Yankee Candles Donates to our Rescue!

Just Enter our Group ID, 990055884

Just Enter our Group ID, 990055884

Just Enter our Group ID, 990055884

I love them, don’t you?  Ozzie prefers the pine scented candles!  If you love Yankee candles, now you can purchase them from their online store, and help out!  Yankee Candles donates 40% of our sales profit to  TDL’s Veterinary Care Fund!  Click Today!  Here are more details:

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters of  The Dog Liberator;

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Just Enter our Group ID, 990055884

Just Enter our Group ID, 990055884

Here’s how it works:

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Yankee Candles Donates 40% to TDL's Dog Rescue

Use our Code: 990055884 and Yankee Candles Donates 40% to TDL’s Dog Rescue

Thank you for your continued support.

Woo Hoo and all the Best!

The Dog Liberator

Do Dogs Remember?

Lady ArabellaOn July 9, 2010, my accountant, Kingsley Shinner contacted me about his mother’s dog.  I’ve known Kingsley since I moved to Deltona in 1989 and every year during tax time, I visited his office.  I had met his parents, and was saddened when I learned that his mother’s health was failing.  Kingsley helped guide me when I created The Dog Liberator, giving me advice and helping me incorporate out business, and put together our Articles of Incorporation to submit our request for non-profit status.  I never dreamed he would need my help.  He told me his mother had a collie, and asked me to find her a home.  From the moment Kelly arrived at my house, my children fell in love with her.  She was a very social and happy girl.  I immediately found a home for Kelly, where she was very  happy, loved, and well cared for.  She was renamed Lady Arabella.

Forgot to mention she is highly skilled!

Forgot to mention she is highly skilled!

Last Monday, however, I received an email from her owner stating that she was in poor health and could no longer care for Arabella.   Yesterday, I drove to Ocala to pick her up.  The last time I saw Arabella was at our 2011 reunion.

Her owner opened the back door of the car, and Arabella, looking a little bit overweight but gorgeous, walked toward me.  It only took one sniff before she recognized me.  She barked and whined loudly, jumped up on me, and showered me with kisses.  She spun in circles with her head up, literally screaming.  Does she remember me?  Her owner said, she did.  “She doesn’t act this way with total strangers – trust me, she remembers you.”  But how could that be?

I drove her home and she cried the minute I stopped the car, and cried all the way to the front door.  Once I opened the door, she immediately greeted Ozzie, Lady Di and China.  Rosie, of course, didn’t want to have anything to do with her!  So what did Arabella do?  She darted down the hallway and went straight to my daughter’s bedroom door, again, crying.  But Sarah is at a friend’s house for a few days.  So, Arabella once again remembered.

I got Arabella situated, and gave her some water, I called Kingsley’s office, making an appointment to see him.  He was not in.  An hour later, my phone rang; Kingsley in back in the office!  I drove just a few miles, and what happened was simply amazing.

My Co-Pilot!

My Co-Pilot!

The moment I opened the door to his suite, Arabella pulled so hard on the leash, I thought to myself, this is a fully trained dog, why is she pulling so hard?  She bolted directly into Kingsley’s office and jumped into his lap.  I don’t think he realized who she was at first, but she knew who he was.  Once again, she screamed with joy, barking at the top of her lungs; the entire building heard  her.  Imagine for a moment, hearing Lassie after Timmy has fallen in the well!  It was that loud.

Kingsley is reunited with his Kelly after 4 years.

Kingsley is reunited with his Kelly after 4 years.

Once a Diva, Always a Diva!

Once a Diva, Always a Diva!

Once Kingsley realized it was her, he was dumbfounded.  You see, his mother passed away shortly after he gave Kelly to me.

But here’s what I didn’t know.  I didn’t know that Kelly would spend her days at Kingsley’s office.  She knew where she was!

Arabella went to the vet, where everyone fell in love with her.  She got her nails trimmed, all of her vaccines, and a heartworm test.  She’s ready for her new home.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new chapter for Arabella.  I have promised her that she once again, she will have pretty bows in her hair, boys to play with, parents to love, and she might even get her nails painted.  I have promised Arabella little tiny humans.  These tiny humans might even want to put curlers in her hair.  Something tells me Arabella will be just fine with that!

I believe she will be adopted tomorrow, to her third home; a wonderful family in South Florida.  This family has five children, a one and a half year-old and a 3 year old, as well as, a 13, 15, and 17 year old.  This is a young family who spends their time out by the pool, and going places!  I’m so blessed to be able to give Arabella the greatest gift a rescuer can give –  her forever home.

Later this evening, my Sarah will come home.  I wonder what Lady Arabella will do!  Don’t you?

Going Home!

Going Home!

Update:  My Sarah did come home, and just as I thought, Arabella did remember her!  The next day she was adopted by Angela and her wonderful family!

See Arabella’s photos on her Facebook Photo Album!

Boscoe the Brindle Bossie – Adopted

05/14/14 Update: Happy Anniversary Boscoe (now Brisco), it’s been four years since you found your forever home!  Here’s an awesome adoption update! Check out his photos on Facebook!


BoscoeAs we celebrate Brisco’s 4th anniversary with us all I can say is that I am so thankful for you saving him so we could find him. People talk about their heart dogs. My heart dog is Maggie, but bringing Brisco into our lives has made me believe that if it is possible to have more than one at a time he is mine also. Brisco lives life loud and with gusto! He is also one of the sweetest and loving dogs I have ever met. When we brought him into this house he became best friends with our girl Maggie who is not always readily accepting of new dogs. They bonded from day one and are still bff”s to this day. She is10 yrs old but will still play and wrestle with him and put up with his baussieness.

He teaches me so much everyday. The first and foremost thing is that Border Collie/Aussie crosses are the smartest dogs on the planet by far with a side helping of attitude. This makes them a blast to train with. We started out doing agility,which he is great at, but the high energy atmosphere of a trial environment is too much for him, so I changed directions with him and started one of my favorite things to do with dogs- Trick Training! We just received his Novice Trick Dog Title from Kyra Sundance and Do more with Your Dog. We will be trying out for his Intermediate level next in a month or so, we are just polishing up a couple of the tricks to qualify. He loves it and brings me so much joy watching him do his stuff! Watching him learn and try new stuff is the best thing in the world.

Boscoe the Trick Dog!We are also working on our dancing skills and I see some Canine Freestyle happening in his future.

If you can’t tell we love him so much! He is a beautiful, smart, loving, wonderful boy! He brings joy into our lives every moment! I am so grateful that you were able to save him and that he came into our lives.

I have attached some pics for you too. His trick title, An easter pic, and a pic of him and his bff Maggie, one with dad

Hugs& Kisses- Brisco, Mary & Ben

History:  Boscoe may be a Border Collie/Aussie mix, which is what we refer to as a Bossie! But where did he get that Brindle color? I’m clueless! I’ll let my group of seasoned rescuers chime in on this debate! Boscoe is smaller than a typical Border Collie, maybe 25-30 pounds. He’s very young, less than a year old.

He was pulled by Terry Watts in Panama City, fostered, and transported to us thanks to Lisa Groeninger, and my friend Derm who was doggie sitting at my house last weekend. Well, needless to say, Derm is crazy about Boscoe. His favorite thing to do is round up every ball he can find, and decide which one to play with. Before he gets himself frustrated, he then decides to play with them all… at the same time!

Boscoe is absolutely gorgeous, and has the face of my Ozzie. He’s very much the clown, and he would do great with another dog in his life. Boscoe will need a fenced-in yard, an active family, and again, a playmate that has his energy. And here’s the big plus…. ready? I believe Boscoe gets along with cats… What a plus, eh? Update: Okay we all know that Boscoe looks a lot like my Ozzie, but they must be related somehow, because they both LOVE to play and seem to have the same temperament. Ozzie loves little kittens and young pups, and Boscoe seems to be the same. But you better have a lot of balls to play with, all different sizes and have a good throwing arm, because this frat boy is serious about his toys! What else? He squats when he pees (shhhh don’t tell the ladies, we don’t want him to have a complex). In short, he’s just a very happy boy, and I have no clue what the heck he was doing at a kill shelter. None. So thanks to Terry Watts who pulled him and asked him to come to us!

Here’s Boscoe with his new foster, Betty Acosta!

Foster Update: Boscoe is one of the coolest dogs I have ever met. This little guy is soooooo smart. This week we worked on some basic obedience and tried out some agility. He gets along so well with the rest of my pack (10 other dogs) and has everlasting energy. We worked on some crate games to get him to not just like his crate but LOVE his crate. He’s doing AWESOME! He’s learned how to Sit, Down, Place, Crate and is working on his recall. As far as agility goes, this little guy learned to climb the A-frame, jump over some 14″ jumps, sit and down on a pause table and is getting comfortable with the tire jump. He also hungout, watched TV and chilled indoors with his foster family. He’s very well behaved indoors and loves to give affection. Lets see what this next week will bring us.

Betty A.

Boscoe Learning Agility!

Boscoe has been adopted by professional agility trainers! It was bittersweet for Betty, she really fell in love with him, but she is thrilled knowing that Boscoe will more than likely be a superstar very soon! We’re looking forward to updates.

Update 05/19/10: Gisele: I’m so happy for him! He deserves this Giselle. Look at what you did for Boscoe! This makes me want to cry. ~Betty Acosta


Boscoe is doing fine! He is getting along great with all my girls. He has started to notice my cats more, but just barking, no aggression. He will leave them when I call him, so we are good there. He is a very beautiful and lovey boy. My catahoula mix Maggie and he sleep together and just hang out together.

He is working on up and off, since my dogs are allowed on my furniture, but they need to be asked on and get off when I tell them. He has also been learning to wait quietly for his breakfast and dinner. He is working on longer sits and downs. I have been playing some tug games with him and working on fetch(he likes to play keep away with me and Tasha). We have also been learning the touch game. I love his focus when he works.

