Peggy Baxley, a wonderful caring volunteer from Hall Co. tagged me with Jazzy’s picture on Facebook. So cute, but was there a typo? It said 12lbs. I had never seen a border collie that was 12 lbs! So I messaged her back. Did you mean 21lbs? Nope she said,not a typo!

It was a mini-mini border collie! I shared her pic and immediately had a foster and sponsor for her! I’m late in posting this story because she was adopted almost immediately!

The papers said this little girl was picked up stray in Gainesville near a backyard breeder. Her back legs were weak from being crated all the time, only around 1 to 2 years old she had obviously had several litters of pups. When she first came into foster, she didn’t want other dogs approaching her. A side effect of being bred. She is such a sweetheart! Thanks to the care of her foster she gradually found her joy again. Trips to the dog park proved to be lots of fun for her.

There was so much interest in her we were immediately wading through applications. One stood out to us, and so Jazzy took a trip on P.E.T.S. LLC to Pennsylvannia where she is the apple of her moms eye!
Jazzy’s mom had recently lost her border collie of 14 years. She was devastated and needed Jazzy to fill the hole in her heart. We are happy to report that they were immediately in love!-vicki

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