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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Meet Jasper and Little Bear!

Update from Jesse, Video of Little Bear:

Meet Da Boyz, Jasper and Little Bear!

Written by Cynthia Harper:

This is a whole lotta Aussie trouble I have here! Beautiful, loving, high energy, young boys. “Jasper” is the blue eyed, white faced merle, standard size who weighs about 55 lbs. He will be three this December.

“Little Bear” is the split face cutie with beautiful amber eyes. He is also a standard, but smaller, about 35 lbs. and also a blue merle. Little Bear will be four this January.

These dogs are, in my opinion, the epitome of the Aussie Breed. Their conformation, personalities, intelligence, energy and natures are stellar.
These boys were given to me by a young woman who got “Little Bear” when she was just 14 years of age, and “Jasper” one year later from the same breeder. We are hoping that she can find their papers because they come from award winning Sheep Herding, Agility, and Conformation Lineage.

Lindsey had to face the painful fact that she could no longer keep them, as their family is going through very hard times. She feels good that they will be adopted through The Dog Liberator and hopes to one day work with us. I am very proud of this young woman, as this was very very hard for her to do. Lindsey has done a very good job teaching these boys to sit, stay, down, leave it, stay back, shake paw, roll over. They have good leash manners as well, but they almost pulled me down twice on walks when a squirrel was in sight. They are slow to respond to “leave it”!! Lindsey also exercised them by riding her bike while they ran beside her, off leash!

These boys have been outside dogs their entire lives and I am working with them with regard to inside manners yet. They have tried to “counter surf” and jump on anything and anyone. These are easy things to teach though. In just a day they are making progress. They are extremely smart. They are house broken and crate trained.

“Little Bear” seems to be the more intense of the two, while “Jasper” is just a big ol “love me madly please” type of boy. Happy and bouncy.

I think as far as agility or Performance Sports are concerned “Little Bear” would be the best candidate. I think he just might be perfect for Flyball also, as his concentration is very strong. The boys love water also. They lived with little children and a cat and are great with both. Though of course they are powerful and might knock over young children while playing.

These boys are also completely gorgeous and both very loving, however, they will need to be placed in a home with an experienced dog-owner and someone who would commit to giving them the activity they need.

The time you put into it will be paid back in spades as they are just hitting their stride and the sky’s the limit as far as what either of them can achieve. I also feel that “Jasper” would especially make a great family dog, and the bigger the family, the better, more kids for him to keep track of!

Outstanding description Cynthia! Realize that we are in touch with a lot of trainers and behaviorists to help our adopters achieve success!

Be sure to read the comments on this blog as that is where fosters and others who have met these pups post their insights. And don’t miss their extensive Facebook photo album.

December 9th Update:

Little Bear did his first flip for the Frisbee today. I’ll try to get some video; he’s also getting major air catching short tosses!

January 4th Update:

Jasper found his forever home; here are a couple of pics of them on their way home. He started out in the back seat, but that didn’t last long enough for Rich to get in the car. Jasper wanted to hurry up and drive 🙂

4 thoughts on “Meet Jasper and Little Bear!

  1. His temperament is great, with all people he's met so far (we visited the neighborhood). Other than with other dogs that is. That won't take long though as he is very smart and eager to please. Unlike their first meet through the fence – which looked ferocious – Jasper has already been nose to nose with all my guys (one at a time), needing only a gentle correction based on his body language, and a cookie when he remains calm. That seems to be fear based. Once he gains confidence and learns they are no threat, they'll be buddies. I expect them to all be running free together tomorrow, but I'll let him decide the pace.
    Cynthia, please share with their first owner & feel free to give her my contact info.

    Thanks for the opportunity to work with this gem!

    Foster, Tom

  2. Nov 28 8am
    All were taken out off leash together in the back yard. Jasper didn't so much as make a sound towards anyone. He, PupPup and Mimi sniff tested each other and evidently passed. Dixie required only one correction for approaching Jasper with 'that' look; otherwise Jasper, Barry and Dixie were indifferent towards each other.
    When we came back in, Jasper went to his 'safe zone', his crate. I left the door open and he has been out to explore a little bit, but heads back within a couple minutes.
    Jasper got his remaining medication with breakfast.

    Now to get him to sleep past darktime . . .


  3. Updates from Jesse regarding Little Bear are nothing but perfect. He's an awesome dog that has agility potential.

    Updates from Tom regarding Jasper as as follows:

    Jasper responds VERY enthusiastically to a high pitch whistle; he'll jump around on his back legs when you do that.
    He's usually good with the other dogs, but still spooks easily; vigilance is the keyword with that. If he goes to another home with dogs, it will need to be a 'dog person' who can deal with him possibly acting out due to fear. He responds instantly to a correction and immediately stops, but it will probably take some time for him to get over his reaction completely.
    He's out and about most of the time when I'm home, and I haven't seen him be destructive or counter surf, etc. He shows no resource guarding issues with food.

    He is extremely gentle, relaxed and well behaved when meeting new people.


  4. Jasper is well on the way to becoming the dog he was meant to be. Coming to know he is not comfortable trying to be Alpha, or needing to be fearful, he no longer shows aggressive tendancies towards other dogs.
    Last night he snuggled with my alpha male Saint, Barry. When he woke, he made the rounds giving all the dogs – and me – our morning kisses, then tried to engage PupPup in play. When he understood PupPup wasn't yet up to playing, he submissively offered her his belly.
    I expect he will be the same with other non-aggressive dogs, as long as he is properly introduced.
    I no longer feel the need to crate him through the night, although he is very happy to go into his 'house' if I'm leaving for work.
    Jasper is very low key as compared to many herding dogs; a laid back homebody. He is completely fulfilled when he gets to spend time with his human. He will capture you with his soulful blue eyes, topped by one beautiful set of white eye lashes.

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