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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

Mojo the Marvelous~Adopted

Mojo the Marvelous~Adopted

Update:  Mojo would make a great apartment dog, he is quiet, and prefers to be indoors.  He is very attached and focused on his human.  He is kind to strangers, is very people-oriented.  He gets along with a young female golden retriever who likes to play, but is very unsure of other male dogs.  He is being fostered in Gainesville, Florida.


History:  Mojo was turned into a Georgia kill shelter by his owner, and the reason behind it is still a bit of a mystery.  We were told that neighbors weren’t getting along because of the dogs but then the story kept morphing.  We are cautious about what dogs we pull, and the background story mattered to us.  However, with such conflicting tales, we left it up to Vicki to meet the dog, and determine if we should rescue it.  No surprise she did indeed pull him out and then fostered him for a week while we arranged transportation to Florida.  It proved to be a good decision:  after he had some time to relax and learn Vicki’s routine, he has proven to be a very polite and well-natured boy.

His first night with Vicki, she put him in a wire crate, and walked into another room, only to find that when she turned around… he was standing there! Yes, Mojo knows how to use his paws and teeth to easily pop open a wire crate! With talent like that, I wonder if he can fix my toaster. Anyway, he was moved into a heavy duty plastic crate for the rest of his stay!  Funny enough, when the tornadoes tore through the area, Vicki found Mojo had put himself in his crate!

I asked her to share with you what she had learned about him in that time.  Here is her reply, written in her delightful style!:

Hi, My name is “How Bout them Dawgs” Mojo! I lived in Athens,Ga where everyone was always yelling, “How Bout them Dawgs!”  But it turns out they weren’t really dog friendly.  At the first sign of an issue with the neighbor cause their dog came into my yard, I found myself  at the shelter.  I really don’t understand what i did wrong….. I am sad and confused and lonely without my dad.  The lady i am staying with says he won’t be coming back for me, that she is going to find me a better home…but what if they don’t like me?

I am housetrained and crate trained, i didn’t like the crate at first but have decided it gives me some security so i like it now.  There are alot of dogs here and it makes me nervous, i have’t been around other dogs much.  My foster mom says i am very good in the house and i love my walks .  I don’t pull on the leash and love the country side here, it is much quieter than where i use to live.

If i could pick my perfect home it would be one where I got to go everywhere with my owner.  Got to take long walks or better yet had my own farm!  I like bigger, calmer dogs like my friend Daisy here, she makes me feel like there is nothing to worry about.  I need to get out in the world more and see what there is to see!  If you want me to be your one and only I would love that too!!!!

Vicki Truelove
Purple Paws

Mojo’s hair on his lower half has been trimmed down quite a bit, maybe because of matting, but judging by his gorgeous face, I think he’s going to look a lot like our Ranger and McQueen. He’s quite stunning.

Mojo’s photo album can be viewed on Facebook.

If you are interested in adopting him, please review our adoption process and then e-mail the requested information to

Update: After just a few moments with Mojo, Mark agrees that Mojo is a very well balanced and behaved dog.  He has not gone after the chickens, the horses, or the cats.  He plays well with the other dogs, and whatever alleged incident occurred that landed him at a kill shelter, is insignificant.  Mark strongly believes that the shelter has made an error.  Mojo is listed as a Spaniel, which is he is not.  He was listed as 49 pounds, which he is not.  He is listed as 5 years old, which he is NOT.  And he does not have any of the issues that the shelter documented.  A case of mistaken identity?  Perhaps.  When you have top notch experienced rescuers like Vicki, Kathy, Khaz, Larry, and now Mark Whalen all concur that this dog has NO issues whatsoever…  well the court is adjourned!  I cringe a bit thinking that I almost did not pull him based on the documentation.  Vicki assured me she was up to the challenge.  Thank goodness I changed my mind!

Update:  Mojo is doing very good, he’s still a little unsure of himself especially around other dogs but just needs to be reassured that no one is going hurt him. If he feels cornered or trapped he gives warning signs until I let him know that he is safe.  He listens well and has great recall to a reassuring call.  An aggressive punitive sounding command causes him to cower and he won’t come. Mojo has exhibited very low prey and herding drives but shows curiosity towards new things. He doesn’t play a lot but I think that’s due to the heat. He likes to lay at your feet and enjoy quiet attention. He is excelent on a leash and loves to ride on the golf cart. When he’s being walked and comes across another dog or person (even on a bike) he pays attention but doesn’t act like a nut. He has learned that the crate is not a bad thing and goes in on command.  When he’s in the crate he still gets a bit of anxiety but is not destructive.  He interacts well with kids and cats. I think that he would be good in a lower activity household where he would get daily walks. To be honest, Mojo would be happy as the only dog.  I would recommend that he goes to a household without other male dogs, unless his new owners know how to correctly manage dogs and not push them together.  Further updates to come.

Update:   Mojo is described by Mark as a very relaxed dog.  He has no prey drive, and enjoys to lay ontop of Mark’s feet!  He is not food aggressive, is constantly learning new things, is awesome on leash, and Mark says it’s Mojo that his wife picks to go places with.  “She’s starting to treat him like he’s her favorite”.

Update:  Mojo would make a great apartment dog, he is quiet, and prefers to be indoors.  He is very attached and focused on his human.  He is kind to strangers, is very people-oriented.  He gets along with a young female who likes to play, but is very defensive to male dogs.


3 thoughts on “Mojo the Marvelous~Adopted

  1. Hey. Mojo looks like my ‘Carmel Bear’. Is he a Sheltie? Perhaps from an Missouri puppy mill. Bear is totally mellow too. BTW I lost my little sable guy Mojo to cancer two years ago. Robin your DON’T want to loose your Mojo ’til it’s his time!

  2. I would like to arrange a meet with him
    I have a sister in Ocala; the two if us could come
    It would need to be sometime the week following
    Dec 8
    Can this be arranged?
    Will look forward to your email

  3. I am interested in Mojo. I have a mini boarder collie I adopted from rescue in June or July. I have a great interest in Mojo’s personality and I believe I can bring him out of his shell.
    I am trying to locate a life partner for my collie Rin. He is 1.5 years old and gets along with all dogs. I am an Angel Flight pilot and Rin is in training for companionship for the patients I fly for serious illnesses. He has learned to boogie board surf in the ocean and goes kayaking with me and loves it. He runs with me next to my bike on leash and his best friend is a 2 yr old great dane. He loves to do the weekend RV at the beach. We would to give another dog a chance to live an loving and exciting life.
    I would like to know if he is available and what the size and lbs. and cost. I look forward to your contact.
    Take Care,, Terri Evans

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