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The Dog Liberator rescues abandoned dogs throughout the Southeast. Based in Central Florida, this non-profit organization fosters all of their dogs in a home environment. Founded in 2009, all dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. The Dog Liberator focuses in rescuing the herding breed, which consists of Border Collies, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Aussies, Collies, and Deaf/Blind Dogs.

The A-Team – ADOPTED

This young boy is named Ace. He has more black coloring, and a mask!

Update: Ace has been adopted.

These pups were rushed to us by Becky Harshman. The post for their rescue clearly states that their mother was a Collie, and the father was a Golden Retriever. In the meantime, they are very good little pups, and will be evaluated by our Vet to determine when they can be spayed & neutered. Photos of all 3 will be available soon. It appears that we have two males, and 1 female. They are 9 weeks old.
This young boy is named Axle. He and his litter mate Ace are almost identical twins. Axle does not have quite as much black on his body, and he appears to be the dominant one of the litter.

Anabelle, Ajax and Alayna come to us also from Becky Harshman, with Shadow has a hitchhiker! These pups are currently being fostered by Tabitha.

Photos coming soon!

This young female has been named Anastasia. She is very demanding when it comes to getting your attention, and loves to play!

Update: Anabelle has been adopted.

To see more photos of these pups, join us on Facebook, and view our photo albums.

This little girl (shown right) has been named Anabelle. She is not a litter mate of the others shown. She came from a different location and a different transport. We believe she may be a collie shepherd mix. I see a little collie in those ears of hers! Holly agrees with the Shep breed but is not sure why I see collie in her face! Tabitha noticed that someone has cut her whiskers off. What’s up with that? She is probably the pup that is still a little afraid and not trusting yet, but that’ll be fixed quickly!

Foster Update 04/23/10:
Anabelle-Adopted: is a German Shepherd mix (according to mom). Coming out as the Alpha female, is food aggressive but we’re working on that. She is doing great, needs more weight and is responding to her name! We had to work on getting her back in the door once she went out, she seemed to be afraid to come back on the porch. She will jump on the bed to sleep with Jacob if she is left out. She is agile and an escape artist! Does NOT like cats! Vaccinated and wormed today.

Axle – Adopted: aka “The Beast” LOL! – he is the biggest of all the pups and definitely Alpha male! He tried taking on my Aussie a couple of times and got put in his place! He can get a little aggressive, chewing and pulling on pant legs while you’re walking – we are working on correcting that. He is responding well. Otherwise a very happy, active puppy.

Ace-Adopted: the quiet brother – he has attached himself to my daughter. He is relatively quiet, compared to Axle, and only barks when intimidated or trying to make a point with the other pups.

Anastasia – Adopted! what a happy puppy!!! Kissy, smiley, very well adjusted! She is going to need a home with someone who loves doggy attention. Doing very well overall, has to assert herself once in a while with Anabelle. Is very inquisitive. (She stuck her nose straight into an ant pile today, she also fell into my fish pond too!) She is not very happy about the cats!

Here’s our first A-Team Adopted Photo!

October 19th Update on Anastasia (now known as Annie):

A new picture of Annie… she is always where the girls are whether or not they have lollipops.
She was from Tabitha—her name before we adopted her was Anastasia from the A Team!

3 thoughts on “The A-Team – ADOPTED

  1. What a JOY it is that Anastasia found her forever home on 4/30/10 with the Foster Family from Mims!

    Ace (now named Tucker) found his forever home with the Mastropietro Family from Winter Park on 5/1/10!

    I am so happy to have been a part of their lives, even for a short time, and help them find the special homes they belong!

  2. Axle found his forever home today! Kaylen and Dustin are friends with the couple who adopted his brother Ace/Tucker!!! How sweet it is that they will be able to see each other and have play dates. I am so excited for all three of these puppies!

  3. Anabelle – now Bonnie, is in Atlanta! I received an update on her and her owner says that she is a bi-lingual puppy! I always knew that girl was smart!!!

    Ajax – now Jasper, is in Orlando getting spoiled rotten by Sharon Kelly!

    Alayna – now Luna, is with Plessy (now Nayra)! They are so spoiled it's not even funny! They are with the Lew family in Kissimmee.

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