Pollywog the Teacup Boston Terrier-Adopted

Pollywog is a scrumptious Boston Terrier, only about 12 pounds. Her owner was no longer able to care for her properly, and when a breeder, who is also a friend of our rescue, saw her, she talked the woman into surrendering her to us for rehoming.


Pollywog is so unique looking. Her black coat is actually dark brindle. One ear is black, the other is white. One eye is brown, the other is blue. And she’s only 12 pound. Did I say “unique”???? lol


Pollywog will celebrate her second birthday in January, so she is still very young. She has that slender build that Boston Terriers are known for ~ not! She is built like a fire plug!!! Hard to hold, too, because she squirms and want to kiss you to pieces. What a little lover!
My cat thoroughly enjoys teasing her, sitting just outside her crate giving her the feline death-stare. It takes so little to amuse cats….
Anyway, Pollywog will be off to our vet’s tomorrow to get spayed and checked out, and then she’ll be already for her forever home!
You can see several more photos on Pollywog’s Facebook photo album.


  1. Mack


    My mom's in lurv! She always wanted a little BT! (Mind you I am a thirty pound big boy Boston!)We will go look at her facebook page! Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Anonymous


    Talk about lots of energy bundled up in a very cute package!

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