Serendipity the Fluffy Girl with a Bounce Adopted!

Northwest Alabama Herding Dog Rescue, the rescue that gave us Jesse’s Melissa, sent me an email that read: Bobbi Taylor asked me to send this picture to you. This dog and many others are currently at the Moulton Alabama Shelter. The vet here will be euthanizing all dogs at the facility on Wednesday, May 12. Her name was Bonnie, and was rescued by Bobbi Taylor. Our Megan picked her up from transport, and wanted to name her Bonnie Bella, but when I explained her personality to Holly, Serendipity just fit. This is one year-old girl, is probably one of the most well balanced dogs I’ve ever gotten. She has absolutely no issues with dogs, children, men or women, I’m even curious as to whether she would be great with cats. Someone has been feeding her table scraps, she begs for a bite! Last night she slept with my daughter without incident. She’s fully housebroken, likes to rough house with Ozzie and Lady Di. I haven’t heard her bark much, but with alpha Lady Di here, she has no reason to. Serendipity reminds me of our former Olivia, a Marshmallow dog! White and fluffy with a bounce in the behind, that’s her! Serendipity needed no time to adjust, she was friendly and full of love immediately. She does love to try to bolt out the door when it opens, but maybe that’s because she is wonderfully leash-trained and thinks that every time it opens, she should go! My 7 year-old daughter has taken her on several walks already. Basically, this is a “just add water and stir” dog! 

I will have her weight once she is vetted, spayed, and micro chipped, but for now, I estimate her to be 25-30 pounds. The photos here do not do her justice, updated photos will be coming soon.



Update: New photos, but they still don’t show how darn cute she is. Erika visited us, and she was so excited to meet Erika, giving away kisses for free. This is an awesome little girl, she has no food aggression issues, and acts like she’s lived her all of her life. Everyone loves her, and more importantly, she is the one that got Nellie out of her shell. The moment I let Serendipity outside with Nelli, she was not going to take no for an answer!

Sere has been adopted, and I can’t wait for updates!

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  1. Mia Love


    I ♥ her and meeting her today made all my worries melt away!

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