarding their camps and flocks. This breed is inquisitive, loyal and loving with his family. The Canaan moves with athletic agility and today they are successful in the herding, obedience and agility arena. They work well as a team but at the same time can think independently. They are active, alert, devoted, gentle and are very friendly. Lebron James is 4 months old and has beautiful markings! He would love to bring his talents to a family that will open up their heart and home to him!

LeBron’s photos can be viewed on Facebook.


Gentle Jerry~Adopted

Gentle Jerry

Jerry is a gorgeous 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog rescued from death from Miami Dade Animal Services. He is an outstanding pup, with so much love to give. He loves being with his human and furry companions. He is great with people, kids and dogs. He is potty trained, crate trained and wonderful on the leash. He is eager to learn and eager to please. Jerry picks up on training extremely fast (something Cattle Dogs are known for). he would make a great addition to any family especially a family with children. He would make a great companion or service dog because he brings so much joy to those who meet him. He is an all around perfect dog that is grateful to have been saved. If interested in adopting Jerry, please email

You can see more photos of Jerry in his photo album on Facebook.

Free Kisses!

If you are interested in meeting her, please email
and share such information as:

where you live,

your household composition,

your yard/fence/exercise plan,

pets you have and/or had,


Do you have a pool

what contingency plans do you have in place should you no longer be able to care for your dog,

Gorgeous Boy!

if you rent, do you have landlord approval,

and are you prepared to bring your new dog home if you are approved during your meet?

have you or anyone in your family ever been bitten or traumatized by a dog in the past?

also, provide us with your phone number, home address, including county and zip code

and then we’ll go from there! The more you share the better!



Clearly does not belong in a high kill shelter!

I have been thinking about a name for this gorgeous girl for over a week now… and I when I said she’ll be adopted in a Snap… I decided we’d name her Snapple!  This girl comes to use from Miami-Dade and was pulled from Jessica.  Her original name was Muneca.

Yes, we are “Rescue B”, the rescue that adopted her from Miami-Dade and we were not informed that there was a rescue hold on her.  Jackie and Jessica were simply visiting the shelter and they spotted her, knowing she would make me melt, they got her out before I could even see her photo!  Great Save, eh?

Her foster reports:  “She is a very well behaved and calm dog. I am sure once she realizes that she is out of the slammer for good she will start to enjoy herself more. She is about 30 pounds and a year or so old.I am going to get some great photos to send your way because her impound picture does not do her justice. Her color is absolutely beautiful! It is like a red/chocolate color. I know you will love her.”

What I see in her photo is she doesn’t have a tail!  Could she be an Aussie, a Border Collie or maybe even a Bossie?  I have no clue, and it matters not!

After her Jail Break!

Snapple’s photos can be seen on Facebook.  Thanks to the Donation of Susan Gross, and her successful garage sale, this dog is sponsored!

Here’s another Foster Update:  Love it!!!! You can put that she’s great with others dogs,cats. and children. No prey drive! Almost finished with the meds and soon to be on her way to the doggie park. (CANT WAIT) She very submissive and she needs a bit more of a confidence booster. The dog park will help her that! Likes to cuddle on your lap and get hugs/kisses. Already crate trained. I’ll soon leave her at home to roam freely to see if she will wait til I get home to go potty. Fingers and paws crossed!!!


If you are interested in meeting her, please email and share such information as:

where you live,

your household composition,

your yard/fence/exercise plan,

pets you have and/or had,

your normal work schedule,

I can’t resist this face!

how much time the dog will be alone,

what you are looking for in a dog,

do you have a pool

what contingency plans do you have in place should you no longer be able to care for your dog,

if you rent, do you have landlord approval,

and are you prepared to bring your new dog home if you are approved during your meet?

have you or anyone in your family ever been bitten or traumatized by a dog in the past?

also, provide us with your phone number, home address, including county and zip code

and then we’ll go from there! The more you share the better!

Snapple now Scarlett

10/14/12:  Snapple was adopted yesterday!  Thank you Jessica!

Here are a few photos for the family album! She is adorable Gisele. Been out walking and even doing some little agility jumps in our back garden today. She sits beautifully, walks to heel and is so eager to please. We are totally in love! Will send more photos when we have downloaded them. Again thanks for our baby and for all you and the team do:)
Anne and Paul Boland. Scarlett, Dylan Gracie and Mia

Now THAT’s a very proud family indeed!

Volunteer Spotlight on Jackie Duenas

Jackie Duenas


Jackie Duenas has always been the “can do” contact for dogs in the Miami-Dade area.  Every time TDL wanted to rescue a dog from the Miami-Dade shelter, it felt like pulling teeth!  The shelter itself has gone through many administrative and procedural changes, and we can tell the difference.  Their protocols lately have produced healthier dogs.  For example, allowing a dog to be fostered until it’s ready for spay/neuter.  In the past, the old administration would spay/neuter dogs that were medically fragile, Miss Miami, Joey and many others.  But that’s a thing of the past now.  Click here for a list of the dogs we have pulled from this shelter.


