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Wiffle and Waffle the Corgi Jack Puppies ~ Adopted

Wiffle and Waffle the Corgi Jack Puppies ~  Adopted
Waffle and Wiffle

A couple of nights ago I was on the phone talking with Amy while she was eating her dinner and perusing Craig’s List.  (Amy is an awesome multi-tasker)  Suddenly she said, “Oh my!”

“On no,” I replied.  “What did you find?”

“Someone is getting rid of a litter of five Corgi mix puppies.”

“Why are you still on the phone with me?  Quick, call them!”  Why the urgency?  Because (a) people who make a spontaneous decision to get a puppy are more likely to give it up later, (b) we know that Craig’s List is trolled by bad people looking for free/cheap dogs for bad purposes,  and (c) we know that most dogs bought of it are not spayed/neutered, and therefore contribute to the future pet over-population problem.

Momma Corgi

Fifteen minutes later Amy called me from her car.  “I’m on my way.  Turns out the guy lives an hour from me.  I don’t know where.  He says he’ll meet me at an intersection and I can follow him home from there.”  I asked her if she had her mace, tazer and gun with her.  What can I say?  I get nervous with the places Amy goes to save dogs!  “He says he has other people coming to meet the puppies.  I hope I am in time.”

Waffle with his 7-month-old brother

An hour and a half later, another call.  “I was only able to save two.  In less than an hour, he’d given away three!”  I got a pit in my stomach.  I hope they found wonderful homes….  “The two I have are boys.  Really cute, really little.  I got a photo of the mother, definitely a Corgi.  The photo isn’t that good because she kept moving.  I also got a photo of their 7-month-old brother, sired by the same dog.  The owner says that the dad is a wired-hair Jack Russel that roams the neighborhood.  He complained that this the second time his dog got pregnant by it.  I told him the solution was simple.  Just spay your dog.  He looked at me completely blank.  Ugh!”

Bath time for Wiffle and Waffle

Amy took the two little boys home and bathed them.  Immediately.  They were covered in fleas.  Fleas so bad that they had scabs on them from scratching.  Poor pumpkins.  She was thrilled when they slept through the night, no problem.  The next morning she took them to work with her, dropping them off at the home of a co-worker who lives near the school (Amy is a teacher).  Her friend’s husband took  a late lunch so he could go home and let out the puppies.  They did great again ~ no accidents.  After work, Amy drove to a nearby Wendy’s where my husband and I met her (having driven through a monsoon ~ what’s that about???).

Wiffle, so little

She’s right.  The puppies are precious.  At 8-weeks-old, they are not yet five pounds.  They have the wiry hair that I just love and spunky personalities.  When the Border Great Pyrenees puppies met them, they didn’t take any grief but stood their ground.  I was quite proud of them!  I think that these two little ones are going to be wonderful dogs.  As a cross between a Corgi and a Jack Russel, they should do what most mixes do and pull the best of both breeds.  I expect that they’ll be around 25 pounds when they mature.  In the meanwhile, I’m just going to love their cute little selves!

Waffle exploring the garden


You can see more photos of each in Wiffle’s photo album and Waffle’s photo album.    I am fostering Wiffle and Waffle in Winter Park, Fl.  If you think that you might be the perfect home for one of them, please first read our article on starting out your dog right, then review our adoption process and e-mail me at

September 9th Update:

Waffle has cracked me up.  I was concerned that he would be depressed after his brother was adopted, and yes, he was sad the first night.  But in typical puppy fashion, he quickly bounced back and started terrorizing the other puppies.   Never mind that he is less than half their size ~ nothing slows him down.  I love this little guy!!!

September 13th Update:

Waffle is just full of beans!  He is always finding something to do!

September 15th Update:

Waffle is having so much fun with the other puppies.  Here he is playing with Ripple, Raffle and Ruffle.  What a character!!!


Wiffle going home with Ben and Emily

September 3rd was Wiffle’s wonderful day!  Ben and Emily recently moved to Pensacola so he could start flight school.  They had been watching our website for a while, since they spotted Esme the Cavalier King Charles.  When they saw Wiffle, they immediately e-mailed me.  As soon as they could, they jumped in their car and made the eight hour drive to adopt this little fellow.  Is it any surprise that they not only loved him, but he was all about them?  Nope!  What a perfect match!!!  Please forgive the blurry photo ~ I managed to push a button on my camera and finally had to get my husband to figure out how to fix it!  *sigh*  Anyway, Pensacola, welcome your newest Dog Liberator puppy!

Waffle going home with Kristiana and Brian

September 30th was Waffle’s big day!  Kristiana and Brian had come out to meet him the weekend before, but we delayed the adoption for a week because some of the other puppies were sick and I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t going to come down with it.  Nope!  Waffle continued to be his regular full-of-vim-and-vinegar self!  I’m so happy with this match: Kristiana and Brian already have a two-year-old Corgi, so Waffle will have another dog to not only play with but to be mentored by.  Perfect, just perfect!  Melbourne, welcome your newest Dog Liberator puppy!

One thought on “Wiffle and Waffle the Corgi Jack Puppies ~ Adopted

  1. I am interested in adopting waffle the corgi jack mix. Our family live in Clermont, Florida. We have been lucky to have had two corgi’s in the past, Yogi and Daisy. Yogi passed in 1999 at the age of 12 and Daisy passed in 2003 at the age of 14. We now have a Jack Russell, Snickers, he is 6 years old – we also have a cat, Monet. Snickers and monet get along great. He wishes she would like being pounced and rolling around on the floor more but both share the appreciation of the sunny spot on the floor for a nap.
    A corgi jack will have the best of both breeds what character and personality it would have. My husband and I have 3 daughters ages 20, 16, and 12. We have a fenced in yard. We crate train/ use a crate for our dogs with great success. We have a vet that we have used for the past 10 years her in Clermont. The dogs are never alone at home for more than 3 to 4 hours. I am a stay at home mom but volunteer at the local elementary school. We travel some but not often, the dog goes along but the cat has a house sitter. Interested in Waffles adoption fee, and where he is located in Florida. Can’t wait to hear from you.
    Sheri Hazelwood

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