Tiny Tim the Corgi-Lier~Adopted

Tiny Tim the Corgi-Lier!

Tiny Tim comes to us from Athens Dog Pound, Alabama.  He weights about 25 pounds, and is approximately 1 1/2 years of age.  Megan is fostering him in Deltona and she believes that he is a Corgi/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel…. therefore we’ve defined him as a Corgi-lier!   He is Corgi legs and a King Charles face.  He is very happy romping around the house with Megan’s dogs.  Tiny Tim is very friendly, playful and loving.  More updates coming soon!

Special thanks to all who helped rescue Tiny Tim, especially our Sarah who transported him to us!

If you are interested in adopting, please read Starting your Dog Out Right, and How to Adopt from us, and then email me at thedogliberator@gmail.com

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Isabella and Rasha (Tiny Tim)

Update:  Tiny Tim has been adopted locally, in Deltona, FL!

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  1. My name is Chad Johnson and my girlfriend and myself would love to adopt Tiny Tim,but neither one of us is capable of copying/pasting required to do it.Please contact us at (386)265-1728 or at chad32725@yahoo.com.THANK YOU!

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