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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

The Craig’s List Sisters, Asia and Sparrow – Sparrow Adopted

These two 6-month-old pups were on Craig’s list 2 weeks ago. Amy Benz called me in a panic when she noticed one of them was a white Aussie (red flag). She contacted the owners who confirmed that she is deaf and also mentioned casually that the brown one has a bad leg.

I made a few phone calls and planned on moving some dogs around so I could have the room to take them in. I called Amy and asked her to get them for us. Well, she called the owner only to be told that a wonderful couple was driving from Crystal River to pick up the dogs, and they had experience with deaf/blind dogs. We were relieved.

Just a few days ago, however, Amy called me again to tell me that the same two pups were on Craig’s list again. This time, I called. Why were they on Craig’s list again?

The list of reasons why were as long as Sarah’s Christmas list for Santa. When Amy arrived to pick them up, the conditions there were alarming – she wondered how they could afford to feed the dogs. They had no experience with deaf/blind dogs whatsoever. The new owner indicated that he had taken the brown Aussie (Sparrow) to the vet and the vet said it would heal on it’s own. The bill was only $28 and no x-rays done, yet the paperwork indicates a broken femur. Even though the two are both due for their boosters and rabies, no shots were given. Both need to be spayed. Craig’s list is a great tool, but free to a good home is dangerous, especially when dogs are not spay/neutered before re-homing.

Amy brought the dogs late that night to Jesse’s place. Jesse indicates that the leg is healing improperly and something needs to be done right away.
We believe that Asia does have good vision, but her hearing is questionable.

They are being transported to the vet tonight, and we are waiting for x-rays before we can create a plan for Sparrow; Asia however, is coming to me!!!!

I will be consulting with Fritzi in Connecticut, who adopted Deaf Sassafras, and Asia’s training will begin. I have already asked that a small Thundershirt be donated for Asia, and it’s on the way. The Thundershirt proved to be successful for Velveteen.

This is going to be exciting. I wonder what China will think about Asia?

I have been corrected that the term lethal whites does not apply to Aussies, yet the term is always used. Here’s a great site that explains why.

P.S. What I love about deaf dogs is that Ryan can play the trumpet as loud as he wants, and it doesn’t bother them!

Sparrow’s photos can be seen in her Facebook Photo Album.

December 7th Update:

Holly just met the sisters at the vet, and within minutes of putting them in separate crates, Asia experienced severe separation anxiety. I have my work cut out for me, that’s for sure. With her sister, Sparrow, possibly facing surgery, separating them will be a must. Clearly, Asia is using her sister as her compass, just like China uses Ozzie. I plan on taking a lot of naps, going to bed early, and sleeping in as much as possible while I wait for Asia, for once she arrives, I have a feeling sleep will be something that I don’t get much of. A Thundershirt is on the way for her, and I’m researching vibrating collars, but they are an expensive gadget for this rescue. On the bright side, I stocked up on marrow bones and chicken hot dogs!

It was almost midnight when the vet’s office called me last night about Sparrow. The injury is a very old one, they are looking at the x-rays and will consult with another doctor before they make their final decision.

Update 12/10/10: The girls arrived last night, and they have been wonderful. Asia does cry a bit when left alone, but they are slowly being separated, and both are wonderful temperaments. I agree that they are about 5-6 months of age. Asia’s training will start this weekend, a Thundershirt has arrived!

Update 12/12/10: Ahhh, a quiet night for the little girl named Asia. Her Thundershirt arrived, and her crate changed. No wire crates for her, instead, she enjoys the comfort of a plastic airline crate, and her overstuffed doggie bed. I think it was the best night’s sleep she ever had! She is loose in the house with the pack, she and China are getting along well, but China wants to play rough.

Sparrow, on the other hand is enjoying peace and tranquility. I think Asia’s constant screaming was getting on her nerves. Amazingly enough, separating them was the only way to train Asia, because every time Asia was corrected, Sparrow would sulk and think she was in trouble too!

They are both incredibly intelligent and calm for young puppies, and because Asia was not abused, her training will progress quickly as opposed to China. I’m so thankful that Amy Benz scooped these two up for us, for I believe that they were on the road to nowhere.


Update 12/29/10: China makes her debut, teaching Asia to play!