The assistance that Jackie has offered us makes a huge difference.  I’ve always said that pulling a dog from death row, getting it vetted and adopted was the easy part.  The hardest part of rescue is finding fosters and transporters.


Jackie writes:

My love and passion for animals has greatly influenced my life and has made me who I am today. At a very young age I decided that I was going to become a veterinarian. Any my choice to do so has never wavered. I am currently a student at Florida International University and working towards my Bachelor of Science in Biology. I am very excited to be graduating in December. After graduation, I will be applying to veterinary school.   

I have extensive experience working with a variety of animals but I decided that I wanted to become more involved in the animal rescue community. I began by networking the animals at my local high kill shelter, Miami Dade Animal Servies (MDAS). Eventually I decided to take a more active role and began fostering and rescuing dogs on my own. That is how I came in contact with Gisele. I myself have had a border collie and two collies that I have rescued.I am completely in love with both breeds and have a soft spot in my heart for them. Gisele and the DogLiberator have been such a blessing as she has helped me save so many deserving dogs from the shelter and given them a second chance at life. 

As I started rescuing I realized how much homeless pets need our help. Every year millions of dogs are euthanized because they are not adopted. I want to be the one to change those statistics. I plan on dedicating my life to homeless pets by specializing in shelter medicine while in veterinary school. Keep an eye out for me because I plan on changing the animal rescue world!  🙂

Jackie Duenas
I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Jackie for all of her hard work and dedication.  Here are the dogs that Jackie has rescued from MDAS:
12/08/12 Update:  Jackie came to our 2012 Annual Reunion, and she did get to meet a few of her past rescues.  It was awesome!


a perfect gentleman

This young boy was pulled from Miami-Dade by Jackie and his name was Danny.  He and Sunkissed were both pulled from this shelter.  Cheerios is good with other dogs, kids, you name it.  He’s just a young dog waiting to be loved and played with.

Jackie writes:

Hi Gisele,
I have sent you a few photos of Danny so that we can start posting him. He is such a great dog. Extremely friendly and playful. I am not sure what you finally decided to name him. He is with Jessica and should be getting groomed tomorrow. She will be taking more photos of him once he is groomed and sending it to you. His prescription has been filled and he will start his treatment tomorrow. I believe that it is a very minor URI as he had no nasal or ocular discharge and was in great spirits. He is great with adults, children, and other dogs. Because he has a URI he could not be neutered but has an appointment on August 30th in which he will be neutered. Let me know if there is anything else you need either I or Jessica to do. 

Jaclyn Duenas

Very attentive and focused

So there you have it.  This young boy is being fostered by Jessica in the Miami area.  He is being treated for upper respiratory which is common in shelter dogs, and will be ready for his new home shortly after September 1st.

More photos of him are on Facebook.


If you are interested in meeting one of our dogs or learning more about it, please e-mail us at and let’s get the process going! Share such information

as where you live,
your household composition,
your yard/fence/exercise plan,
pets you have and/or had,
your normal work schedule,
how much time the dog will be alone,
do you own a pool,
what you are looking for in a dog,
what contingency plans do you have in place should you no longer be able to care for your dog,
if you rent, do you have landlord approval,
are you prepared to bring your new dog home if you are approved after you meet one of our dogs?
Email your answers to, and then we’ll go from there! The more you share the better!


Cheerios was adopted by Becky & Chad.  Here’s their adoption update:

Good evening, Gisele and team!

Cheerios is doing AMAZING! He is such an incredible dog – to say that his “Cheery” personality is contagious would be an understatement!  His smile and attitude toward life are enough to turn anyone’s stressful day completely around!
Cheerios is a perfect blend of innate border collie traits (focus, speed, agility, etc.) and golden affection (from cuddling to the full-body tail wag).  Even in the short time he has been in Tampa, he has already begun to pick up on some of his big sister Gracie’s habits; he is even starting to retrieve frisbees (clumsily, of course – but the idea is there!).  I expect the dynamic between the two of them to be mutually beneficial – and outright entertaining – moving forward.
You may find some pictures of our adventures thus far at this link:  <Please let me know if you cannot access the photos and I will send them individually.>
He does still have some lingering, TINY ticks, but nothing unmanageable.  He doesn’t seem to be bothered.  He has an appointment with our vet tomorrow to make sure we are giving him the best care possible!
Cheerios has already made quite a name for himself at the local dog parks in South Tampa… not to mention our neighborhood community!  Others are convinced he is part fox/coyote/kangaroo.  I just know that he is 100% happy.  His name is absolutely perfect.
Thank you again for everything you do and continue to do for dogs like Cheerios.  You are truly inspirational.
We will continue to send updates!


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