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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Going, Going, …..

I gotta tell you, I am a bit stunned. Historically, January is a horrible month of adoptions. I guess after the craziness (and expense) of Christmas, most people just want to go on autopilot and catch their breath. But this month,…. Wow! We have had adoptions left and right! 19 so far, and it’s only the 20th of the month!!! I mean, really, Gisele and I are stunned. We were ready for a drought but have been blessed with a flood instead!

Things have been happening so fast I figure I should take a moment to recap who we have left in the rescue right now, since some of them might have been lost in the shuffle. Here we go:


I love this girl. Six years old, she is living with nice people who just aren’t Aussie-focused. She is intelligent and energetic, but they have small children and can’t give her the attention or exercise she needs. Drop-dead gorgeous, I know that she will be an amazing dog for someone who is active. She is located in Naples.


Our duckling-turned-into-a-swan! Six-years-old, she came to us severely overweight, matted and neglected. Add to that her being deaf, and gee, it’s no wonder she didn’t know what to do with herself. Through the care of our amazing fosters, she has lost weight, is beautifully groomed, and is learning to follow commands through sign language. She has also been the beneficiary of a donated Thundershirt that has helped her overcome her natural anxiety and develop focus. She just wants a someone to walk alongside, to give her the love and attention she lacked for so long. And the deaf thing? Ask anyone who has had a deaf dog that they trained and they’ll tell you that it was the most attentive dog that ever blessed their life! She is in Summerfield, near The Villages.


Feb 15th Update:
Many thanks to Zondra, Erika, Jesse & Joan for all your love you gave Velveteen. If it wasn’t for all of you I would not be able to send this photo of Velveteen enjoying the beach we have in the garden. She is a joy to have around & each day we go to the dog park which she seems to love. Velveteen has settled into this house as though it was meant to be from the start… Each path we take leads us to this point & you all had a part to play in Velveteens path to be with me. Again THANKS Patina 


Oh, Joey! What a mess he was!!! This one-year-old came to us as a hitchhiker: we were rescuing Star from Miami-Dade pound and agreed to take him at the last minute. He was sick, thin and subdued. He is now better and no longer any of these!!! In fact, he has so much energy that we have him being fostered by a professional dog trainer so he can “use the Force for the Light Side.” (Ok, I watch too much Star Wars!). Joey is not an apartment dog. He is a let’s-go-run-until-we-drop dog. Get on your bike and have him run along side you to the dog park where you can play Frisbee or ball and live life to the fullest! He is being fostered in Summerfield, near The Villages.


This one-year-old girl came to us as a bit of an enigma. As Jesse said to me, “I can’t figure out what she wants.” We suspect that she was not given very much attention but was expected to “just know” what was expected of her. Because of this, she was full of starts and stops, not knowing what to do. Given time to decompress, she has revealed herself to be… Moonpie! She just wants someone to love her, to accept her, to give her some direction. She doesn’t want to herd sheep. She doesn’t want to perform agility feats for the applause of the crowd. She just wants to be Moonpie. You know what? I think that’s kinda cool! She is being fostered in Summerfield, near The Villages.


At six-months-old, Kiss had been in at least three homes. She came to us anxious, confused and completely untrained. No wonder ~ she is deaf and deaf dogs crave stability. Like our Velveteen, she has completely transformed. She is now at ease, plays joyfully with the other dogs, is learning commands and is reeeeelaxed! Did I mention how Thundershirts help? Such a blessing. I’ll say it again ~ if you want a dog who is very focused on you, loyal and desiring to please, consider a deaf dog. There are lots of resources to help you, including some of our deaf dog adopters who have offered to mentor! She is being fostered in Deltona.


Born in November, one of the Lucky 7 puppies we rescued from Georgia. An Australian Shepherd (mix?), he is the largest male in the litter. He is being fostered in Nakomis, near Sarastota.

Queen of Hearts

Also from the Lucky 7 litter, she is a fuzzy reddish brown girl with a calm disposition. She is being fostered in Nakomis, near Sarastota.


A Lucky 7 puppy, Reno is full of beans and will dance her back legs to get your attention. She is being fostered in Nakomis, near Sarastota.

2 thoughts on “Going, Going, …..

  1. Reno as of today…adopted to Mark., And Queen of Hearts is a sassy little girl at 8 wks., old, good food, fresh air and two more weeks on planet earth reveal her true personality. A sprite! Mischevious! And she smiles and turns on the charm….probably to get away with things!! I can't belive she is not adopted yet!! Probably tomorrow., she is delightful. Cynthia (her hostage foster)

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