He goes to the vet tomorrow for his checkup. Then he will go to an agility class with me, more for socialization and exposure, than actually working the equipment. There are 2 really friendly dogs in the class that he will have fun interacting with, plus I want to expose him to all the movement. One of the dogs is a high drive border collie.

We have gone on walks in my neighborhood and I am very pleased with his leash walking skills, not perfect, but really good for 10 months in a new environment.

You did a great job working with him while he was at your home.

Here are a couple of pics of him and my husband on the ride home from Plant City. I will have more pics for you soon and maybe a video. We have a fun match with our local agility club this Saturday which I am helping with, so I will try to update on Sunday again.

Thanks again- you guys do a great job!!! ~Mary

Now is time for me to thank the real rescuer here, Terry Watts of Panama City who would not let Boscoe be put down. She waited for transport, and I believe that Sue Bruce helped us get him transported, and it was our Lisa G. that picked him up and brought him to my home, while I was on vacation. My friend Derm who was house-sitting fell in love with this boy immediately, and Boscoe was part of the pack right away! Thank you Terry!

And Extra Special Thanks to Betty who recognized Boscoe’s talents, took him under her wing, and made him shine!

December 9th Update:

Here are 2 pictures of Brisco (Boscoe). He doesn’t have any Xmas gear on, but he is not much for dressing up. They were however taken last weekend so they are December pictures. Hope that counts for holiday!

Big George-RIP

Big George

Big George

George is a purebred, papered Border Collie. He was adopted by a local rescue (un-neutered) last year, but his owners have serious allergies, and regretfully have to give him up.

George is good with cats, but he is obsessed with water! He bolts when he hears the shower running, and will jump in the tub with you, if you’re not careful.

George is not only a blue-eyed Border Collie, but one of his eyes are brown and blue (marble eye). He is unbelievably handsome, well-manner, and fully trained.

George has been well cared for, and has many more years of loving to give. I have so many photos of George, and I can’t post them all here, so please see his photo album on Facebook to see him in action!


George is a very typical Border Collie who has OCD when it comes to controlling moving objects, this includes people. George will not hesitate to grab an article of your clothing and pull you, or place his mouth around your shoe to control your movement. He is also extremely intelligent, my daughter calls him Mega Mind! The combination of a strong drive to herd, and a high intelligence can be a disaster if not properly managed.

Obviously, George never got the memo that clearly states Humans are Not Sheep!

Paul Pipitone, animal trainer and behaviorist, evaluated George today. George is fully trained on a dime to come, sit, stay, and drop. However, he did display some nervousness when other dogs ran, and when people walk by him. This behavior is not consistent, however, which makes me even more confused.

At our annual reunion, many people, including Cyndy Doty and Cynthia Harper witnessed George being calm as people walked by to pet him, and other dogs shared his baby pool.

After evaluating George, Paul believes that George has never had a leader, therefore, when a situation arises that makes him uncomfortable, he takes charge. Paul also believes that George needs routine, and needs to know what the rules, boundaries and limitations are in his environment.

I thought to myself, what George needs is a place where he can get some rehab, but then I realized, no amount of rehab will be enough if George does not find the right home. What’s the right home? A home where his owners are true pack leaders, and are determined to correct and reward. Clearly, a dog as smart as George the Mega Mind will learn quickly. But who would take on the responsibility to adopt a ten year old dog that needs such correction?

After Paul left, I apologized over the phone to Kerri Brooks, who was interested in George. I explained that I didn’t feel that George was the right dog for her. After going into detail about George’s meeting with Paul, Kerri quickly informed me of her years experience at raising Huskies, and assured me that she and her husband were up to the task.

So for now, until I can arrange a meeting with the Brooks, Paul Pipitone and Big George, the Mega Mind Border Collie, I cross my fingers, and think that Kerri Brooks is my hero!

George reminds me of another very famous Border Collie, named Wrigley, and maybe this is the type of job that George really needs. He needs his body and his brain to be exercised, and to prevent boredom. Meet Wrigley!

Enamoured, that’s the word. I am enamoured by George’s focus and intelligence, he is the poster child of Border Collies, and he WAS adopted today by Kerri Brooks amd her husband. It was very beautiful to see him obey every command, and go up to them as if to say, “are you my human?” At the end of the adoption, he looked at me as if to say, “I’m their Huckleberry!” I’ll miss you big boy, here’s your big chance, to finally be with the right people. Can’t wait for updates!


10/22/13 Update: Hi Gisele,

I’m so sad to tell you George passed away this year. He had spondalosis beyond his 13th vertebra and severe arthritis is his hips. He had no synovial fluid in his joints. We were taking him to the vet 3 times a week to get Adequin shots to try and replenish the fluid but the shots didn’t end up helping. The poor boy couldn’t walk, he would scoot across the floor and he would fall down when he went to the bathroom (we had to hold him up). We had to finally put him to sleep, as he was maxed out on pain killers, and still in pain. He was such a trooper though.

I’m really sorry I didn’t email you sooner about this. Every time I thought about it, I would put it off because I just didn’t want to think about losing him. In fact, I’m crying as I write this. He was the best dog we’ve ever had. He really turned out to be such a sweetheart and obedient dog. He loved our cats and was fascinated by them. He would follow me around everywhere. He truly became my best friend. I think we both taught each other so much.

I knew that when we adopted a 10 1/2 yr old dog we wouldn’t have him as long as we would a younger one, and I feel blessed for the time we had with him, even though it was short. We miss him so much, but I’m glad we were able to give him a wonderful life for his last few years.

I also want to thank you for rescuing Georgie and giving us the opportunity to adopt him. What you do is amazing – keep up the great work – Kerri 🙂

Crystal – Zoe, RIP

ZoeHi Gisele,

It’s with a heavy heart that I write to tell you that our beautiful Zoe died of pancreatic and liver cancer today. You have rescued so many dogs that I don’t expect you to remember me or my daughter when we drove down from Amelia Island, Fl. and fell in love with a beautiful border collie with crystal blue eyes, 3 years ago. In fact, that was name you had given her, Crystal.

ZoeWe have a small bed and breakfast with guest arriving from all over the country and world. She brought joy to everyone that met her. She was always friendly and welcoming to all who came to our home. Her blue eyes would sparkle and ears perk up whenever you mentioned, car, walk, squirrels, shoes, leash, keys, or someone approaching the door.

Here are just a few of the many comments made by our visiting guests:

Everything was PERFECT & Deborah & Bobby are great. Oh, Zoe (their dog) is really a sweetheart too!  THANKS Deborah & Bobby — I really enjoyed staying with you! 🙂 Cheers…   Brian Atlanta, GA

Zoe, is a sweet dog! Perfect stop for Florida beach-hopping!
Mary Sue, Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Their doggie is really sweet too!
Lindsey, Roanoke, Virginia

ZoeThey treated us more like old friends than strangers and their dog Zoe is wonderful.
Rogert, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

The dog is sweet, never even barked at me. I had a great time, would definitely stay again.
Jo L, London, UK

A sweet and mellow dog, Zoe, greeted us.
St Augustine, Florida, United States

ZoeTheir dog Zoe was the best behaved indoor dog we’d ever seen – no bother at all (and we don’t even like indoor pets.)
Kurt and Edina, Columbia, South Carolina, United States

We had a wonderful time with Deborah + Bobby, their family and of course Zoe, their funny, squirrel addicted dog. Raphael, Zurich, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland

Zoe is just the sweetest thing.
Karen, Heiloo, Noord-Holland, The Netherland

ZoeWe will miss her so much. I’ve been crying all day so it’s been very hard to write this letter, but I thank you, Gisele, for giving us the opportunity to love and be loved by a wonderful sweetheart, our little girl, Zoe. We will not forget her….

My immediate answer to Deb was, “My dear, I never forget my dogs.  I forget people.  I remember sweet crystal. ”  I asked her to call me.

I spoke with Deborah this morning, she held the tears back and she explained to me what happened, and how sudden it was.  What a great loss for all of us, but looking at Zoe’s photos, and realizing where she came from versus where she left, she sure lived a great life, didn’t she?  She will never be forgotten.

After reviewing photos of Zoe, I realized that she was to Deb and her family, my Reckless, so I did this video:

And I wrote: On the way home tonight, I witnessed a gorgeous sunset, yet it wasn’t long ago that its beauty didn’t phase me… it was when my dog died. While I was only Crystal’s (Zoe’s) foster, I know too well the pain her owners feel today.

I remember not wanting to come home to an empty house. I remember waking up in tears every morning. For being without my dog was too much for my heart to bare. It wasn’t until I dedicated my life to rescue dogs that I put those emotions behind me, until now.

Seeing Zoe’s photographs brought all of my emotions back, they brought me back to February 9, 2009 when I lost my best friend. I did this video in honor of Zoe because I believe that her owners feel today, the same way I felt then. How do we move on? We don’t.

But we can open up our hearts, and help another animal find joy and love, and allow that animal to give us the same. We deserve it, and we can help our “heart dog’s” memory live on with every new dog we accept in our hearts.

I have to date rescued over 700 dogs, and every one of them have touched my heart. It pains me to see their owners say goodbye. But like Sarah White said today, if you don’t cry, you don’t feel.

We miss you Zoe, and you will never be forgotten.

Ironically, our Bailey Boy died today as well. Rescue is not all about puppy breath, kisses and tails wagging. Zoe, you were the Caroll’s family heart dog. And not many get that title!
2010 History: Crystal (aka daisy) is a papered, pure-bred blue-eyed Border Collie.

You won’t be surprised to know that she is extremely intelligent and has tremendous focus. What might surprise you, however, is that she is not a high-drive dog. Rather than looking for a job to do, she is looking for a person to love. She is what we like to refer to as a “velcro dog” ~ her favorite place to be is next to her family.

Crystal was adopted, and I can’t wait for updates!

You know, you just don’t find a lot of Border Collies like this. I mean, we love BCs, but the reason they end up in rescue is that they are so intense, so busy, the average family just can’t handle them. Crystal has all the looks and intelligence, all the upside of the breed, without all the “What can I do? What can I do? What can I do?” compulsion that can drive the unprepared person nuts. She even ignores cats! Wow! Fully trained and fully loved, this dog is wonderful! More photos of her can be viewed on Facebook.

