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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Little Miss Kiss!

If Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley could meet this Kiss, for sure she would become their mascot! Just look at that Paul Stanley eye…no make up and this girl is ready to rock out!
Miss Kiss is a lovely six month old really beautiful white and merle Aussie with blue eyes. She is a naturally happy puppy, and when she greets people, her whole body wiggles with joy. She is easy to train, knows basic commands and is housebroken. She is very good with other dogs and unusually calm for a six-month-old puppy.
Have you ever brought a dog home, and were anxious to give it a name, only to find out, after a few weeks, you, your family, and your friends are coming up with even better names? Well, it happens.
Holly urges me to wait until a dog’s personality emerges, but you know how impatient vets can be, they want a name! After being with me for less than a month, this little pup needed a new name! Identifying a pups personality and temperament isn’t easy, especially when they’ve gone through a change of homes, and a transformation, but this little girl is packed full of fun and games, and learns everything on a dime! Am I allowed to change her name? Of course I can, it’s my rescue!
Formerly known as Asia, I’ve renamed her Miss Kiss for many reasons.
Miss Kiss is incredibly affectionate. Many times she crawls onto my lap, and falls asleep with her head hanging off the couch!
She is wonderful with other dogs, and she plays hard with the pack! She is not a destructive puppy, instead she roams freely with the pack, and takes turns sleeping with me or my daughter Sarah, and loves to know that her human is close by. 

She is wonderful with children and she is learning quite a bit by watching China.

While at the Sandy Paws event last month, this little Aussie was melting everyone’s heart. One employee there sat down and held her for at least an hour. Kiss’ polite disposition, and affectionate nature was winning this lady over, but her husband said, no more dogs!


Whoever adopts Kiss will be a very very lucky person. She is cool, funny, full of personality and affectionate. She’s going in her crate wonderfully, but I’m thinking a pair of really cool boots might just finish her look!

Kiss is more intelligent than just about any other dog I’ve ever rescued. Let’s face it, Kiss and China make all of my dogs look completely un-trained! When I call the pack in from outside, who comes into the house first? Kiss and China! It’s downright embarrassing! While is she is hearing impaired, this little fur ball is learning hand signals really fast!

Kiss’ photo album can be viewed on Facebook.

If you are considering Kiss for your family, please read about our adoption process and then e-mail

12/15/2010 update by Cyndy Doty: I spent this morning with Kiss….Oh it was love at first sight! This baby is a love muffin! Hugs and licks galore. Arabela had the best time playing with her.

Miss Kiss…oh that little pink nose! I had to call her Piglet! She is so very sweet and loves nothing more than coming up on your lap to love on you! She loved to play with the big dogs and had so much fun with China playing ball.

I had a hard time not scooping her up and taking her home with me. Why didn’t I? Well, it is called having a husband with you at the scene of the crime!

January 20th Update:

Today I posted on Facebook a reminder that Thundershirts are a great remedy for anxiety in dogs, whether it is from separation, thunder, loud noises or life. I was delighted to see Maja post back. She adopted Skate, now Ludwig, a deaf puppy that I fostered last summer.

” I hope Kiss finds a good home. Honestly, owning a deaf dog is pretty awesome! He has graduated three levels of obedience classes and can still qualify for the canine good citizens. He has played on agility courses and when I take him to the dog park he literally tries to herd all the other dogs! And with a had signal comes running right back over to me. He’s very smart…sometimes too smart but overall he’s a great dog!”

Maja and her husband Chris have offered to help whoever adopts Kiss. As we often say, when you adopt from The Dog Liberator, you don’t just get a dog, you get our whole family!!!

~ Holly

2 thoughts on “Little Miss Kiss!

  1. Posted under "asia"

    chris c. said…
    My wife and I adopted Luddy (formerly skate) who also is a Deaf white Aussie. I must say he has broght us more happiness then we could ever imagine. Unless you call his name you would never know he is Deaf. He has been easy to train and is super smart and loves to just be were we are.
    Working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for the past 5 years it is sometimes heartbreaking to see how isolated they feel from the hearing world as if they are in a box, yet how much love they have to give!
    The same is with Deaf dogs they can feel isolated as they may be passed over for hearing dogs. I ask please let them out the box you will be amazed at the love they have to give!! You should see the smiles of our dear Deaf friends who meet Luddy and find he is Deaf as well it is an instant connection. Anything you may have read negative about Deaf dogs I can assure you is not true. I hope that someone will open their heart and home to beautiful Asia you will not regret it. Currently Luddy knows about 20 ASL signs, if you do adopt Asia and need help with ASL signs I would be happy to assist. I belive Holly has my email. Oh btw Deaf Dogs Rule:)

    December 23, 2010 4:22 PM

  2. I would be very lucky to have a such a beautiful dog as Miss Kiss! I absolutely love Australian Shepard’s and border collies. I was looking at some pictures on Google images and saw Kiss and immediately fell in love with her! She looks like a very good dog. I hope she finds a good home and i wish her the best! Whoever adopts her will be very lucky.

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