Little Carly-Adopted

Foster Update: Carly is a sweet little thing. She is my shadow follwing me around the house. She walks pretty well on a leash and is doing well with house breaking. She enjoys lying on a dog bed with a bone taking in all the action around her. She is not sure what to think about cats – mine are bigger than her – but has decided to… ignore them for the most part. She has adjusted well to being part of a family with 3 kids – they don’t seem to phase her…noise and all.
Carly is a wonderful little dog with a great per-sonality. Her foster, Susan, writes “Carly is ready for KISSES!!! 5 months old and 10 pounds. She sure is cute and sweet. What a lover…she thinks she belongs on the bed!!!
We have noticed that Carly’s hind legs may be lacking muscle tone. A home-opathic consultant will be evaluating her shortly. Herbs and acupuncture have been a suggested course of treatment so far. Lucky for us, we have Deb Redmond who will serve as a consultant for anyone who adopts Carly, to ensure her road to recovery.
Carly has been adopted! What a photo eh?

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