Foster Update:

Crystal wants to be with her “person” and strives to please. She isn’t that keen on other dogs being in her space (her crate) but she is not dog aggressive. She wanders the house with my other guys, no problem. Thunderstorms distress her and she needs to be watched and cared for during them. I wonder if she has the potential to be an escape artist: she scopes out the parameters of her world and examines possible exits ~ typical Border Collie! Crystal is highly intelligent, understands commands, watching her person’s face and trying to read what is going on with them. She loves to play in the water, biting and barking at a squirting water hose. lol. She loves watching the other Border Collies playing tug of war with toys and will bark at them, but is not necessarily interested in playing with toys one-on-one.

Adoption October 21, 2010 Update:

We changed Crystal’s name to Zoe. She is already recognizing it. She was perfect on the 3 hour trip home with a stop at PetSmart. When we finally got home she didn’t want to go for a walk and was kind of fighting the leash. So, I brought her in to meet Bobby and show her the house. My bedroom is off limits for her until I see how I manage with my allergies. She will come to the door of my bedroom but I’ll gently say “no” and point and she turns around. We have only heard her bark once and that was when someone rang a door bell on a TV show…lol. I got up this morning at 6:30 and made coffee. She just raised her head up and waited for me to open her crate. I got the leash and took her for a walk in which she was perfect; stayed right beside me, even when I started jogging. Now she lays in my studio while I work or on the tile in the dining room. She loves her crate too. She really is a couch potato! I have to make her play but within minutes she rolls over on her back. I tell her she needs to get up and exercise and she’ll put her paws over her ears like she doesn’t want to hear. She just like my husband! Here are a few photos in her new home…

Adoption October 31st, 2010 Update:

I took her to the beach yesterday and she seemed excited and was OK except she avoided the water as it came in. It was low tide and the waves were calm. She didn’t mind walking in the wet or dry sand. She’s walking a mile every morning and evening and sometimes during the day. If we just say the word “walk” she gets excited and starts for the door. Squirrels are the only thing we have to watch for. She wants to chase them…lol.


07/11/14: Dear Sweet Jaffe passed away this morning. He will be missed and never forgotten.

Original Photo

During the week of January 18, 2010, I received a call from a shelter in Brunswick, Georgia.  A family was distraught at having to turn in their ten year old Border Collie.

“But it’s not my dog,” the woman explained in tears.  “My brother died suddenly, and I can’t keep him.  He’s such a good dog, he’s fully trained, CGC even, but I have too many dogs of my own, and no one in the family can take Jaffe in,” she explained.

The shelter did not want to see this dog surrendered.  I asked for help to transport him, and Zondra Farence volunteered.

She drove to get Jaffe, and I posted his photos on Facebook and my blog, when I immediately received an email from Gary Jones who absolutely wanted to adopt Jaffe.

Jaffe stayed with Zondra for a few days, and we noticed he had not been neutered.  Gary drove to Jacksonville to meet the dog, and fell in love with him, but he couldn’t adopt him yet!  Jaffe was transported to my home, where he had a thorough work up with Dr. Ted Oliver of Val-U-Vet, and he was neutered.  Gary waited patiently for the green light, and when the day finally came, he and his wife, along with their little Sheltie, came to adopt Jaffe on January 28, 2010.

01/29/10 update: “Gisele, Jaffe is fitting in just perfectly. He is eating well and it is not on”people food”. He is quite the gentleman and appears very happy. I will keep you posted. Thanks again, keep up the good
work.  ~Gary”

On February 9, 2010 Gary stopped by to show Jaffe off.  He had been professionally groomed, and he looked stunning.  I wanted to take photos, but Jaffe was not cooperating.  For several minutes, Jaffe refused to look at the camera, because he was too focused on Gary.  I knew that Jaffe was home.

I sent the photos to Jaffe’s former owner, to let her know that Jaffe was doing great.  She called me later that afternoon in tears, and explained that Gary looked exactly like her deceased brother.  She couldn’t believe it, and she thanked me for helping her brother’s dog.

Gary later wrote, “Jaffe is a nine year old senior Border Collie who came into my life two short weeks ago. I had just lost my 12 year old shetland sheep dog and I was in need of the affection given by an older dog. Someone once said “Puppies are highly over rated” How true. My new dog is very smart, obedient and is highly polished. I just went to the great dog park in Deland and had a run with Jaffe who played like a little puppy. Proof that not only younger dogs are great pets. I am so happy that the dog liberator was there to save this dog and give him another chance to be happy and loved.

Jaffe’s new friend, Gary”

I learned much later that Gary was turned down by a rescue when he tried to adopt another Sheltie.  “I was approved, and then they did a home visit, and something about they didn’t like the way I had my Sheltie groomed,” he said.  I’m glad he was turned down!

Jaffe’s Famous Pose!

Today is Jaffe’s three year anniversary, and even after all of this time, Gary still brags about his dog!  “I’ve had dogs all of my life, Gisele, but I’ve never had a dog like this.  All of my dogs have been very good dogs, but Jaffe is amazing.  He’s one of a kind, and it’ll be hard for me to find a dog this good again.”

I see Jaffe often, he never misses a reunion, and I can always count on Gary to help when I’m in a pickle.  When Gemini disappeared, Gary lived close by, and dropped everything to help find her.

When I was asked to take Jaffe, I never gave it a second thought.  Was I going to be able to find a home for a ten year-old dog?   I didn’t care, I didn’t hesitate, because I did not want a dog like him to experience the pound.  The sighs, smells and sounds of a shelter can traumatize a dog like Jaffe.  I’m glad I didn’t blink an eye!  Because of Jaffe I don’t hesitate to rescue senior dogs.  Today, we have Chaz and Baileys in our rescue, and one day, someone like Gary will find them and bring them home!


You can see all of Jaffe’s photos on Facebook.
The Dog Liberator is a foster-driven non-profit, 501c(3) charitable organization.  All dogs are fostered in a home environment, which enables the dog to show its true color. Founded in 2009, The Dog Liberator has successfully rescued and adopted nearly 700 dogs.

TDL dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered prior to adoption. TDL does not receive government funding of any kind, and relies on individual donations and corporate sponsors.  By using Paypal, you can donate to The Dog Liberator’s Veterinary Care Fund.

The Dog Liberator focuses on rehabilitation, taking in deaf and/or blind dogs, dogs that need social skills, fearful dogs, and dogs that suffer from depression. They also focus on educating the public regarding medical issues, like heartworm treatment, parvovirus, adopting senior dogs, Addison’s disease, pneumonia, and proper diet.

The Dog Liberator has a less than 4 percent return rate, and they pride themselves at creating the perfect match for dog lovers. Their adoption updates are shared on both Facebook, and their website thus creating a professional and personal relationship with their adopters. You can help Save a dog’s life today by donating.

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Mr. Breeze-Good things come to those who wait

Breeze, January 2010

Have you ever been in public, and seen someone that you know you know? You think hard to try to remember their name, but can’t. You literally hurt your brain trying to remember how you know them, where you met them, and it’s driving you insane, because you know you know them? That’s what I think my rescued dogs do when they see me after a while, especially during our reunions.

During our last reunion, I could tell that Shy Sharon did not really remember us. She didn’t try to bite me when I tugged on her collar, trying to get her near me so I could pet her, but she wasn’t “sure”. Bart did the same thing. While he’s a friendly fellow to begin with, he too wasn’t sure. Maybe they have a familiar memory, but they don’t truly remember.

Flash Gordon, 2010

It’s not like in the movies where a dog comes running toward your voice and leaps into your arms, and totally recognizes you. Even in 2010 when I saw Tim Tebow again, he clearly didn’t remember me! Ironically, in 2010, Flash Gordon did!

Maybe it has a lot to do with the dog’s age, how long they have not seen you, and how long they were with you. Not that many dogs remember me in an instant, except for Mr. Breeze! I don’t think it matters how many years go by, Mr. Breeze will always remember me, and after you read what he went through, you’ll understand why!

Breeze, November 2010

The last time I edited his page, was in 2011.  I called him the big goof! Mr. Breeze is very animated, he talks with his feet, his mouth, and his eyes. He’s very much a clown!

His photo album can be viewed on Facebook.  What follows is his the story of his most Excellent Adventure!

Canyon, December 2009

Breeze came to us from Becky Harshman through Chilton County Humane Society on January 1st of 2010. He was just a pup! Back then his name was Canyon. He was adopted on January 17th, 2010.

When his owners suffered a job loss, they lost their home, and returned Breeze to me on October 15th, 2010. Even though they had no choice but to surrender him, they did so with a heavy heart.

Breeze was returned to The Dog Liberator, and was transported to Clearwater where he was fostered by Lynn Deal and Mark Whalen.  It didn’t take long for Breeze to find his new second home.  On November 8th, he was adopted again, by a family near me here in Deltona.  On November 9th, I received an email from Matthew George, he wanted to adopt Breeze, but it was too late.

They Call me The Breeze!

Breeze lived with his second family for a few months, when they noticed that their female dog was antagonizing Breeze.  Because Breeze wouldn’t stand up for himself, and submit, he became very shy and withdrawn.  This was not good.  The family could not afford a behaviorist for their dog, and they were up in arms with what to do.

After numerous phone conversations, and emails with Breeze’s second family. Inundated with medical issues within the family, they asked me what I thought was best for Breeze. Sometimes loving a dog, giving him food and water just isn’t enough, especially for the herding breed. Intelligent dogs with high energy need physical exercise, training, and a job to keep them occupied. The family simply can not meet his needs at this time, no fault of theirs. I suggested they surrender Breeze to me; I wanted Breeze back.  On February 8th, 2011, 12 months after he came to my rescue, Breeze came back to me.

