Grey Wind ~ Adopted!

11873717_10153404487754792_1416200229247034091_nThis stunning, and I mean STUNNING, Husky is coming to us from Athens. We don’t know a whole lot about him yet, but we do know he will need a crate, and a home without young children.

More photos and info coming soon!
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11892016_10153408821694792_7874610061040394740_nUPDATE: Grey Wind came in on transport today. He’s extremely malnourished, which explains why he’s protective of his dinner bowl. The poor boy is starving. Gisele is cooking him up a huge pot of her special chicken stew. Love and food are what this lovely boy needs, and he’s gonna get plenty of both! He is about 2 years old.



8/22/15 Update: Grey Wind has found his family and it is with Yaz (Jax), Summer and Ak Shay! Congratulations to them all!




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