Note: When I use the term “blind” it does not in anyway imply that Asia is completely blind, for she is not, neither is China or Velveteen, but their vision is poor enough to label them as such. Both Asia and China get along very well with limited vision, it’s their sense of smell that kicks into overdrive to help them get around, and get around they do. They catch the ball in mid air, and frisbee, quite well, even better than most sighted dogs. Having a dog that is deaf with low vision is a piece of cake to be honest, I only wish others could see what I mean.

12/15/2010 update by Cyndy Doty: I spent this morning with Sparrow and Asia….Oh it was love at first sight! These two babies are love muffins! Hugs and licks galore. Arabela had the best time playing with them.

Sparrow is so gentle and kind hearted, You just want to pick …her up and love on her! She is a very special soul. One look into those eyes and your heart melts!

Asia…oh that little pink nose! I had to call her Piglet! She is so very sweet and loves nothing more than coming up on your lap to love on you! She loved to play with the big dogs and had so much fun with China playing ball.

I had a hard time not scooping them up and taking them home with me. Why didn’t I? Well, it is called having a husband with you at the scene of the crime!

Truthfully, I can’t believe these two are not adopted yet! Someone please open your heart and home and get these babies all the love they deserve for Christmas!

Why is Craig’s list so dangerous?

You thought I wouldn’t bring that up again, didn’t you? Here’s why. I did this video July, 2009 for Pet Rescue by Judy.

Craig’s List, why it’s dangerous

12/19/20 Adoption Update: Sparrow was adopted at the Sandy Paws event yesterday. by Carolyn Shoup. Here, Carolyn’s granddaughter cuddles with Sparrow. Carolyn Writes: Good Morning. Sparrow is now named Peanut. We took her to Petsmart to get a collaar etc. and she did wonderful. She isn’t sure about her crate at night but she goes in with one of the toys we got her. She has already leaned to use the dog door on the porch but she still wants you out there with her. She loves bird seed. Also she is definitely a lap dog. She did well on her wlak yesterday but both of us will need training in how to walk on a leash. When my granddaughters come over this week we will send you some pictures. She has a vet appointment tomorrow, will get the fax number for you. Carolyn

3 thoughts on “The Craig’s List Sisters, Asia and Sparrow – Sparrow Adopted

  1. Asia did an outstanding job yesterday at the Sandy Paws event. She played nicely with other dogs, got a lot of affection from others, and was content on the floor next to Sarah, where she took a nap in the middle of a lot of commotion! While Asia has poor vision, and is totally deaf, it doesn't stop her from being an awesome dog. Much like China, Asia relies on her sense of smell and can catch a ball in mid air on a dime! Considering she is just a young pup, she is not over the top with puppy energy, and will be a fantastic family dog. Training a deaf/blind dog is actually easier than training… let's say, a dog like my Ozzie!!!!

  2. My wife and I adopted Luddy (formerly skate) who also is a Deaf white Aussie. I must say he has broght us more happiness then we could ever imagine. Unless you call his name you would never know he is Deaf. He has been easy to train and is super smart and loves to just be were we are.
    Working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for the past 5 years it is sometimes heartbreaking to see how isolated they feel from the hearing world as if they are in a box, yet how much love they have to give!
    The same is with Deaf dogs they can feel isolated as they may be passed over for hearing dogs. I ask please let them out the box you will be amazed at the love they have to give!! You should see the smiles of our dear Deaf friends who meet Luddy and find he is Deaf as well it is an instant connection. Anything you may have read negative about Deaf dogs I can assure you is not true. I hope that someone will open their heart and home to beautiful Asia you will not regret it. Currently Luddy knows about 20 ASL signs, if you do adopt Asia and need help with ASL signs I would be happy to assist. I belive Holly has my email. Oh btw Deaf Dogs Rule:)

  3. i have border collie experience, and if we had not just taken on a pit/mastiff mix with a bum leg, i would say hey, no problem as we have a deaf boxer(he is registered as toby on what a cutie! so beautiful! our old border collie came with all the markings of being blind, deaf, and dumb and was none of them and lived a long happy life. i so wish we had room in the house for another dog, but we just don't. we certainly do in the yard, but i will pass the word on with friends who love sn dogs and see what i can do!

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