Breeze and Kudos

Breeze stayed with me for a few weeks, until I arranged transport to Clearwater, where he was fostered by Mark Whalen.  He was very comfortable here with me.  He remembered where everything was, he remembered the pack, and even though he was double in size, he was the same!

After Breeze was transported to Mark to foster, his true color was seen. He was happy go lucky, the main instigator for play, adored Mark’s pit and of course, Kudos. Kudos and Breeze quickly became best buddies.  Breeze was no longer submissive and withdrawn.  He was the big goof again.

I was in the process of posting Breeze on all of the adoption sites, and revamping his video for the third time when I received an email from Matthew George expressing an interest in adopting Indian. Being that four months had passed, I did not recognize the name and assumed that Mr. George was new to me! I was wrong.  

While informing Mark Whalen that Breeze was coming back, Mark was elated! Our conversation quickly focused on Indian. I explained to Mark that Matthew George was interested in meeting Indian this weekend. Mark asked me for some background information about Mr. George. I did a search for his email address and located the very first email that I had received and it wasn’t dated February 2011, it was dated November 9th, 2010. I opened the email and read it to Mark allowed:

Dog Liberator,

Please let us know if Breeze is still available, we are looking for a Border Collie that is around a year old. We currently have a Shetland / Border Collie mix that could use a friend and having years of experience with a herding dog, we feel that we will be an excellent home for a dog like Breeze. We live in Tampa and would be willing to come see Breeze at your convenience.  ~Matthew George

Needless to say, I got chills! Mark suggested I hang up and make a call to Mr. George notifying him of Breeze, and I did.

Now, I know strange things happen in my rescue all of the time; things that we just can’t explain. I know how hard we all work to save, transport, rehabilitate and rehome these dogs, but sometimes things happen, like this, that leaves us speechless.

Mr. Breeze, 2010

I called Matthew George, and asked him if he could remember when and why he first contacted my rescue back in November 2010. His immediate answer was “because my wife fell in love with Breeze, and we wanted to adopt him.”

“What if I told you that Breeze was back?”  I asked him.  Matthew did not respond.  I knew that he couldn’t believe it.

I said it again, “Breeze is back, would you like to meet him?”  Matthew couldn’t wait to tell his wife!

Stephanie and Matthew George drove to Clearwater, and they met both Indian and Breeze.  I wondered if Breeze was meant to be with them in the first place.  I wondered if that first email from Matthew was supposed to come to me earlier, or if his second adoption was supposed to be delayed for some reason.

Matthew did adopt Breeze on February 16th, and named him Coltrane.  Indian was later adopted on February 20th, his  adopters were originally interested in Breeze!

So here we have one very lucky pup who was trapped in a shelter in Alabama, and transported to me in Deltona, Florida.  He was adopted two weeks later, and returned to me 10 months later, and transported to Clearwater to be fostered.  While in Clearwater, he’s adopted again, only to be driven back to Deltona two months later, where he lived with his second family for several months.  Then, he is returned to me again, and fostered in Clearwater again.  Then, Matthew George adopts Breeze, and Breeze is back in Orlando.  But what’s up with Breeze now?

Mr. Breeze has his own baby girl



In 2011, Matthew updates that Breeze has his own new baby girl!  I had the pleasure of seeing him and his new baby at our reunion in 2011, and he was a happy go lucky big goof!




2011 – Breeze recognizes me, and Lady Di protests!

He followed me around most of the day, sitting at my feet, ready to do whatever I said.  “No Breeze, you’re not coming back to me.  You have your own family now!”  I’d tell him.

Today, Breeze is in Colorado with his forever family, and he’s loving it!  Thanks Matthew!

Breeze, now Coltrane, enjoys the snow

Good things come to those who wait!















Second Adoption Video,  including Trainer and Behaviorist, Paul Pipitone:

Little Nitro, the Aussie~RIP

a Family Photo with Nitro & Mary

08/23/12 Update:  

It was with deep sadness that I share the loss of our Little Nitro.

Hi Lynne and Gisele,

This is not an easy email to send, but our dear Nitro was diagnosed with Advanced Lymphoma on Monday. Our Boy was still playing Frisbee on Saturday and collapsed on Sunday and went to at the Melbourne Emergency Hospital. He went down hill quickly and I promised him he would never suffer. When I saw him suffering, it broke my heart but I kept my promise. Our Nitro is in Heaven with the Angels this evening. He will be playing Frisbee in the clouds!

Nitro was almost 12 1/2 years old and played like a puppy. Nitro was a perfect angel on earth and will be in heaven ….he never was anything but amazing.

He gave me almost two wonderful, loving, joyful years….I hope I did the same for him. Nitro will always be my smilin’ boy. Thank you so much for allowing me these precious years with my dear boy…….all my tears are more then worth it …  I loved my dear Old Boy Nitro more then you can ever know.

Nitro with his Oyster

Thank you my dear friend!  ~Mary





History:  It was very heartbreaking for Lynne Deal to watch Nitro’s owners drop him off to her house, and give him up. Here’s a photo with Nitro (left) and Lynne’s Border Collie, Zoey (right).

His owners wrote: Nitro is approximately 10 yrs old. When my daughter got him about 9 years ago, we believed he had been an abused dog. He was very timid and recoiled when anyone reached out to pet him. He wouldn’t eat anything in the beginning. My daughter and I sat with him and hand fed him every day for a couple of months.

When he came we had 5 cats that were only six weeks old. He adopted those kittens as if they were his own. He loves those cats and nuzzles them and plays with them. He has never been the least bit aggressive with them.

Nitro is afraid of thunderstorms. He wants to sit on the couch with you or get into bed with you if they come during the night. He shakes when there is loud thunder.
Nitro loves to play catch. He was Frisbee trained by the breeders and loves to play frisbee. He doesn’t have the energy that he used to and will lie down now when he gets tired of playing. He also has toys that he loves and he piles all the toys in one spot when he is not playing with them.

My husband lost his job about a year ago and we are going to lose our house. This is why we have to give up Nitro. We are going to have to move to an apartment and can not afford to keep him anymore and pay the fees required by the apartment. It will break our hearts to give him up. My daughter lives in Missouri now and is in radiology school and barely able to make ends meet, so she cannot afford to take him either.

We would love to know that Nitro is placed in a good home and that he is happy. He has beena joy to us and we will miss him tremendously.

Nitro’s photos can be viewed on Facebook.

Looks like Nitro is a hit on Facebook, just look at all of the comments posted about him!

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? When you’re as awesome as Little Nitro, you don’t have to, he’s perfect the way he is! Nitro was adopted today, and I can’t wait for updates!

December 5th Update:

What a beautiful puppy! He is loved by all..my friends keeping stopping by to meet the new
addition to my home and they all love him. Perfect is an understatement! He has been helping himself to his toys in the bag and even brought his bag of bones to me. Impossible not to spoil Nitro! Particularly when he smiles at me. Nitro had a good night sleep. Woke up, went for a walk and then played ball…I loved that when I asked him where is ball was…he went to the yard and picked up his tennis ball!

He is now at my feet, sitting on a wool blanket, surrounded by his toys, taking a nap. Could he be more perfect….just a sweetheart!

Lynn, I went to give you a hug when we were leaving and I saw you turn away quickly, I would have loved to hugged you and thank you for our wonderful gift. I know it was hard for you to let Nitro go, but please know he will be cherished and loved! He is the perfect boy!

Trek (Bob’s dog) is having a blast with his new friend. All is great! I’ll stay in touch…thank you again Lynn. You are an amazing person.
Mary…Nitro’s Mom

December 15th Update:

Good morning! I just wanted to give you a quick update on our puppy, Nitro and send you a few pics of our boy! I am not a great photographer, but I thought you might enjoy them.

Thank you so much for rescuing our Nitro. Not only is he a sweetheart, but what fun! Ask him if he wants to go for a walk…he bounces….ask him he wants to go for a ride..he bounces….ask him to bring his toy…he bounces…ask him if he wants to play ball…he bounces…yes,yes, yes….he is truly a happy, smilin’ dog!

Nitro stays by my side at all times and just hangs out. He learned very quickly to just keep his distance from my kitty, Eve and we have not had any problems. Nitro sleeps in side bed right next to mine and Eve sleeps on the bed….the arrangement is working well!

Nitro never barks…only when he is dreaming…another funny thing to watch!
I could have never imagined a nicer, more beautifully puppy! Nitro is loved instantly by everyone he meets! I love my puppy, Nitro!

Thank you so much for all you do for these wonderful dogs! You have made my year…I got the puppy of a lifetime! (Please excuse my typing skills…not a strong point for me!)
Mary Burns

Jan 5th Update:

Nitro Update….He is perfect ….I sound like a broken record, but I can’t find any fault with Nitro. He even stands quietly while I bath him and blow dry him…yes, he will never catch a cold after a bath. He is so soft and fluffy…love his little “pandra butt”….which I believe it has trimmed down a bit. Nitro is getting plenty of excercise….plays frisbee, ball and takes long walks.Nitro never leaves my side…which doesn’t thrill my kitty, but she is getting used to it. I didn’t think he would be a watch dog, but he surprised me. He is very protective of me. For an old guy, he is on top of his game! He knows before someone knocks on the door and when someone is out front. I am lovin’ my precious boy! He gives kisses and get loves and hugs from me and everyone!
Hope you and your “kids” have a wonderful year!

January 25th Update:

One day I will figure out how to update you on the dogliberator website, but for now I just wanted to
send you a couple of pictures of my boy, Nitro. One is a picture of Nitro taking a “catnap” on a drive up to
Jacksonville…cuddle up and happy. No dog could EVER travel better then Nitro!

The other picture is Nitro hanging with me while I am gardening…just enjoying the outdoors and the sun. I don’t
know if you can see or not how beautiful his fur coat is…silky and fluffy. And I don’t know if you can tell that our boy is losing
a bit of weight around his hips…diet and exercise…and keeping him out of the kitty’s food bowl helps!

Nitro faced his first thunderstorm and was a champ. Wrapped him in a blanket under my legs, talked gently and offered a treat with the
really loud thunder booms…not sure if that is the right thing to do, but it kept Nitro calm and smiling.

