Tom Selleck, the Blue Merle Border Collie Joins the Border Collie Boot Camp – Adopted

Wow. What a gorgeous boy, inside and out. This boy is very young, full of energy, but has wonderful doggie manners. More details to come!  His photo album is on Facebook.

December 12, 2010 Update:

Tom has been a fantastic dog. We decided to put him in agility over sheep herding and he is a natural. He blows away all other dogs in his class. We have not started competition yet. He is very fast in the course. He thrives on praise and love not treats.



  1. Gisele


    He (Tom) is an awesome dog and we are already in love with him. Thanks, Antonio

  2. Gisele


    We did not change tom's name. maybe lengthened it a little–now its thomas.

    He loves the water only when he can walk in and feel the bottom. He does not want to jump in the pool. some of his bc instincts are starting to show, the more comfortable he becomes.

    He has been digging under the fence and escaping and taking walk abouts with the chocolate lab in tow. We had him microchipped because of that. I also am installing a electric fence behind the real fence to get him to stop leaving.

    He and I are due to start obedience classes next week. I don't think we are ready for a third BC until the first 2 finish obedience school

    We will send pics soon.


  3. Gisele



    I know it has been a few months, but I wanted to give you a update on Tom. He is doing great. He has become a real alpha dog. He loves people and other dogs but he is always up for the challenge of who is the alpha.

    He started digging some holes in the yard which I take as boredom, so I bought some roller blades and now we FLY around the neighborhood for exercise.

    He is so playful, I wondered how strong his bordercollie instinct really was. He didn't always appear as focused as our last generation BC's. We decided to take him to sheep herding school because of his mental needs. I wasn't expecting too much because I did not think he was high drive.

    He is a natural! He stays focused and doesn't let the sheep get away. He doesn't have the traditional BC crouch but rather a straight up guard type of look which can be typical for some BC's

    I will try to send some pictures of him while he is in the ring training.

    Thank you for the wonderful gift of Tom Selleck


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