Yaz, Now Jax

Named after  Carl Yastrzemski,  Yaz was adopted yesterday by Summer and Ak Shay!  His new name is Jax.  He feel in love with his new family immediately!  He is going to be one gorgeous dog, and I can’t wait to watch him grow up!

That’s one lucky puppy!



Here is Yaz’s photos on Facebook.For more stories about adopting a deaf and/or blind dog, click here.


Click here to learn more about Yaz’s litter mates.




12/17/14 Update: Yaz, now Jax, is getting big! His Mommy writes: “The dogs went to see Santa. You can tell who was naughty.” We love that we get to follow and watch them grow up! Thank you to Jax’s awesome parents for sharing this adorable update!



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