Just wanted to say a quick hi and let you know our precious boy is well and happy!

Star, the BC from Miami~Adopted

Star comes to us from Miami Dade Animal Services. While there, she was featured on their TV commercial promoting adoptions, but unlike most dogs, when Star’s time was up, they extended her stay, refusing not to give up on her. I can see why.  When Star was rescued, we also rescued Joey.  Joey is now working full time as a bug dog, and I received updates about him yesterday, and he’s doing great!

Playful and Smart!

Star is being described as energetic, friendly, playful, and adores Andrea’s other dogs. I think she’s just happy to be who she is. She has an even temperament, and will need an active and playful family.

While Star was adopted last year, her family has experienced an enormous losses, including a medical crisis.  While they don’t want to give Star up, they know that they can not give her the time and attention that she deserves.

Her adopter, Susan wrote:  She is  so active and full of life, she hops instead of runs.  I do not crate her so  she is used to roaming….she is curious but does not destroy my things   (although I say this knowing that I have baby-proofed my home…she is just  like a toddler).  She is really the most loving dog I have been around.  In  quiet times, she loves to lay her head on you and look at you with those little brown eyes.  She is very intuitive.  She loves to sit for a treat.
She loves ice and comes running if she hears it coming from the fridge or even moving around in your glass.  She loves to find small places to get in and hunker down….and she loves it if you leave a glass of milk alone just  for a moment – she waits for you to leave (and you will forget that she is waiting) so that she can get up there and drink it all without spilling a  drop.  I absolutely hate the thought of not having her in my home or as part  of my family but, with what I have ahead, it is not feasible or reasonable  for any of us.

did someone say ice cream?

My main job in life right now is to take care of my Mother and I understand  that, that means I will need help from others.  In this instance, all of  you.  I know that you are the best people to handle helping me with Allie (Star).

She deserves to have a loving home (as she has here) and a home in which there are people that can enhance her life and make it fun.  I would also say that she does need a home with another dog….she loves, loves Gator.

She watches over him, mothers him, and drives him crazy 🙂  I also think that she would be a very good candidate for agility training, as she prefers to run over furniture as if she is a mountain goat 🙂  In the end, she really just needs LOVE….she LOVES to be LOVED and talked to and touched.

I feel terrible and guilty as if I failed her.  If I had known what would  be coming at me like a freight train, I would not have promised her a  forever-home.

One lesson I have learned here is to not judge others…I never used to understand when I saw that people were turning in dogs to shelters or have them listed in the paper and citing health reasons.  I could not comprehend it!  Sadly, now not only do I know what they meant but  feel the pain they must have felt in having to do so.  I do feel lucky in one way, I have a place to turn for help and I am not left with dropping her at a shelter or giving her away to someone and not know how they will treat  her.

those eyes again!

Believe me, I have struggled with this over the last 10 days or so, discussed it with my Mother and Sister to try to come up with an  alternative….but I (we) think that in the end, this will be what is BEST for Allie (Star).


Star will be fostered in the Tampa area by Emily.  There is no doubt that she will be adopted to a wonderful and loving home.  There’s no doubt that when Susan and her family is ready to adopt again, we will be standing ready to assist them in finding that perfect dog once again.

Make sure you stop by Facebook to admire Star’s extensive photo album!

Star with Kudos

Here’s Star and Kudos having fun!


09/20/11 Foster Update:

Introducing Allie/Star to her new housemate ended up being easier than I thought. They seemed to click although Kurri isn’t sure yet of what to make of this interloper in her house. But she likes the toys she came with. She is very energetic and extremely curious. Walking her on the leash is like walking an unguided missle but that is because she was taking in all of the new sights and smells of her new home. She has already found a cool patch of tile on which to lay and is digging her treats. She even sits on command for them.

My initial assesment is that this is truly a lovable and sweet dog. She has a very happy golucky demeanor about her. She will definitely need a lot of exercise to help calm her down a bit but that is typical for a dog her age. She will make a great running partner, especially if I can get her to run in a straight line! We will see how she does through the night and in the meantime will start crating her if nothing else just to give her a space of her own.

I think this is going to be a fun foster, I only hope I don’t get attached.


09/21/11 Update:  Star is nowhere near the hyperspaz I was anticipating. She has not once jumped on the furniture or been jumpy (other than first getting out of kennel when I got home from work) I took her for a run this morning (only about 20 minutes) and then again when I got home (30 minutes) She is just as calm as can be. The secret with her is definitely long walks/jogs. She does beautifully on the leash and doesn’t pull me on runs. Nor does she try to Alpha the other dog in anyway. She is social with the neighbors but does not jump on them. She is practically perfect in everyway.



10/12/11 Update:  Star is being fostered by me in the Deltona area.  She is very easy, quiet, crate trained, and like Emily said not hyper.  Star did not do well living in an apartment setting.  She became protective and spent a lot of time barking at strangers (residents) as they were coming and going from their apartments.  I believe Star felt that she had to be on alert at all times because of the people traffic at the apartment complex.

Since Star has been with me, I have been working with her not to be protective over my home or people, and she has quickly learned that I’m in charge! She is very relaxed here and doesn’t feel the need to guard.  Star would be an awesome dog for someone who is active and loves to run.  She is also much smaller than I thought, maybe 35 pounds or less.  She’s a big dog in a little dog’s body!


Star with Preston & Mary

10/16/11 Update:  Star has been adopted by Preston & Mary and is going to Jacksonville!









Star’s very first Video!


Good News: We’re Positive He’s Negative!

Adopter Update on Chas, my TDL dog by Amy Benz

Monday, June 20, 2011: Today was annual check-up day for my dogs, Chas and Shelby. As you may remember, Chas (formerly Billy Joel) is the border collie mix I adopted from TDL last summer. He’s the one that got me started working in rescue. When I adopted Chas he was heartworm positive; in fact, I related my experience and choice of treatment in an article Gisele wrote several months ago. I’ve republished an excerpt from that article at the bottom of this page.

Chas loves to go on road trips in the Jeep!

Anyway, back to annual check-up day, which included the usual litany of vaccinations as well as the dreaded fecal and heartworms tests. Cue the scary music. I knew my choice  to use the slow-kill method (an initial cycle of doxycycline/prednisone followed by monthly Heartgard heartworm preventative) could take 1-2 years to produce a negative test result. Therefore I fully expected to hear that Chas’s heartworm test was positive. After all, he’d only been on the slow-kill treatment since last summer, less than one full year.

I didn’t really think much about it during the examination and hadn’t mentioned it to the Dr. Bailey, but was certainly glad to hear her pronouncement that Chas’s heart and lungs sounded great as she performed her initial exam. We chatted about this and that while she finished up, then Dr. Bailey and her vet tech left the exam room to retrieve the results of the fecal and heartworm tests for both dogs.

A few minutes later Dr. Bailey returned.

“Good news,” she said. “Both tests came back negative. You’re all set to go.”

Both tests for both dogs came back negative?” I clarified. “Both fecal and heartworm tests for both? You’re certain?”

“Yep, see for yourself,” she answered.

I looked at the snap tests, one with Shelby’s name and the other with Chas’s name. Sure enough, they both showed negative! Unbelieveable! I was grinning from ear to ear as I reminded Dr. Bailey that Chas had been heartworm positive this time last year.

“Let’s do the test one more time, just to be sure,” she said. “I’m pretty skeptical about a negative result in such a short period of time.” However, 10 minutes later we got the same result — negative! — from a second test, leaving little room for doubt.

Now I’m not saying the slow-kill method is the right course of action for every dog in every situation, but I do think it’s a valid option, worthy of consideration. I chose the slow-kill method for Chas because: 1. He was asymptomatic (no coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, lethargy, etc.). 2. He was a young, otherwise healthy, and active dog that I knew would be difficult to keep contained and quiet for the amount of time required by the fast-kill or Immiticide treatment. I believe you should be able to discuss all the options with your veterinarian and agree upon a reasonable treatment plan that everyone — most especially your dog! — can live with.

~ Amy

In case you’re interested, here’s my original post about Chas and my experience as the owner of a heartworm positive dog:

“Before I adopted border-collie mix Chas (formerly Billy Joel), my only experience with heartworm positive dogs was secondhand. My brother and his wife had rescued an American Bulldog that was heartworm positive; their vet recommended the fast-kill treatment via Immiticide. My aunt rescued a heartworm-positive American Eskimo Dog; her vet also recommended the fast-kill method. Following treatment with Immiticide, both dogs nearly died and had to be rushed to the emergency veterinary clinics in their respective areas. Despite following all the necessary precautions/instructions, my brother and my aunt nearly lost their dogs because they had a difficult time keeping them completely and totally quiet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Both dogs were young and very active at the time of their Immiticide treatment.

This was my mindset going into adopting Chas, who at two years of age had been diagnosed as “light heartworm positive.” I had never heard of the slow-kill method, which employs a combination of treatment with doxycycline/prednisone and monthly dosages of Heartgard heartworm preventative over a long period of time. Gisele and Holly explained my options and recommended several sources of credible information so that I could educate myself. Because Chas was young, fit, active, and – most importantly – asymptomatic (no coughing, shortness of breath, or lethargy), I decided the slow-kill method would be the way to go. I simply couldn’t fathom keeping him confined and quiet for such a long period of time if another option was available.

Feeling I’d made an informed decision with Chas’s best interest in mind, I took him to my regular vet for a check-up as soon as I got him home. Imagine my surprise when my vet berated me for my thinking, implying that I was not only ignorant but irresponsible for even considering the slow-kill method. She went as far as telling me that I was putting my entire neighborhood’s dog population at risk by maintaining a heartworm positive dog. “What if your neighbor’s dog isn’t on preventative?” she asked. “You could be responsible for infecting that dog!” I left the office in tears and immediately called Holly, who informed me that unfortunately many vets feel this way about the slow-kill method. Her advice was to research as much as possible, read testimonials about dogs successfully treated with the method, and ultimately make my own decision. I chose to stick with the slow-kill method. So far, so good – my Chas is a healthy, happy, active dog and continues to remain asymptomatic. I’m hoping for good news this spring at his annual check-up.”

A Year of Fostering

Although I have been involved in rescue for many years, it was only at the end of last May that I started fostering for The Dog Liberator.  Of the 106 dogs that my family personally fostered and adopted out in those 12 months, the vast majority were puppies.  I thought it would be fun to see what they look like today and asked my adopting families to send recent photos.  Thank you to Gisele, who put them in a video, using two of my favorite songs. And thank you to all our wonderful adopting families and volunteers.   You may enjoy reading their many comments on the video where we posted it on our facebook page.   I hope that you enjoy watching my babies growing up as much as I did.

Fall Puppy Adoptions

Last night Frosty went home, marking my 68th foster adoption since the end of May! Whew! I’m beat! I’m going to take a few weeks off from fostering to allow my family, house and yard to recover. I’ll start by steam cleaning my tile floors……

I’ve loved every one of the dogs that I have been fortunate enough to foster. People ask me how I can stand to let them go. I always say, “Because I meet the adopters.” I’ve screened them, talked with them, had them in my home, and watched them “click” with my babies. Truly, there is no happier time than to see them leave with a family so excited, so committed to giving them a loving forever home.

This video shares that moment with you. See their “shelter photo” and then see them just before they go home. The transition is breath-taking!

For those who missed it, this is the video of my summer adoptions.

Thank you to all those who have made possible these happy moments: volunteers, transporters, shelter contacts and, of course, adopters. You are the best!!!

~ Holly

A New Year’s Message

There is no doubt that together, we are going to continue to do some awesome things next year.

And special thanks to Olivia Frost for taking so many spectacular photos of our dogs!

Our Last Transport of the Year

Our New Year’s Eve transport had us all very busy. This pack was rescued by Hope Master, and pulled from Rome, Georgia (Floyd County) before (literally) their final hour. Special thanks to Sarah White for helping the transport, and bringing her camera!

First, we have a mother dog, Charlotte, who we believe to be a beagle/border collie mix. She, along with her 5 pups are being fostered by Cathy McIlroy. Mom and pups are coughing, and were evaluated by vets at Aloma Jancy. Deworming, and a first set of puppy shots are scheduled. Cathy reports that Charlotte, is a very well behaved, well trained little girl.

Charlotte and her Pups will be posted on their own blog page shortly. They are:

Theo, a tri-colored male (shown left)

Miss Kennedy, a black and white female

Miss Freckles, a black and white female with, yes, you guessed it, freckles!

Brie, a white and cream female

Marcel, a white and cream male

Also on transport were three adult Border Collies that are being fostered by Melissa and cared for by Val-u-Vet in Deltona.

These three are covered in scars and sores, Melissa believes one of them has scars that are indicitive to going through a barbed wire fence. All are coughing, and emaciated. Only one could be vetted and spayed (Madigan). Dr. Oliver wants to wait until the other two, Courage and Katie, are healthier. All three are going to be fostered by Lynne, Mark & Lesie, in Clearwater.

Special thanks to BJ McIlroy for transporting the three for us.

Our new lineup includes:

Courage, the Cowardly Dog!
Courage was named by Melissa. In short, she’s in love with him. She explains that he approaches humans with so much interest, buries his head in your lap, wants to so badly to trust, but is not sure if he will be accepted by you. Courage is estimated to be 2 years old. Courage currently weighs 39 pounds. Obviously, judging by this photo of Courage giving a huge hug right off of transport, this dog wants to please!

Miss Katie is a gorgeous Border Collie, who is affectionate and eager to please. Katie is estimated to be 3 years old, and is currently 32 pounds. Katie is shown left, with Madigan on her right.

Miss Madigan is also a favorite with the staff at Val-u-Vet. She’s the smallest of the pack, weighing in at 26 pounds, and is estimated to be 6 months old. Nothing seems to bother Madigan! She rolls over on her back, feet straight up in the air, and snoozes while the staff works around her!

All four of these adult dogs are fully crate trained, and house broken. Because of this feedback, their current medical condition, and the fact that they were all owner-surrendered by one person, I believe that all of these dogs were used for breeding purposes. I do not believe any of them have received very much training or attention. Just goes to show you, how intelligent and intuitive Border Collies can be.

I’m looking forward to receiving updates in the upcoming weeks. One thing that we all agree on – these dogs are going to be stunning.

Harry Potter the Corgi in ACD Clothing ~ Adopted

Harry Potter is quite the little fellow. He is a Corgi through and through in personality and appearance, with one exception. When he got dressed in the morning, he reached into his closet and accidentally pulled out an Australian Cattle Dog suit! I think it looks quite dashing on him, but it is a bit, well, unusual. Amy, his foster, has done a wonderful job of documenting his story. Rather than summarize it, I’m just going to put the diary here. She’ll continue to update it in the comments section of this blog, so make sure you read them. Also, check out his extensive collection of photos in his facebook photo album. Enjoy Amy’s diary!:


Foster Diary of Harry Potter,

so named because – although he’s starting out a timid, withdrawn orphan of a dog – given time and patience, he’ll show us the corgi “magic” hidden inside!

Nov. 24, 2010:
I visit Harry Potter, a 4-year-old corgi/Australian Cattle Dog mix at a rural North Central Florida animal shelter. An owner surrender (the excuse was too many dogs), this boy weighs 26 lbs. and – wonder of wonders! – is heartworm negative. Inside the shelter, Harry is excitable and anxious, looking up at the ceiling, running in circles, and barking anxiously at the noisy old ceiling fan above his pen. He looks like my Pembroke Welsh Corgi – in ACD clothes! His coat, which has the colors and pattern of an Australian Cattle Dog’s, is tighter and sleeker than most corgis I’ve seen. Harry reminds me of Chicken Little the way he’s running in circles and staring at the sky. In any case, he’s been barking so much, he’s hoarse from the effort. We head outside to the play yard, where Harry is friendly and people-oriented, eager for attention and affection. He needs a chance and TDL is going to give him one! The ride home is uneventful; Harry sleeps in his crate like a champ.

Nov. 25-27, 2010:
Harry Potter meets my pack: Chas, the border collie/Labrador retriever; Scout, the whippet/JRT; and Shelby, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He’s aloof and stand-offish, clinging to me and following me wherever I go. Contrary to typical corgi behavior, Harry doesn’t bark or run or play. The only thing he wants to do is sleep and be right by my side. Whenever the other dogs approach, he growls and places himself between me and them. I correct him appropriately and I think he’s starting to get the idea that: 1) my dogs aren’t too worried about what he thinks and 2) I’m not going to put up with it anyway. My feeling is that he’s just insecure and exhausted from his 1-month plus stint at the shelter. Let’s face it, being in a noisy shelter right underneath the loud, non-stop squeaking of a ceiling fan for a month is a lot for any dog to take, especially a corgi. Corgis tend to be excitable – we corgi people say “enthusiastic” – and active dogs. Harry probably never stopped barking and running in circles while he was there – the shelter staff told me that’s what he was known for! I can’t wait to see him tear off across my yard after a squirrel, barking at the top of his lungs (Holly warns me I will eat these words). I know there’s some corgi “magic” in there somewhere. For now, however, Harry sleeps.
He has made friends with my two smaller dogs, but still growls at Chas, the border collie/lab mix. I suspect he’s intimidated by Chas’ size and the fact that – easygoing and laid-back as he is – Chas is the pack leader. I have a feeling they’ll come to an “agreement” one way or the other. I’ve decided to turn them out together to sort it out on their own.
Note: Harry has shown some resource aggression toward other dogs with respect to food and toys. I separate my dogs at feeding time; Harry goes into his crate to eat. He growls and barks at the other dogs if they approach his crate while he’s eating. The good news is the longer he’s here, the less he does it. (He has never shown aggression toward people; in fact, I take his food and toys away from him on a regular basis to remind him who’s boss. He always just rolls over on his back.) For this reason, however, I would recommend that Harry go to a home with no small children. Like most corgis, he needs to know who’s boss and sometimes those lines aren’t so clear when little ones are involved.

Nov. 27, 2010 p.m.:
After three days of silence, Harry Potter finally found his voice! He’s outside running around and playing with my corgi, Shelby. They spotted a cat when I turned them out for the last time tonight – that was all it took! My neighbors may not appreciate all that obnoxious corgi barking, but it’s music to my ears. Better still, Chas and Harry seem to have come to some sort of a truce. Life is good!

Nov. 28, 2010:
Breakthrough! Harry Potter was actually grooming Chas this morning. Prior to this, these two weren’t on speaking terms. This means Harry has an even greater chance of being adopted into a multi-dog household. He’s learned that he doesn’t have to be top dog – it’s a good thing!

Dec. 8, 2010
Harry Potter has come so far in his acceptance of other dogs. Due to limited foster availability and a huge influx of dogs, I now have two additional fosters – Cardigan Welsh Corgi sisters Piccadilly and Penny Lane. My mom is having her annual Christmas Party bash this weekend, and, as a result, has asked me to keep her two dogs, Holly (border collie/shepherd mix) and Itsy Bitsy (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) until Sunday morning. That’s a grand total of eight dogs here at my little three-bedroom, two-bath bungalow! Thank God my mom’s party is over Saturday night and she picks up her dogs the next morning! In any case, Harry has taken this sudden doubling of our numbers in stride. He greets everyone with the same curiosity and shows absolutely no aggression. This tells me he will have no trouble in a multiple-dog household (I mean, who actually OWNS and LIVES with eight dogs, right?). Harry has accepted and now plays regularly with Chas, my border collie/lab mix he originally did not like. He does have a special affinity for the ladies, due in part, I think, to the fact that he was four-years-old when he was neutered. I know he would be especially pleased to be adopted into a house with at least one other FEMALE dog, as he has grown particularly fond of Scout, my female JRT/whippet mix. I believe Harry thinks he is flirting with her – he licks her face and gnaws on her cheeks and ears. I guess that’s courting to dogs – I’ll stick with flowers and jewelry, thank you very much!

Dec. 11, 2010
Harry Potter is now an experienced rescue transporter! Tonight he helped me transport six puppies from Wildwood to Holly’s house in Winter Park. He rode shotgun (of course!) and babysat the puppies in Holly’s backyard while I helped myself to some of her homemade pizza (yummy!). Holly was so impressed with his super-soft, super-shiny coat, I think I heard her asking him about his hair care secrets as we were leaving. She’ll probably deny it, but I know what I heard …

Dec. 15, 2010
Harry Potter is a lover of a dog! He has become such a sweet boy, blending so nicely into my pack. He gets along just fine with my dogs – still guards his toys, so I guess that’s his “thing” – but no longer growls at the other dogs over feeding time. I separate my dogs at feeding time – no free-for-alls here! – and I think Harry has accepted that his food is perfectly safe and no other dog is going to take it from him.

HE HAS NEVER GROWLED AT OR ACTED ANY WAY OTHER THAN EXTREMELY SUBMISSIVE TOWARD ME OR ANY OTHER PERSON. I wanted to make that clear because I believe some folks may have gotten the wrong idea after reading the early entries of this blog. I take Harry’s food, treats, toys, etc. away from him on a regular basis and he offers absolutely no resistance. If he’s doing something I don’t want him doing, all I have to do is snap my fingers and he stops in his tracks and comes right back to me. Harry’s greatest desire is to sleep at your feet. No kidding! If I’m in a chair, he’s right beside me. He sleeps next to my bed. If I go to another room, Harry Potter’s hot on my heels. This is a dog that will follow his human to the ends of the earth. One kind word and a scratch behind the ears and he’ll be yours forever!

Just a note about bath time: Harry loves warm soaks in the tub! Who knew? When I bathed him earlier this week, he enjoyed it so much he actually sat down and closed his eyes!

December 30th Update:

I just received the type of phone call that keeps me in rescue. Amy, Harry’s foster, called to say that he had been adopted. “Holly, it was like he’s been waiting for them all along. He knew them. And they were so happy to meet him. The dad had lost his childhood Corgi years ago and had never been able to replace him. Harry just sat right down in his lap. And Emma, the 2-year-old daughter? I was worried about how Harry would do with her. He happily walked along side her with complete acceptance. It made me cry to see him with the family that he waited so long for.”

It makes me cry, too, because I remember the Harry the Amy described to me the first time she got him, the dog who was spinning underneath a ceiling fan, hoarse from barking, with no purpose in his life. Amy saved him. She truly saved him! She turned him from a nervous shelter dog into a loving family pet who this evening walked out the door on a leash being held by a 2-year-old. And that, my friends, is why we do what we do!

Cricket the Athletic Kelpie Puppy ~ Adopted

Cricket is a little Australian Kelpie, born around the beginning of September. This little girl was one of several puppies we rescued from The Dog Pound of Athens, Alabama. That was a hard day. We knew we could rescue 6 puppies, but there were over 30 there. How were we to chose? It was so difficult. The day before I had looked at the photos on the Athens Dog Pound facebook page , set up by community members attempting to save as many pets as possible. There I had seen a photo of a puppy that looked very much like my Tenakee, a red and white Aussie who had died of lymphoma at age 6. I was determined to save that one. But when Friday rolled around, and Stephanie went to the Pound with camera in hand, e-mailing me photos off puppies, none were of that pup. I asked her if she had seen it. No, that was everyone, but she’d look one more time. A few minutes later she called me back ~ Yes, she was still there, in the back. The photo came through and sure enough, it was my mini-Tenakee! And so “Cricket” became the first puppy saved that day. (FYI we were only able to pull 6 puppies, but the Friends of Athens Dog Pound became so energized, that many local fosters stepped forward and no dogs were euthanized that week, a huge victory!).

I had thought Cricket was an Australian Shepherd, but when she arrived, I realize that she wasn’t. I couldn’t figure out what she was, though. I’d seen that look before but couldn’t put my finger on it. A few days later, her ears started to stand up and I thought, “Australian Cattle Dog mix!” When I posted some photos on our facebook page identifying her as an ACD, Michelle posted back that perhaps she is a Kelpie. And that is it! I had forgotten that Kelpies can come in red, often with white chest blazes and occasionally with white tips. That is exactly what this little one is. And boy, does she have the personality! The reason I call her Cricket is that she jumps so high. She is a total wiggle monster when you hold her! But most striking is that she is extremely ball oriented. No matter what she is doing, if you throw a ball, she goes and chases it. If another dog gets it first, she doesn’t give up until she has snagged it away (remember, she is one of the smallest puppies!). I think she would be amazing at flyball!!!

You can see lots of photos of Cricket in her personal photo album. If you are interested in meeting Cricket, please review our adoption process and then e-mail us.

This is a video of a similar appearing Kelpie actually working sheep. Kelpies are known to to run across the backs of closely packed sheep to get to the other side of the herd. Watch this dog do just that!

November 22nd Update:

Cricket has just bloomed! When she first arrived she was pretty much over the top with energy. I was concerned that she would HAVE to go to a home where she competed in frisbee, flyball or agility, or perhaps even one where she worked with sheep. However, I am now happy to say that I don’t feel that such is the case. Don’t get me wrong ~ I think she would do great in that type of setting, but I don’t think it is a requirement. She needs an active home because she’ll never be a couch potato or even a medium energy dog, but she isn’t over the top. I think she was that way when she arrived because this intelligent, focused, energetic puppy had been confined to a small crate with two other puppies for who knows how long! Now that sh is decompressed, well, she’s terrific.

Cricket continues to be very ball oriented. Throw a ball and she’ll stop whatever she is doing to go get it. She sometimes brings it back but she actually tends to be more of a collector. She stashes balls, toys and other treasures in “secret” places around the house and yard. I tried tossing a frisbee the other day and she was pretty excited about that too!

Here is a video of her playing with my daughter in the living room. Notice how her eyes stay on the ball. You can see the focus!

November 24 Update:

Ever since Cricket arrived she has been very ball oriented. Today we got out a Frisbee to see how our girl would do with that. No surprise here ~ she did great! In fact, she even started returning it to us. This is one smart cookie!!!

December 5th Update:

I am so proud of Cricket. When she first arrived she was a bundle of energy and rather pushy with the other dogs. Now she has really found her pace. She plays with everyone now, even KitKat the Border Collie who at first tried to herd her ~ silly KitKat! They had a tete-a-tete and now all is good. They play and wrestle and agree to herd the dachshund puppies!

December 10th Update:

I just love my Cricket. She can make a game out of anything!

20 December Update:

Do you know how hard it is to get footage of the puppies playing? As soon as they see me get my camera out they stop doing what ever cute thing they were doing and start playing let’s-trip-the-fool-with-the-camera. fun….
But I got ’em today! They were outside playing. I sloooowly slid open the sliding glass door just enough for me to slide my hand out. With as little motion as possible I positioned the camera and pushed down the button. And actually got some good footage of them being goons Oh yeah, a typical afternoon at my house!

December 23rd Update:

Oh, the fun of puppies! Having poured my first cup of coffee of the morning, I sat down on the couch to enjoy it. Before I could say “Boo,” I was swarmed with puppies. Rather than fight it, I switched the coffee for the camera and caught this video for you. You can tell I haven’t had any coffee because I keep calling the dogs by the wrong names. Ha! Cricket is a hoot. Count how many toys she picks up during the six minutes of filming. I just adore this girl!!!


Merry Christmas To All!!!


January 1st Update:

Well, it’s happened: my beautiful Cricket has found her home. This one was a hard one for my family. When Cricket arrived, she was pretty much a wild animal, but today? Oh, today she is spectacular: loving, attentive, focused and athletic. And ready for her forever home.

Anita wasn’t looking for a dog. She was actually looking for a flyball class for her ball-obsessed 8-month-old Border Collie Banjo. But when she saw a link to our blog on a Border Collie website, she followed it and got hooked (Some of you totally relate to that!). But even when she saw Cricket’s photo, she wasn’t interested. After all, she has three dogs, and who ever heard of an Australian Kelpie anyway??? But Christmas Eve her husband asked her what she wanted most, and, much to her surprise, she answered, “Cricket!”

We’ve corresponded and talked for a week, and today she and daughter Madison drove up from Boca Raton to meet Cricket. We all knew they’d love her, but what about Banjo? He loves balls and plays rough. How would he be with a dog equally ball possessive and quite a bit smaller? Silly us! He was a gentleman. They met and took each other’s measure. They chased balls ~ Banjo returned his, Cricket hoarded hers under the hedge. Smart Banjo eventually pretended to drop his ball; when Cricket ran to get it, he ducked in and grabbed one of hers. And they were both good with it. The crowning moment was when Banjo trotted up to Cricket with ball in mouth, and rolled it to her! Anita’s mouth dropped open, and I near ‘nough cried!

So my baby is gone, gone to a wonderful family, a wonderful life. And I couldn’t be happier!!! ~ Holly

waiting to be rescued

Meet Jasper and Little Bear!

Update from Jesse, Video of Little Bear:

Meet Da Boyz, Jasper and Little Bear!

Written by Cynthia Harper:

This is a whole lotta Aussie trouble I have here! Beautiful, loving, high energy, young boys. “Jasper” is the blue eyed, white faced merle, standard size who weighs about 55 lbs. He will be three this December.

“Little Bear” is the split face cutie with beautiful amber eyes. He is also a standard, but smaller, about 35 lbs. and also a blue merle. Little Bear will be four this January.

These dogs are, in my opinion, the epitome of the Aussie Breed. Their conformation, personalities, intelligence, energy and natures are stellar.
These boys were given to me by a young woman who got “Little Bear” when she was just 14 years of age, and “Jasper” one year later from the same breeder. We are hoping that she can find their papers because they come from award winning Sheep Herding, Agility, and Conformation Lineage.

Lindsey had to face the painful fact that she could no longer keep them, as their family is going through very hard times. She feels good that they will be adopted through The Dog Liberator and hopes to one day work with us. I am very proud of this young woman, as this was very very hard for her to do. Lindsey has done a very good job teaching these boys to sit, stay, down, leave it, stay back, shake paw, roll over. They have good leash manners as well, but they almost pulled me down twice on walks when a squirrel was in sight. They are slow to respond to “leave it”!! Lindsey also exercised them by riding her bike while they ran beside her, off leash!

These boys have been outside dogs their entire lives and I am working with them with regard to inside manners yet. They have tried to “counter surf” and jump on anything and anyone. These are easy things to teach though. In just a day they are making progress. They are extremely smart. They are house broken and crate trained.

“Little Bear” seems to be the more intense of the two, while “Jasper” is just a big ol “love me madly please” type of boy. Happy and bouncy.

I think as far as agility or Performance Sports are concerned “Little Bear” would be the best candidate. I think he just might be perfect for Flyball also, as his concentration is very strong. The boys love water also. They lived with little children and a cat and are great with both. Though of course they are powerful and might knock over young children while playing.

These boys are also completely gorgeous and both very loving, however, they will need to be placed in a home with an experienced dog-owner and someone who would commit to giving them the activity they need.

The time you put into it will be paid back in spades as they are just hitting their stride and the sky’s the limit as far as what either of them can achieve. I also feel that “Jasper” would especially make a great family dog, and the bigger the family, the better, more kids for him to keep track of!

Outstanding description Cynthia! Realize that we are in touch with a lot of trainers and behaviorists to help our adopters achieve success!

Be sure to read the comments on this blog as that is where fosters and others who have met these pups post their insights. And don’t miss their extensive Facebook photo album.

December 9th Update:

Little Bear did his first flip for the Frisbee today. I’ll try to get some video; he’s also getting major air catching short tosses!

January 4th Update:

Jasper found his forever home; here are a couple of pics of them on their way home. He started out in the back seat, but that didn’t last long enough for Rich to get in the car. Jasper wanted to hurry up and drive 🙂

The Craig’s List Sisters, Asia and Sparrow – Sparrow Adopted

These two 6-month-old pups were on Craig’s list 2 weeks ago. Amy Benz called me in a panic when she noticed one of them was a white Aussie (red flag). She contacted the owners who confirmed that she is deaf and also mentioned casually that the brown one has a bad leg.

I made a few phone calls and planned on moving some dogs around so I could have the room to take them in. I called Amy and asked her to get them for us. Well, she called the owner only to be told that a wonderful couple was driving from Crystal River to pick up the dogs, and they had experience with deaf/blind dogs. We were relieved.

Just a few days ago, however, Amy called me again to tell me that the same two pups were on Craig’s list again. This time, I called. Why were they on Craig’s list again?

The list of reasons why were as long as Sarah’s Christmas list for Santa. When Amy arrived to pick them up, the conditions there were alarming – she wondered how they could afford to feed the dogs. They had no experience with deaf/blind dogs whatsoever. The new owner indicated that he had taken the brown Aussie (Sparrow) to the vet and the vet said it would heal on it’s own. The bill was only $28 and no x-rays done, yet the paperwork indicates a broken femur. Even though the two are both due for their boosters and rabies, no shots were given. Both need to be spayed. Craig’s list is a great tool, but free to a good home is dangerous, especially when dogs are not spay/neutered before re-homing.

Amy brought the dogs late that night to Jesse’s place. Jesse indicates that the leg is healing improperly and something needs to be done right away.
We believe that Asia does have good vision, but her hearing is questionable.

They are being transported to the vet tonight, and we are waiting for x-rays before we can create a plan for Sparrow; Asia however, is coming to me!!!!

I will be consulting with Fritzi in Connecticut, who adopted Deaf Sassafras, and Asia’s training will begin. I have already asked that a small Thundershirt be donated for Asia, and it’s on the way. The Thundershirt proved to be successful for Velveteen.

This is going to be exciting. I wonder what China will think about Asia?

I have been corrected that the term lethal whites does not apply to Aussies, yet the term is always used. Here’s a great site that explains why. http://www.lethalwhites.com/

P.S. What I love about deaf dogs is that Ryan can play the trumpet as loud as he wants, and it doesn’t bother them!

Sparrow’s photos can be seen in her Facebook Photo Album.

December 7th Update:

Holly just met the sisters at the vet, and within minutes of putting them in separate crates, Asia experienced severe separation anxiety. I have my work cut out for me, that’s for sure. With her sister, Sparrow, possibly facing surgery, separating them will be a must. Clearly, Asia is using her sister as her compass, just like China uses Ozzie. I plan on taking a lot of naps, going to bed early, and sleeping in as much as possible while I wait for Asia, for once she arrives, I have a feeling sleep will be something that I don’t get much of. A Thundershirt is on the way for her, and I’m researching vibrating collars, but they are an expensive gadget for this rescue. On the bright side, I stocked up on marrow bones and chicken hot dogs!

It was almost midnight when the vet’s office called me last night about Sparrow. The injury is a very old one, they are looking at the x-rays and will consult with another doctor before they make their final decision.

Update 12/10/10: The girls arrived last night, and they have been wonderful. Asia does cry a bit when left alone, but they are slowly being separated, and both are wonderful temperaments. I agree that they are about 5-6 months of age. Asia’s training will start this weekend, a Thundershirt has arrived!

Update 12/12/10: Ahhh, a quiet night for the little girl named Asia. Her Thundershirt arrived, and her crate changed. No wire crates for her, instead, she enjoys the comfort of a plastic airline crate, and her overstuffed doggie bed. I think it was the best night’s sleep she ever had! She is loose in the house with the pack, she and China are getting along well, but China wants to play rough.

Sparrow, on the other hand is enjoying peace and tranquility. I think Asia’s constant screaming was getting on her nerves. Amazingly enough, separating them was the only way to train Asia, because every time Asia was corrected, Sparrow would sulk and think she was in trouble too!

They are both incredibly intelligent and calm for young puppies, and because Asia was not abused, her training will progress quickly as opposed to China. I’m so thankful that Amy Benz scooped these two up for us, for I believe that they were on the road to nowhere.


Update 12/29/10: China makes her debut, teaching Asia to play!

Note: When I use the term “blind” it does not in anyway imply that Asia is completely blind, for she is not, neither is China or Velveteen, but their vision is poor enough to label them as such. Both Asia and China get along very well with limited vision, it’s their sense of smell that kicks into overdrive to help them get around, and get around they do. They catch the ball in mid air, and frisbee, quite well, even better than most sighted dogs. Having a dog that is deaf with low vision is a piece of cake to be honest, I only wish others could see what I mean.

12/15/2010 update by Cyndy Doty: I spent this morning with Sparrow and Asia….Oh it was love at first sight! These two babies are love muffins! Hugs and licks galore. Arabela had the best time playing with them.

Sparrow is so gentle and kind hearted, You just want to pick …her up and love on her! She is a very special soul. One look into those eyes and your heart melts!

Asia…oh that little pink nose! I had to call her Piglet! She is so very sweet and loves nothing more than coming up on your lap to love on you! She loved to play with the big dogs and had so much fun with China playing ball.

I had a hard time not scooping them up and taking them home with me. Why didn’t I? Well, it is called having a husband with you at the scene of the crime!

Truthfully, I can’t believe these two are not adopted yet! Someone please open your heart and home and get these babies all the love they deserve for Christmas!

Why is Craig’s list so dangerous?

You thought I wouldn’t bring that up again, didn’t you? Here’s why. I did this video July, 2009 for Pet Rescue by Judy.

Craig’s List, why it’s dangerous

12/19/20 Adoption Update: Sparrow was adopted at the Sandy Paws event yesterday. by Carolyn Shoup. Here, Carolyn’s granddaughter cuddles with Sparrow. Carolyn Writes: Good Morning. Sparrow is now named Peanut. We took her to Petsmart to get a collaar etc. and she did wonderful. She isn’t sure about her crate at night but she goes in with one of the toys we got her. She has already leaned to use the dog door on the porch but she still wants you out there with her. She loves bird seed. Also she is definitely a lap dog. She did well on her wlak yesterday but both of us will need training in how to walk on a leash. When my granddaughters come over this week we will send you some pictures. She has a vet appointment tomorrow, will get the fax number for you. Carolyn

I’m Keeping China – About Deaf/Blind Dogs

I have found my true calling!

To read China’s story, click here.

To learn more about Asia, now called Kiss click here.

To learn more about Velveteen, click here.

To learn more about Sassafras, who was adopted, click here.

To learn more about Skate, who was adopted, click here.

Here are the Facebook comments that were posted on Christmas morning.

So China is home, and I am a foster failure!

Chris commented on Kiss’ (Asia’s) blog post last week:

Chris c. said…

My wife and I adopted Luddy (formerly skate) who also is a Deaf white Aussie. I must say he has broght us more happiness then we could ever imagine. Unless you call his name you would never know he is Deaf. He has been easy to train and is super smart and loves to just be were we are.

Working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for the past 5 years it is sometimes heartbreaking to see how isolated they feel from the hearing world as if they are in a box, yet how much love they have to give!

The same is with Deaf dogs they can feel isolated as they may be passed over for hearing dogs. I ask please let them out the box you will be amazed at the love they have to give!! You should see the smiles of our dear Deaf friends who meet Luddy and find he is Deaf as well it is an instant connection. Anything you may have read negative about Deaf dogs I can assure you is not true. I hope that someone will open their heart and home to beautiful Asia you will not regret it. Currently Luddy knows about 20 ASL signs, if you do adopt Asia and need help with ASL signs I would be happy to assist. I belive Holly has my email. Oh btw Deaf Dogs Rule:)


Learn more about Deaf Dogs by visiting http://www.deafdogs.org.

Our successful Adoptions from August to December, 2010

Thank you everyone for helping us save all of these wonderful companions.


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